5 KG HEALTHY VEGETABLE BIRYANI Eating Challenge | Dad vs Son | Veg Biryani Recipe |

Hi Foodies! Welcome to Saapattu Raman today we are going to eat 5 kg vegetable biryani. for each 2.5 KG Rytha onion Honey this is extra cups Let’s Start the challenge then what? let’s start 5…4…3…2…1… Start biryani is hot i want gravy if we add gravy it is not biryani it is gravy rice 😛 how is it? Super it is too hot for kumaravel it is hot and super see it is hot i like curd and biryani combination last few months we did non-veg so today veg kumaravel too asked me to do veg biryani i ate veg biryani. you kumaravel? i ate mom cooked biryani see it look like bone it is hot. can i on the fan? i add curd to reduce hot everyday mom cooks good and today to she cooked well. i accidently bite one cardamom so my mouth is full of this smell it is good for digestion still it is hot? yes now a days kumaravel ate well i liked that kumaravel ate a lot till now that cardamom gives smell it is easy to eat with hot that it. no you should eat that too ohh this too i think it is hot box because it is too hot till now ok i will add curd to reduce hot now it is not hot na? now it is not hot means add some hot 😛 my stomach is full why you both eating very slow. eat fast. why? ohh you completed don’t worry i will eat that cup biryani because it is less here. we should buy big cooker that remaining cup is for me. no it is not for daddy i ate without water because so many subscribers asked me to don’t drink water while eating can i take? no i will complete i will complete make it as a ball and eat it my son eat more eat that full in one mouth leaf become black i will eat small amount of biryani from this i will give company for my son for company i will eat small amount ready start. from here you will complete first add some curd quick open your mouth he completed 16:16 i completed 2 out of 3 cups. for that it took 16 mins 16 seconds for me to complete all 12 minutes 24 seconds kumaravel gave company today. but he lost so small punishment is there. that punishment is honey it is not punishment but we think it is punishment ok let’s have the honey as punishment don’t drink. eat the honey. i think for this you will take half an hour i’m tasting honey small by small with enjoyment CM: ya it is correct ok i will drink it later CM: ok we had non veg last few months for that for a change and subscribers too asked us to do veg so today veg biryani today for you people we both ate veg biryani but it was good like non veg biryani instead of using meat today we added vegetables but it smell like mutton biryani. indian spices gave good flavour that cardamom smell still in my mouth you to try this in home. add what vegetables you like. it is more healthy too. those who are don’t like beetroot add into this. kindly like, comment and share the video Don’t forget to subscribe our channel Saapattu Raman and press the bell button. until then bye from Porcheliyan and Kumaravel . Byeee….!!!

100 thoughts on “5 KG HEALTHY VEGETABLE BIRYANI Eating Challenge | Dad vs Son | Veg Biryani Recipe |

  1. Healthy ? Seriously NO. Too much of carbs is considered to be not healthy.

    Eat food for living 🤷🏻‍♂️. Again eating too much is not healthy!


  3. Unnga elder son Ku kastamana punishment kudukuringa Anna unnga younger son Ku romba easy anaaa punishment kudukuringa it's not fair sir 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  4. Kya velle log hai jo khane ki video bana rahe hai aur baaki log unhe khate hue bade maje se dekh bhi rahe hai 😑

  5. Briyani looking delicious Maa😍😋😋😋😋😍 Kumar bro Appa ku equal aaa sapidringa👌👌👌👌 Sabari bro neengalum seynthu challenge pannunga🙂 Appa You always winner🏆🎉🏆

  6. Hello i am from mumbai i like your videos and challenges you take i would like to throw a challenge at you of how many PANI PURIS you can have at one sitting.

  7. Hello this is Chidanand from Karnataka
    I very happy to see your channel its superb
    Iam expecting more from you guz love you
    And one request can you make Karnataka style food once !

  8. I don't see any content in this video….yeah Sabari & Kumar can't defeat their dad …. then wat is d purpose of duo Challenge…..I feel solo Challenge itself is good …. 💯

  9. This is incredible. It would be really nice to see both of you travel and eat at restaurants which have eating challenges like the Bahubali Thali @ House of Paratas in Pune or Dhara Singh Thali @ Mini Punjab Lakeside in Powai, Mumbai. That would be a lot of fun to watch!

  10. Sir methuva sapdalame?? Porumaiya?? Please rice sometimes nenju adaikum oru neram pol irukadhu!! It’s my humble request inime timing vendam !!

  11. Hi sir i am requesting you to take Bhahubali Challenge in Hunger game restaurant. That challenge is need to complete 15 minutes, i have a hope with you. Pls try that challenge.

  12. ஐயா சாதத்தை தயவு செய்து உருட்டி சாப்பிடாதீர்கள்.

  13. இதில் என்ன ஒரு ஸ்பெசல் என்றால் சரளமாக சாப்பிடுவது அடுத்து சமையலின் செய்முறை நல்ல பயன்….

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