5 KG WHITE RICE & LAMB’s BONE MARROW Eating Challenge | Food Challenge India | நல்லி எலும்பு கறி |

Hi Foodies! Welcome to Saapattu Raman. today we are going to eat 5 kg white rice & lamp bone marrow. today if kumaravel completed fully there is no punishment for him if i took something from him he will get punishment at end i think he will complete gravy is there, bone marrow is there, curd is here and my favourite honey fry deeply in oil then what let’s start first we will put gravy on rice place gravy here some piece of mutton is there Ready, 5…4…3…2…1… Start place gravy there start the timer, we will start super masala’s are prepared in home? hmm yes Mom: kumara did you able to complete Kumaravel: hmm yes Bone marrow is different level taste. too much rice is here, i ate a lot but still rice is here 😛 masala went upto inside of flesh Son: It is nice Mom: how is it ? Son: ya it was good Mom: eat quickly my son, try to beat dad Mom: eat with curd it is huge full leg is here curd eat quickly and at the same time enjoy the food too see i already completed in 9 mins 33 seconds this is because of you it is tough when compare to biryani is it? don’t think white rice is easy see me, eat like this i too try like that but can’t sabari: if you can’t please leave it today for me to eat this bone marrow gravy and white rice it took 9 minutes 34 seconds. for me upto ate 12 minutes 34 seconds i took some rice from you still you didn’t ate so small punishment is there for you will you accept punishment are you able to eat neem ? eat the young leaves can i show how to eat? see here like this you have to put in your mouth it is so sweet 😛 it is too bitter enough i think i won’t have to eat this but eat that too drink water i will drink honey for this neem leaves, i will eat 2 kg rice again 😛 Ha Ha, you left only small amount for that you have punishment now please like and share the video you to try this challenge in your home and tell us what time you did this challenge. Subscribe to Saapattu Raman Channel press the bell button too until then bye from your’s Porchezhiyan and your’s Kumaravel Byee…!!!

100 thoughts on “5 KG WHITE RICE & LAMB’s BONE MARROW Eating Challenge | Food Challenge India | நல்லி எலும்பு கறி |

  1. The secret of Appa's severe eating is that he makes a ball of rice before he puts it in his mouth.That way he eats more amount of rice than a normal eater. I gotta try that.

  2. Jorok makannya..menjijikkan.
    India betul2 yg ngabisin beras didunia.
    1 x mkn untuk 4 orang, kl kerja bisa rugiin perusahaan.

  3. இது ஐந்து கிலோ சோரு இல்லை ஏமாத்தாதிங்க எங்கலை

  4. It's an humble request to ur daddy to make a mutton biryani eating like this in asmr plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzz…….I will be very pleased for it🙏🙏🙏

    Request no- 3

  5. Sir I’m watching your videos regularly. All of your episodes are good.
    we all know that you proved you are too good in eating and making records.

    Please give some food to poor people in your area or any place.
    it will vey helpfull for poor people whose not get food daily.

  6. Such a wastage of food. Instead of eating so much and not getting anything please distribute food to the poor do that they eat atleast one meal for the day 🙏

  7. சார், நீங்க சாப்டறத பாக்கும்போதே எச்சில் ஊறுது sema

  8. Enakku ithu vanthu competition maathri therla Oru APPA payan mela evlo paasam vechi irrukaaru Romba koduthu vecha pasanga…..👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

  9. Niga endamathiri video chyumbothe egale kuda kuppitta nagalum vanthu sappiduva. Unda kuda chalege padrathikku evalo asayayirukku.

  10. Saapattu raman u eat rice like a full hand size u eat lamb duck goat sheep chicken mutton everything how are u so much healthy when i eat 1 chicken after 1 day i get stomach pain god has made u to be healthy and strong 🙂 i want u to make 4.5Kg mutton With 1 bowl rice

  11. When u eat sir i am also want to eat .its very nice to sew u.
    Your challenge is really eating challenge

    Ek din mai bhi apke sath eating challenge krungi .

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