5G and mmWave – The Active Denial System (ADS) and How mmWave Can Be Weaponized

okay you want to talk a little bit more
about 5G deployment regarding the mobile standard being released globally
specifically the portion that involves millimeter wave which is extremely high
frequency range that’s anything from 30 to 300 gigahertz according to certain
standards I realize there’s different standards that makes that fall within
different ranges but we’re just going to use that one for now
the reason why I’m concerned is because once you get into millimeter wave
deployment there’s been some clearly designated weaponized forms of
millimeter wave that involves like a pencil beam type characteristic that has
a very fine focus to it they specifically call it a pencil beam
signal characteristic inside the documentation and that’s why it makes it
so desirable and since the difference between what’s existing now is mostly
using you know tower based technologies that are in the ultra high frequency
range you know I think it’s logical to demonstrate a little bit of additional
concern for this type of technology being deployed specifically because
historically it’s been used for things that involved weapons systems and
specifically one call the Active Denial System which was designed by Raytheon as
a heat ray that was used on vehicles in the Afghanistan conflict war rather so
the what I would like to kind of impress upon people here is that you know now
that we’re getting into this range of frequencies and clearly some of the ones
that are going to be deployed will be eventually getting into a range pretty
close to this I think it’s worth mentioning that you know we really
should be talking more in depth about what type of protections will we have as
a citizenry to discuss potential abuses of this technology if it’s deployed in a
rogue fashion or if somebody makes a decision to deploy some of these
additional frequencies that are in the Active Denial System type range now here
in the United States most of these deployments are going to involve 28 Gigahertz and 39 Gigahertz which is far from 95 gigahertz but still since we are dealing
in a millimeter wave type frequency range and it’s really just a matter of being able to pulse that frequency at a
close distance and things like that and I’ve heard reports in Europe of 60 and
100 gigahertz being deployed in certain areas I think we really should be having
a larger debate about you know what are we going to be able to do to discuss
when there’s a potential abuse of these technologies so the reason why I want to
leave you with that thought and not get to excessively into the larger debate is
because I think this is some food for thought here this is from Wikipedia
about the Active Denial system it says the Active Denial System (ADS) is a non-lethal
Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) developed by the US military designed for area-denial
perimeter security and crowd control and formerly the weapon is also called the
heat-ray since it works by heating the surface of targets such as the skin of
targeted human subjects Raytheon is currently marketing a reduced range
version of this technology the ADS was deployed in 2010 with the United States
military in the Afghanistan war but was withdrawn without seeing combat on
August 20th 2010 the LA Sheriff’s Department Los Angeles Sheriff’s
Department announced that its intention to use this technology on prisoners in
the Pitchess Detention Center in Los Angeles (L.A.) saying that its intent to use it in
operational evaluation in situations such as breaking up prisoner fights the
ADS is currently only a vehicle mounted weapon though US Marines and police are
both working on portable renditions ADS was developed under the sponsorship of
the DoD non-lethal weapons program with the Air Force Research Laboratory as a
lead agency that reports that Russia and China are developing their own versions
of the Active Denial System the ADS works by firing a high-powered beam of
95 gigahertz waves at a target which corresponds to a wavelength of 3.2
millimeters the ADS millimeter wave energy works on a similar principle as a
microwave oven exciting the water and fat molecules in the skin and instantly
heating them via dielectric heating one significant difference is that a
microwave oven uses the much lower frequency and longer wavelength of 2.45
gigahertz the short millimeter wave used in ADS only penetrate the top layers of
skin with most of the energy being absorbed within the 0.4 mm
(millimeter) whereas microwaves will penetrate into human tissues about 17mm (millimeter) the ADS’ effect of repelling humans occurs at slightly
higher than 44 degrees Celsius 111 degrees Fahrenheit though first degree
burns occur at about 51 degrees Celsius 124 degrees Fahrenheit and second degree
burns occur at about 58 degrees Celsius in testing, pea-sized blisters have been observed in less than 0.1% of ADS exposures
indicating that second-degree surface burns have been caused by the device the
radiation burns caused are similar to microwave burns but only on the skin
surface due to the decreased penetration of shorter millimeter waves the surface
temperature of a target will continue to rise so long as the beam is applied at a
rate dictated by the targets material and distance from the transmitter along
with the beams frequency and power levels set by the operator most human
test subjects reach their pain threshold within three seconds and none could
endure more than five seconds so I thought that was worth noting you can
read more information about it I’ll leave some links about the Active Denial
System from Wikipedia but you know I think that we really should have a
larger debate about what’s going on with the deployment of millimeter waves
specifically in the United States and elsewhere especially since there’s
reports that people are planning on putting 100 Gigahertz into tunnel
systems into public stations and things like that to me that would be a sign
that potentially there might be some groups that are thinking well this is a
good way to just have on hand a system installed for crowd dispersal to chase
away homeless people things of that nature it always starts off as something
that they can get a certain degree of you know I guess you could say lack of
compassion type you know crowd control type systems where they say hey you know
would you like to see your your subway stations cleaned up or things like that
you know or your your tubes cleaned up and things like that and you know I
would say that you know be careful what you will allow for with this technology
when it comes to these types of things because you might be inviting a much
larger problem into your world and I really believe at this point we
really should be having a more logical rational debate about what’s happening
here because there’s going to be a lot of people that are going to be creating
a lot of disinformation around 5G intentionally to get it seem as if this
is a crazy thing to complain about when in all actuality I’m telling you as a
person that’s been in the industry for a long time
millimeter-wave introduces a whole different dynamic to it that UHF simply
wasn’t capable of doing before we could we could all sort of brush off concerns
as engineers and technicians when it came to UHF because it doesn’t have that
same type of ‘pencil-beam’ characteristic as a technology that’s being rolled out
now the antenna characteristics are different the way they’re being put into
different areas are different and it does require a little bit of additional
evaluation and critical review by professionals I think and if there’s a
way that I can help facilitate that or be a part of that larger debate I would
really like to be a part of it and I just hope that people will support me in
that endeavor because that will require some testing gear and equipment that
right now I simply don’t have and I’ll get into that in another article but I
just want to leave you with this thought on 5G mmWave (millimeter wave) and the
correlation to the Active Denial System because you know people’s concerns about
what’s being done with this technology is legitimate but I would caution you
don’t immediately run around saying that everything is this because you know
there is a logical argument to say that not everything that’s in that millimeter
wave spectrum 30 to 300 gigahertz is capable of doing this but you know again
we do need to have some systems in place to which we can at least have a
discussion a public debate and be able to report these things and that’s all
falls within the range of a logical reasonable expectation from the
citizenry to its government thank you

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