5 Ways to Start a Fire, Using Water

Get your gloves, and safety equipment, because
in this project, we’re exploring 5 ways to start a fire, using water. Grab an old light bulb and chisel out the
bottom, so you can see down inside. Now pour in a bit of hot water, and when you shake
it vigorously, you’ll notice the white coating washes right out. After you’ve rinsed it a
couple of times, you should have a crystal clear bulb like this. Fill the lightbulb with
water, cap the bottom with a balloon, and voila! You’ve just created a makeshift magnifying
glass. Go ahead and use your liquid lightbulb, to focus the sunlight on a piece of newspaper.
It should start smoking immediately, and just a minute later, burst into flames. Find a small dish and line it with plastic
wrap, in a way that takes the shape of the bowl. You can add water until the bowl is
nearly full, and gather each of the plastic corners at the top. This will form a little
liquid pouch, and by twisting the corners together, you can seal the water inside. You’ve
just formed, a clear liquid sphere, that fits in the palm of your hand. Now put the sun
behind you, and focus the light, on a dark piece of paper. Your tinder should start smoking
within seconds, and when enough embers have collected inside, you’ll soon have your fire. Take a picture frame, and cover it with a
layer of plastic wrap, then suspend it on something, a couple feet off the ground. Now
carefully pour hot water onto the plastic, and as you do, it will begin to sag, forming
a natural, and effective liquid lens. Now gather up something you can use as tinder,
and find the focal point of the beam, to concentrate the heat. When your tinder’s smoldering, set
it down so it rests in the beam, and now you can sit back and watch the elements ignite
the fire for you, completely hands free. Try to find a juice bottle, that looks like
a giant plastic bubble, and fill it with water. Position the liquid filled bubble between
the sun, and your tinder pile, until you find the spot where it starts smoking. Hold everything
steady, so the heat will continue to build, then add something like dried grass, to help
you lift the pile up, and blow the smoldering embers into a flame. If the clouds have rolled over, and blocked
off your solar supply, you can use a toilet paper roll, and a couple chunks of sodium.
The paper roll should be cut in half, with a small piece, cut out of the bottom, and
a wad of tissue pushed into the top. We can use the lid of a jar as our starter base,
and cover it with one square of toilet paper, and place the small bits of sodium in the
middle. The paper roll sits overtop, followed by a heavier gauge kindling, like a bunch
of straw, or dried grass. Now carefully pour a tablespoon of water into the base, and run
away. In just a couple of seconds, a little flame shoots out, igniting the kindling on
top. You can see how this would stoke a blazing fire, in just a matter of seconds. Now every experiment has it’s dangers, so
if you try these methods yourself, make sure you have proper safety equipment, as well
as adult supervision. Well now you know 5 ways to use water, to
start a fire. If you liked this project, perhaps you’ll
like some of my others. Check them out at www.thekingofrandom.com

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  2. Hello guys today I wil show you how to make the cure for cancer and aids from drain cleaner dish soap and a chicken leg

  3. Hello guys today I wil show you how to make the cure for cancer and aids from drain cleaner dish soap and a chicken leg

  4. your list: way 1-2-3-4 use water to make some kind of Sun energy beam way 5 use some chemicals and water to ignite a haystack :3

  5. Some quick links to a few of the materials I used:
    [✓] Pom juice: http://amzn.to/2cDA78J
    [✓] Saran wrap plastic wrap: http://amzn.to/2cVdDwE
    [✓] Sodium metal: http://amzn.to/2ctSHi5

  6. Wow I'm so glad I found this picture frame, cling foam, water, and sodium hiding convenientally under this rock.

  7. just before I watched your video I was thinking to myself is it possible to ignite thermite using the self igniting reaction occurring between brake fluid and chlorine powder is this reaction powerful enough to ignite thermite

  8. i show my mum this video when she said she wanted to use water to flush out the fire, and i was like rip more fire

  9. Isn’t it technically two ways to start a first because you are just using the sun then u are using sodium

  10. Is it pure sodium alkali metal, cause it looks to be white on the video. And as all we know sodium is much like a piece of metal (smooth metal). So is it just a optic illusion or is it really white? And if it is, is it pure sodium? Thanks in advance!

  11. Thanks a lot for this vid. I immediately learned what NOT to try and I even laughed at the failed attempts.
    PS Don’t worry, my English misfires much more than your techniques ?

  12. Yeah, four different ways to utilise the same principle, not the usual quality I expect from K.oR. sorry,

  13. I liked it. But you forgot about- take a large lens-shaped bowl, put hot water in it, freeze it, pop the frozen water from the bowl by warming it, and use this lens-shaped ice to start a fire.

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