6-Patty Burger, Chips, & Strawberry Milkshake in 8 Minutes??

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
‘Atlas’ with Atlas & Zeus promotions and proud owner of foodchallenges.com very
very excited but also very very sad today because it’s our last full day in
Australia, we leave tomorrow for New Zealand! We’re not going to be doing too
many challenges in New Zealand because there’s not too many available so Mitch
and I are both doing it two a day today I’m here for number one I’m going for
win number eight in the state of Queensland which is going to be overall
win number 533 I’m in the Grange area of Brisbane I am at Brewmasters, I’m taking
on the Brew Masters Challenge! Now we’ve got a 6 patty burger here along with the
side of delicious looking chips we’ve got garnish here and then we’ve got
a milkshake had a few options I went with strawberry, but on this burger
there’s some bacon a bunch of healthy vegetables some cheese some sauce on the
bottom but there are two challenges with this here basically you have to choose
which one you want to do now really for most people you’re going to want to pay
50 dollars up front and then if you finish all of this within 20 minutes the
time limit you’ll get a $50 voucher to use later, but there’s also challenge
number two which I’m going to do – if you can break the previous records which the
record here is by my friend Matthew he did it all in 8 minutes and if you beat
that you’ll get the $50 voucher and $100 cash but thanks to you guys all watching
and because we’re leaving tomorrow, they’re going to allow us, if I beat the
8 minutes, to have the meal free and $100 cash so let’s get this challenge started! all right now when I first got to
Brisbane you guys watch me do that challenge at Miss Kay’s where I wasn’t
able to use any liquids at all this one is similar to that but I’m able
to drink the milkshake obviously during the challenge, so no extra liquids but I
do have this milkshake so I’ll be able to get it down a little bit quicker but
we’re going for that eight minutes so the burger looks perfectly cooked, got a
medium-rare I’m gonna use all the juices and everything to help get the fries
down and just get the victory but let’s eat! One, two, three – all right let’s get this
out of the way. Thirty seconds! Seven minutes in 50 seconds, so now Matt
has something to come back for! He’s watching over there best regards to the chef who cooked those burgers those went right down those were so freakin good
that was an awesome Brew Masters Challenge in the state of Queensland and
overall win number 533 for winning I’m going to get the meal free thanks to all
you guys watching, along with 100 bucks cash! Thank you guys all for coming to
watch thank you guys for watching!

48 thoughts on “6-Patty Burger, Chips, & Strawberry Milkshake in 8 Minutes??

  1. Hey thanks everyone for watching!! I do apologize for stopping the timer 2 seconds too early on this one. My official time should have probably been 7:52, still undoubtedly below the 8 minute mark. Regardless, Matthew came back a few days later and beat the 7:50 to reclaim is record which was awesome!! Brew Master's is unfortunately closed down now, but it was great to try their delicious food while they were still open. Thanks for watching and supporting our channel!!

  2. i did this in 6 minutes i mean it was on a very bad day too, you did ok i guess. need to work on speed. good effort pal

  3. Randy, I think it would be nice if you added to your initial comments about a location, to add nearest sightseeing stuff or cool history of the area as well.

  4. Hi sir randy im one of your fan, can you try our challenge here in the philippines ๐Ÿ˜ we have here massive burger challenge in Zark's Burger Philippines. Hope you see this comment and visit us.

  5. This video was posted on YouTube on May 23, 2018 but was filmed on July 19, 2017? Why did it take so long to upload the video? Was there a lot of editing involved? Just curious.

  6. Can you come to Canada and try the Canadian brew house 6 burgers and Poutine challenge Iโ€™ve been waiting for you to do that one for a while now

  7. And he did it again.. Atlas murdered that challenge.. Great job, I gave you 7:45, 5 secs off, not so bad lol… Love these videos.. subscribers still increasing..1mill on the way…๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช

  8. I'm glad he didn't talk through the challenge like he usually does cuz the only had a limited time that he wanted to beat which he did Beat it I'm glad that he did I'm also glad he didn't give her Jack to Whole Thing too

  9. So you make this look so easy. I went to IHOP and ordered the chicken fried steak MEAL AND EXTRA PANCAKES. I am at home full with a whole chicken fried steak and scrambled eggs. I only ate 2 pancakes and potatoes. I was not ready

  10. i loved how he skipped the tomato at the beginning, it might be healty but meat tastes way better ahahah

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