“7.000 Kilometer bis Jahaly” 1/9  — with English subtitles –

7.000 kilometers to Jahaly
Aid Convoy 2009 Germany – The Gambia A Video Log narrated by
Ulfert Engelkes & Jan Kretschmer Our Aid Tour 2009 starts in front of the
city hall of Hattingen/Germany. It is raining and one oil filter is already
spoiled. After a delay of 30 minutes we go on the
road for our 7.000 kilometers journey We are a group of 8 cars and 19 drivers
After passing Cologne, we turn right and than straight ahead. First stop to take fuel near Paris/France –
after 500 kilometers. Here we have 156 and 253 – 400 Euro in
total for buying diesel. We calculatet 6 to 7.000 Euro for diesel.
Whether it will be enough – lets see. Still 2.000 kilometers to go for the ferry
to Morocco. Driving during the night: no problem for
the convoy There s only few traffic on the highways. Its six o clock, Saturday morning. We
made more than 1000 kilometers now. We are south of Bordeaux/France and we
want to get to Alegeciras/southern Spain without major rests to reach our ferry at
Sunday morning. We 19 drivers now are looking forward to open the kitchen car
two hours from now to have breakfast. Since Paris we don´t have to pay toll
anymore, everybody supports our activities in The Gambia. We are on schedule. We are looking
forward to to reach Africa. So we thought, but Sunday morning – 7 o´clock – we see
the first car breaking down.

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