50 TACO BELL TACOS vs Raina Huang – 9 lbs of tacos #BattleRaina #RainaIsCrazy

notorious nation thanks for coming to another one of my videos today we have the rain it is crazy challenge video yes rain is crazy I’ll tell you why she actually challenged people to do 50 Taco Bell tacos what is she thinking I mean sure of your competitive eater you’re probably gonna be able to finish this in some period of time but I think she put the challenge out she’s allowing three non competitive eaters to try to do the 50 that’s how big this challenge is so I got involved she called me out a little bit and I’m gonna respond to that challenge I’m gonna see if I can do the 50 top goes I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be able to do it it’s just how long it’s gonna take me to do it then I’m so sure with these shells and then make it easier since I do my filming and editing I have this counter here I’m gonna try to flip them as I go to kind of try to keep track for you guys so it’s going to save me a lot of time editing it will slow me a little bit down than the eating but it’s not a race per se I’m just trying to eat these fast get them all down have some fun see if I can be trained as time let’s get this started oops these are you [Music] good [Music] like there’s jobs already don’t forget it’s Friday so look for the hidden competitive eater it’s a tough one this week good luck to y’all you try to keep accumulated all the debris so you can see that it ate all the tacos but I hope this counselor [Music] everyone is good so far make sure you click on the link to rain this video in the description box below she’s another big evening channel I think if you’re interested in my videos you’ll definitely be interested in hers when I walked in review I want to thank Reina for including me in this collaboration challenge this was fun to make all the way around even going in and ordering them and you get that look of are you sure you want all these tacos is this order for real yes it’s for real [Music] this was being in my local Taco Bell and orders for PA and the entire order was done in five minutes so 22 now and we’re sending the halfway up and the flavor of the Taco Bell Taco meat is starting to reach my limit I’m sure you guys have noticed that they haven’t used any sauce yet and I will eat all these tacos without opening up a single packet [Music] at work I have to make about five tacos in like this is the best challenge ever you know crushes whoa that flavor [Music] on 26 in and this flavor is getting so old 27 I just sent that to Reina because probably a few other humans understand what it’s like to eat this many talked about poplars when you’re talking sober [Music] even the Mitaka that’s so awesome [Music] no product I’m Ashley’s getting used to the flavour now it’s not after like those last couple I’m getting used to it [Music] so on this game over here yeah could you at the red book or bond did and we’ll put it down yeah thanks Richard yeah [Music] that was no [Music] doing good down with a second wind I could really really go for a taco right now that will be the bastard not give us a buck another 20 or so top guns [Music] turns into the meat dip up there at your ship will be ah [Music] think I’m getting a little taco intoxicated that’s in taco Cayden new term [Music] whoa [Music] I’m intoxicated see here if your gentlemen you pull them out you don’t have the dishes I was getting so excited excited a taco like two or three seconds [Music] oh goodness you see that picture [Music] whoa so the dish [Music] I got a dongle she’ll get one [Music] there we go right through me [Music] this is now my 39th this is probably more tacos at a human journey don’t try this at home [Music] the big four Oh tan left [Music] that way the paint [Music] would you do me a favor and take this towel at the end of the table yeah put it on the black in there and table cell blocks at reflections there at him yeah and is there a blind come over a little bit there no one to the rescue thank you will top out it’s so good yeah talk about wanting a ball [Music] you know starting stop stop each other [Music] yes here we go [Music] yeah [Music] 150 right here [Music] ah Wow so that was 50 Taco Bell tacos part shell not an easy feat Wow so please see brain is link in the description below check out her video check out the roles as I already had a lot before but three people can compete against her in this challenge and in the three normal people can do 50 she gives the prizes and it is not an easy feat 50 tacos right after about 20 start getting really old the flavor there not 30 in a second wind and then in the 40s it was just kind of want to get it over with thanks for coming to the other more videos I’ll see you guys again soon when I do something this high in numbers I always liked it to kind of do my age because that’ll be the oldest person to eat my age in whatever so as of today I’m 52 years old and I don’t really plan on eating 50 these tacos anytime soon in one sitting so I’m going to try to do 52 tacos one for every year I’ve been alive I’m sure Randy could’ve done this I’m sure Reena haven’t eaten in the 60s maybe 70s if she wanted to this is not to up anybody that’s just a little bonus footage of me eating two more topics I doubt there’s any 153 years or older that can eat 53 or more tacos so I’m pretty confident I’m gonna have this record for a long time thanks for watching another video see you guys again soon [Music]

