59.6 lbs (27 kg) of food in 4 hours World Record –  2018 Reading Phillies Gluttony Night

hi I’m notorious b.o.b you saw me 35 whoopie pies in 10 minutes just a few days ago here at First Energy stadium set a new world record but man cannot live on whoopie pies alone I need some variety so I’m coming back for glut tonight Tuesday June 12 all-you-can-eat for nine bucks ha ha they’re lucky who’s only wanted me notorious b.o.b returns on June 12th how much can he eat on gluttony night find out as he attempts to set a new world record in a 4-hour feeding frenzy ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba our players out there taking batting practice and this is the moment I can enjoy a half hour [Music] [Music] notorious nation and all my new friends courtesy of Corbucci eats from South America thanks for coming to another one of my videos this is a video I shot last summer I was hired by the Reading Phillies they’re a baseball team in the United States they’re what’s called a double-a level so there’s two levels above this level you’d have triple-a and then you’d have the major leagues or like the Philadelphia Phillies is who this organization belongs to they have something called gluttony night I’ve done this in the past for them it’s where you pay nine dollars in addition to your ticket and then you get certain foods unlimited for four hours during the baseball game so what they’ve hired me in the pants to do is I actually sit there and eat for four straight hours which is a really long time to eat there any real break I get is a stop in the middle and they go out and throw out the first pitch say hi to the crowd then I’m back on the main concourse as you can see me here and I’m sitting there people bring my food to me and I have a judge that keeps a total man scoreboard right behind me where you can see b.o.b totals that’s the scoreboard and this this lady actually watches everything the thing I he’s back he just ate 35 whoopie pies in ten minutes at the 17th annual warning beam when sweepings back tonight the repeat is Monday night challenge the notorious b.o.b to Carl’s collectibles and is already running as one French rhino and a nice beverage to wash it down next year before TSP would be goodbye the 100 items I believe it was roughly 42 pounds of food he will be trying to break his own record tonight and if your family what’s the team up together but see if you can maximum furious POV just set over to the Connells harder to collect the little table that’s right next to the stage get in your car and bring it back to the table for your chance to win a great prize so you just heard the announcer state there’s actually a contest going on where people are competing against my total so I’m gonna sit there and try to eat as much as I possibly can last year I ate 100 items in total over the four hours they’re saying it worked out to be about 42 pounds of total weight so I’m personally just trying to break the record I said last year but there’s other people in the stands that have paid for an all-you-can-eat ticket and they when they come in the stadium they get a scorecard they can have up to three other people so four people in total keep track of what they eat through the course of the same four hours than I’m eating and whoever gets the closest to me wins prizes now of course maybe someone could beat me but the concept is really just try to stay as close as they can last year I won pretty easily and I’m gonna assume I have pretty good odds of winning again this year that said I really don’t get anything for winning at all these teams of four are actually competing really against other teams of four in the stadium and whoever eats the most or closest to me wins the prize so a lot of these people in the contest or come up to me checking on my totals and throughout the whole game they’re announcing my totals throughout the stadium it’s on a scoreboard and if you can see once they get the old behind me they have a running number of wearing that the whole game so everybody in the stadium knows how far along I’m going I’m not gonna show you all four hours of me eating it’s pretty much a boring eating video if you’re looking just for the straight eating I’m running right now at two times speed the video and it still looks like I’m eating a normal pace it’s just incredibly hard to actually eat for four hours at any kind of fast pace you’re gonna you’re gonna be exhausted by that time a half-hour comes up so I’m trying to just take my time here enjoy myself talk to people and just keep constantly eating it’s it’s actually very hard to do I find this one of my harder events I’ve ever done it’s exhausting you’re in the hot Sun and this food does add up after a while once you get over twenty thirty pounds it just does not sit well so even though this is a very hard event for me to do it’s something I look forward to I look forward to pushing myself seeing what I can eat breaking a new record even more than anyone else has ever done in a document and setting where a judge is actually there of course anybody who knows competing knows that I’m eating the foods that are gonna give me the most weight you’ll sit the a very heavily skewed towards sodas and ice cream versus funnel cake but the bottom line is I was hired to eat a lot of weight so that’s why I picked these those items and I end up doing an incredible amount of weight I had no idea I was so close to sixty pounds I’m really bummed I didn’t get to 60 pounds but my final total was impressive for me and it’s gonna give me a high bar to shoot forward in June of this year when I’m back again to try to break record once again I’m not sure how many time more times I can break this record because it is a tough one thanks for watching all my videos I’m [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] baba Baba Baba Baba Baba Baba Baba Baba Baba Baba Baba [Music]

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  1. If anyone can assist in adding Portuguese subtitles I would greatly appreciate it. Se alguém puder ajudar a adicionar legendas em português, eu agradeceria muito.

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  3. I want to know how you eat so much? My stomach is just no no no., can't do it. Even if I need more protein. You should lift heavy weights. Put all that food to use.

  4. Once you get to THIRTY POUNDS it starts to get a little tough. Ha…..haha haha I don't think I ate 30 pounds of food this week. Let alone 59

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