7.5 gallon dirted tank

Hi All. This is my first attempt at a dirted tank I was inspired by Dustin’s fish tanks. So a tonne of thanks to him. After reading and experimenting so many substrates i personally now feel dirt is the way to go why use expensive substrates when in nature plants grow awesomely in dirt and sediments. Also special thanks to Diana Walstad. Her book “Ecology of the planted aquarium” is an amazing book. Out here in India don’t get Miracle-Gro. So I used some red soil and mixed vermi compost in it. Spread the layer of soil and compost evenly and capped it with 2-3mm gravel. I wanted to use sand but i couldn’t find any. The gravel/sand capping prevents from the soil muddying the water and also act as a base for roots to hold on Make sure the soil is not more than an inch thick so as to avoid anaerobic bacteria developing in the substrate. water was then filled to about an inch or two and plants were added I will not use CO2 in this tank. The lighting used is a 6500K 9W cool day white LED lamp. This lamp is housed in a table lamp. The plants used are: Echinodorus tennelus “Micro”,Sagittaria subulata,Vallisneria nana,Nymphaea sp (Red Lilly),Hydrocotyle leucocephala,Nymphoides taiwan and Java moss The best part about a dirted tank is it wont leech out ammonia like ADA or other aqua-soils. Also they are expensive If you already have a established filter fish can be added right away. If not you can wait till the evening or the next day to add fish. I plan to give 12 hrs a day of light to the tank Hope you enjoy the video. Feel free to add comments Thanks you very much. Peace. -Heisenberg

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