76 thoughts on “50 TACO BELL TACOS vs Raina Huang – 9 lbs of tacos #BattleRaina #RainaIsCrazy

  1. Make sure you check out Raina's video. Link is in the description above. This week's Easter Egg is VERY hard, good luck.
    Não deixe de conferir o vídeo de Raina. O link está na descrição acima. Ovo de Páscoa desta semana é MUITO difícil, boa sorte.

  2. Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz B.O.B. Thanks for the sticker my son loves it… he is 2 and a huge fan… found your Easter egg it is a great eater and it is an awesome Easter egg… B… is soooo cool… I do not want to win this week because we won last week….

  3. Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob você ficou intoxitaco 😂 50 🌮 foi muito fácil para você comer eu certeza que você comeria mais de 80 fácil você e um monstro parece o Taz mania 😂 nunca imaginei que você tinha 52 anos parece ter entre 35 e 42 👏🏼👏🏼 You got intoxicated 😂 50 was too easy for you to eat i'm sure you ate over 80 easy you and a monster looks like the Taz craze 😂 never imagined you were 52 seems to be between 35 and 42 👏 👏

  4. 🚨 🚨 Please Be Advised.. Taco's 🌮 will Be on Backorder in the PA region.. Apparently some Old Man decided to make us all bow down

  5. im only 39 im gonna wait until im 53 and destroy your record. if you and raina ever compete in a contest together as a team she could be the notorious b.o.o.b.'s

  6. The sober part is key because I could knock down way more if I was drunk. Ofcourse, not 50! Huge achievement to do this sober.

  7. Hi B.O.B.!! Yup this was my girl rainaiscrazy stuff ..Yayy double shell taco lol..I'll just have one and you did amazing my friend👏👏

  8. Thie video was intacocating. I dont even know how to taco bout it. Lol fun challenge here. That douboe shell is something i havent seen before. I would had been all over that fire sauce though. Great job!

  9. Should have unwrapped them all, and put them in a pan. that way, you could eat and count a bit easier. Get it done Big B.O.B!

  10. I did the 12 taco pack one time and I was so close to throwing up. It's insane that you guys can eat 50 and not even look sick??? Crazy

  11. love you BOB AND THIS CHALLENGE…as always your the MAN…are you scared of the sauce after that Texas Pete's challenge???

  12. you should make a shirt that says bob bob obo on the front and notorious nation on the back …or give me permission to make one for myself "not for sale" just to wear I want one

  13. I was gonna do a taco bell challenge soon, this one looks tasty but 50 hard tacos has to suck. I would like to donchili cheese burritos with sour cream. Most remarkable thang about this video was that you said they had these done in 5 minutes. Nice job man

  14. You've had other vids with Brandon on the glass, my guess is the lil arm dance you do at halfway point. Great Job!

  15. Love your vids, your the man Bob 🙂 Can you please tell us though the color pkg wrapping difference? Im in Canada(might well be different here) and it has been quite some time now since i ordered. (so i forget, seeing as i moved even farther away from the big city, where we have a taco bell.) I realize they were all hard shells, but… were some chicken and some beef and what were the couple yellow wrap ones? I used to get 8 hard shell and 8 soft shell taco bell tacos, when i went to the big city for work. I used to have a really physically demanding job, so i just worked like a dog and ate like a hog when we were in the big city. Never thought to eat for a record back then 😛 I hear you on the flavor, at the 16, i was about done with it too! Great at first and then… kind of turns on you 🙁 Thanks for keeping us entertained! <3

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