5 feet of Subway Sandwiches, 8+ lbs collab w/ Corbucci Eats & Raina Huang

so every every vegetable yeah every yeah everything thank you yeah ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba hey guys I’m outside the subway store in Douglasville PA this is my favorite subway store around because they always fill up the sandwiches I just ordered my five sandwiches I had to get the chicken because that’s the closest to what Ricardo ate and I got every vegetable I’m not sure the differences between Brazil and the u.s. I know in the u.s. we have four different peppers alone these things are overfilling she couldn’t even wrap them up without I’m falling apart so I’m probably at the way I’m in the wrapper and then I’ll open up and you’ll see they are our full sandwiches so I look forward to see how fast I can do it have some fun Detroit station thanks for coming to another one of my videos today I’m doing a special challenge this is in response to a challenge that Ricardo Corbucci and Rayna did two different YouTube channels I’ll link them in the descriptions below the five-foot-long sandwiches from Subway and Ricardo ate the hamburger ones which something we call hamburger in the states with ground beef apparently it’s called some type of steak in Brazil they don’t serve that in the United States so I had to get grilled chicken I talked to Ricardo beforehand we agreed this is probably the closest thing that we have in the States so I trying to duplicate what he did as well as what Rayna did but the only reason I’m doing it is not to jump in there collaboration Ricardo called me out on this and said yo tomato product and I felt Bob your character say you wanted to see how fast I could do it and he asked his fans to come to my channel and hundreds of people did hundreds of comments came in asked me to do this challenge that Ricardo wanted me to do so I’m gonna have that I’m gonna just give it a go and we’ll see what it comes out to again all these sandwiches are identical every single vegetable they have on the menu including four different types of peppers so there’s a lot on here came 23.7 some kilograms so it’s over eight pounds of food which is actually a pretty good deal for five sandwiches I think so I’m impressed get a sip we’ll get this going as I start on these very large sandwiches I’m gonna put a video up here in the corner showing you exactly what went into each of these sandwiches these are very large sandwiches and this is not typical of Subway stores that I go to this one is near my wife’s work and she makes a point of stopping there at least once a week to buy one sandwich to help keep these guys in business obviously that’s not a big sale but these people really do put a lot on that sandwich so as I said before it’s one of our favourite stores to go to if we were going to get a Subway sandwich I really thought we were filming this I would have a huge advantage over Ricardo and Reyna insofar as I got to watch both of their videos and I saw their techniques I think Ricardo lost some time cleaning up at the end and I thought wow when I buy these sandwiches I’m just gonna hold them really tight and squeeze them and make sure nothing falls out and then when I saw the sandwiches I knew that wasn’t gonna work I wouldn’t normally get all these toppings if I was going to order a sandwich just for pleasure I don’t particularly like onions as I mentioned and I think so many toppings it ends up being more like a salad than a hoagie and I definitely would not put as many Holl opinions as they did on this sandwich it was very strange especially towards the end when I was cleaning up the debris there was a bunch of jalapenos there and these things were actually pretty spicy much to my surprise not only these sandwiches were going down fast for me so I tried to avoid looking at the timer just to try to stay focused on eating quickly and I was legitimately eating these sandwiches as fast as I could I do go a little bit quicker in contests because there’s an EMT presence there or somebody in case I’d get in trouble I did have other people in my house while I was filming this but there’s always that little like half of a percentage you slow down a little bit when you’re eating at home when there’s not a medical person around I don’t think that little bit of caution affected my time and slowed me down this is just pretty much the best I could do at this day sums are huge I will let the rest of this video play out Thank You Ricardo and Reyna and thank you for all over Carter’s fans that asked me to do this challenge it’s always fun when somebody calls you out like this just to see what you can do and see where you’re at against them at that moment in time I wanted to update you about the time I release the videos I put them out every Tuesday and Friday I usually do it 8 o’clock a.m. in Eastern time zone but I’m going to be moving them to the afternoon for several different reasons so I will continue to post it’s just gonna be later today thanks for watching another video and I will see you guys again soon [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh my gosh that’s what forever whoo I’m sweating from the jalapenos so many jalapenos on there oh my gosh Wow well I don’t meant that I’ve seen recorders video yet but he definitely had to beat this time I don’t care how much weight am I seeing which is work fantastic job Ricardo paying tested job marina check out her video as well thanks for calling me thanks for involve me with a video and thanks for watching another one of my videos [Music]

100 thoughts on “5 feet of Subway Sandwiches, 8+ lbs collab w/ Corbucci Eats & Raina Huang

  1. Eu tenho que tentar um desafio no metrô. Eu fiz o desafio de 3 ou 4 tempos atrás no meu canal. Eu pensei que os 10 sanduíches eram incríveis, mas mais incrível é como esse anúncio se deu para dar todo esse material gratuito por apenas clicar nele neste vídeo?
    I have to try a subway challenge. I done the 3 or 4 a while back speed challenge on my channel. I thought the 10 sandwiches was amazin' but more amazin' is how did that ad afford to give away all that free stuff for just clickin' on it on this video?

  2. I really admire you so much not only for you work and not the amount of food you eat more for the person you love ❤

  3. Hello B.O.B, how are you?
    I'm your fan here from Brazil, I'm using Google translator to send you this message.
    I like it very much when you make a video and still get it translated, thank you very much for the kindness 😄

  4. I have found out that we must watch ALL advertisements,before the advertiser will pay.i had seen on here it was 15 seconds,but it turns out that info was wrong.a YouTuber posted a video on this subject,so I now know the facts. Hope the fans can take time out to support you and watch the whole ads…👍

  5. Sorry to ask Bob, do you have a po box or something like that so I could send some snacks from I were live to you so you could try them😊👍

  6. Achei que ele comeu muito de boa, podia ter acelerado um pouco mais, por mais que ele disse que não estava em campeonato e tal sem medico por perto, mas achei que comeu muito tranquilo kkk acho que ele não quis bater o tempo do ricardo……agora é sua vez de desafiar o Corbubcci.

  7. I would love to see a Ramen Noodles Challenge for sure. Those suckers go down quick eh! Much love from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

  8. O Subway do Brasil é pequeno e mais fácil de comer, os seus tem bem mais recheio que o que o Ricardo comeu aqui no Brasil é inferior e bem mais fácil de comer

  9. Tenho inglês fluente mas eu falo em português nos comentarios so pra marca presença !! É nois bob tamo junto , seus vídeos são TOP

  10. Booooooob 100 mil inscritos 🇧🇷🇺🇸 I arrived here with 31 thousand subscribers we are reaching 100 thousand congratulations friend bob🙏

  11. Since subway foot long is really not a foot long you didn’t do five feet of subs. Their subs are 11 inches long only so you only did 4 feet 7 inch of subs. You would needed to add a 6 inch sub to make five foot challenge.

  12. Bob,não pode deixar cebolas tem comer tudo sem trapaça…Nossa mais você colocou pimentas no seus sanduíches, parabéns por aceitar desafios… #FãsdoCorbuccideolhoemvocê…

  13. BOB gostei muito desse desafio triplo assim vcs podem fazer com mais pessoas e vai ser muito legal ja pensou em um em cada pais ou continente ia ser irado. muito obrigado.

  14. Bob parabéns pelo vídeo. Acho vc uma pessoa super bacana. Sempre vejo seus vídeos. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👍👍👍👍👍✌️✌️

  15. Does eating that many subway subs turn you off of subway? Or will you still go and enjoy an occasional sammy? Love your videos and hope you come to Canada sometime.

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