560 Powerlifting Total at 114 Pounds

180 Pound Squat 200 Pound Squat 105 Bench Press 125 Bench Press 205 Deadlift 225 Deadlift 235 Deadlift Fourth Lift For a Record: 245 Deadlift

7 thoughts on “560 Powerlifting Total at 114 Pounds

  1. Haha I understand how you feel. I only pulled out that technique for competition because I have a killer strong back (and I knew I could do it), but I have been training exclusively with conventional technique and a flat back to make sure I never get injured and to hopefully one day marry my strength to better technique. Thanks for the comment!

  2. The junior division is ages 20-23. I was 21 when I competed that day and I'm 22 now 🙂

  3. Your focus is intense, so obvious in the first lifts. I'd hate to be the nitwit guy that thinks cause you're a tiny woman you'd be an easy target for assault.

    But kudos. If only more girls took to lifting weight and serious exercise instead of by majority cardio.

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