7 Actors Who Were Actually Happy To Be Killed Off

Most actors toil away in obscurity for years,
waiting for the chance to finally burst into the limelight. Not every big break, however, is as satisfying
as it seems at the start. Sometimes a star gets fed up with their role. Then again, sometimes actors just want to
see their characters bite the dust in the most epic way possible. What more can an actor hope for but a memorable
on-screen death? Harrison Ford – Star Wars Few roles are more associated with Harrison
Ford than the one that started it all: Han Solo. Despite the fact that the role launched his
blockbuster career, Ford initially wanted George Lucas to kill Solo off during Return
of the Jedi. He felt that Solo’s sacrifice would lend emotional
weight to the story. “And I thought the best utility of the character
would be for him to sacrifice himself to a high ideal.” But according to Ford, Lucas was reluctant
to put a dent in Han Solo action figure sales, so he kept Solo alive. That let the scoundrel build a family with
Leia within the Star Wars universe. Meanwhile, those of us stuck in the real,
crappier universe, got 40 years of Han Solo action figures. “Why did you do it?” “The Empire tricked me, Han. I had no choice!” “Prepare for freezing.” “Long live the Alliance!” “Goodbye, my friends.” Of course, Ford got his wish in 2015’s The
Force Awakens, going off to that great big moisture farm in the sky. Samuel L. Jackson – Deep Blue Sea Deep Blue Sea is one of those movies that
came together in the right place, at the right time. If it hadn’t hit right before the flood of
giant monster schlock fests tearing up the Syfy Channel in the early 2000s, director
Renny Harlin’s goofy monster romp probably wouldn’t have made it onto the big screen. Now, it’s a guilty pleasure chock full of
sharks and truly poetic dialogue. “You ate my bird.” When Harlin initially contacted actor Samuel
L. Jackson, he offered Jackson the role that ended up going to LL Cool J — Sherman “Preacher”
Dudley. Jackson declined, so Harlin created the character
of Russell Franklin specifically for him. As soon as he read Franklin’s death scene,
Jackson was on board. According to the DVD commentary, the actor
relished the opportunity to die in dramatic, horror movie fashion, saying: “I’ve done a
lot of different things in movies…but nothing like what happens to me in this one.” His character’s death truly is one of the
most memorable in recent cinematic history, as well as something of a jab at the cinematic
trope of blowhard heroic speeches. “We’re gonna seal off this…” Leonard Nimoy – Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan Few characters are more widely recognized
than Leonard Nimoy’s Spock. Starting with the original Star Trek series,
Spock has had a storied sci-fi career, appearing on episodes of The Next Generation as well
as eight Star Trek movies, from Star Trek: The Motion Picture all the way to Star Trek
Into Darkness. However, the half-human, half-Vulcan’s run
nearly ended before his cinematic journey really started. After the first Trek film, Nimoy decided to
set aside the role indefinitely, if not permanently. To convince Nimoy to sign on for Wrath of
Khan, Paramount producer Harve Bennett and screenwriter Jack Sowards offered the actor
a juicy death sequence. Ironically, it was Spock’s death that actually
kept Nimoy in the Star Trek universe. Nimoy enjoyed his last hurrah as Spock so
much, that he decided to come back for further installments — and even directed Star Trek
III: The Search for Spock and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Isaac Hayes – South Park No one can deny the power of Chef. For nine seasons, Isaac Hayes’ rich baritone
made the lusty school lunch-prepper into one of the show’s breakout characters. But South Park’s unique brand of satire went
a little too far for Hayes’ taste in 2005. The actor and musician, a Scientologist, was
reportedly offended by their critique of the controversial religious sect in the episode
“Trapped in the Closet” — which mocked the religion’s biggest names such as Tom Cruise
and John Travolta, as well as the group’s unusual views. “What’s going on?” “Tom Cruise won’t come out of the closet.” “What?” “Just leave me alone!” “Well, we can’t leave you alone because you
won’t come out of the closet!” The episode was apparently the straw that
broke Hayes’ back, because the musician told the Stone and Parker he wanted out of his
contract due to South Park’s “growing insensitivity towards personal spiritual beliefs.” The character met a fittingly over-the-top
end on the show, as Chef was killed after being struck by lightning, impaled on a branch,
and attacked by a mountain lion and a bear. It was a classically South Park end to a classic
character. “Oh my God. They killed Chef.” Dean Norris – Breaking Bad Breaking Bad is one of those shows that came
out of nowhere and blew everybody away, thanks in no small part to Bryan Cranston’s performance
as Walter White. “A guy opens his door and gets shot, and you
think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!” Aside from its intriguing premise and tightly
coiled suspense, the show’s true heart came from a host of offbeat characters that gave
the morally gray dramedy a rabid fanbase. Of those, Dean Norris’ Hank Schrader rapidly
became a fan favorite. As the series progressed to its fifth and
final season, though, Norris’ thespian cred grew and acting gigs abounded. In order to potentially start the next phase
of his career, the actor asked the producers if they could take out his character halfway
through the last season, to which they replied: “we kind of need you for the last eight [episodes]. We’ve been building that up for the last five
years.” In light of the series’ shocking conclusion,
Norris was ultimately glad they convinced him to stay. So are the show’s fans. Sophie Turner – Game of Thrones Yes, it’s true: Sansa Stark is still alive
and kicking on Game of Thrones, at least as of the making of this video. But Sophie Turner isn’t just ready for her
character to die — she’s actively seeking it out. As a member of the powerful Stark clan, Sansa
grew from a misty-eyed tween into a resilient young heiress right before our eyes. Sophie Turner’s already moving in a new direction
as Jean Grey in the X-Men universe, among other film roles, and the actress has expressed
her desire for the eldest Stark daughter to follow in her family’s footsteps. In an interview, Turner joked: “If you’re
on Game of Thrones and you don’t have a cool death scene, then what’s the point?” Ain’t that the truth. Fortunately for Sansa, the HBO juggernaut
is preparing to take its final bow, so she may get her wish after all. At the same time, writer George R.R. Martin’s
final books have yet to arrive on store shelves, so we don’t have any official word on the
fate of Ms. Stark — assuming the series stays remotely close the books from here on
out, anyway. When it comes to Game of Thrones, well…. “You know nothing.” Sean Bean – Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring reintroduced J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic fantasy series to the general
public in a major way, and a lot of the films’ beauty came from the epic filming locations
in the mountains of New Zealand. The problem was, Sean Bean, who played Boromir,
doesn’t like flying. When he realized that Peter Jackson intended
to shoot extensively on remote, rocky locales around New Zealand, he decided to get there
the old-fashioned way. “And then they’d drop me off there and I’d
sort of hike another half a mile…” “Wow!” “Just because I didn’t want to get on the
helicopter.” Basically, Bean would put on his Boromir costume
and trek up the mountain on foot to reach the set. As many times as the actor has died on-screen,
he’s said that the death of Boromir in Fellowship was easily his favorite. But come on. It’s gotta be Goldeneye. Everyone knows it. “Ahhhh!” Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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100 thoughts on “7 Actors Who Were Actually Happy To Be Killed Off

  1. i want them to kill sansa stark shes a terrible actress and completely doesn't fit to the role. Sansa in the books is very beautiful and more interesting and heroic. But in the show she is the opposite.

  2. Lol. Isaac hayes a petty hypocrite. You stayed there for years, mocking all and everything. But when it touches your thing, you felt offended and crying to get out. You are worst than than theon greyjoy…😂😂😂😂

  3. I was reading the comments and was baffled about how people call Sophie Turner a bad actor. Her performance is GoT is flawless as Sansa and she is one of my favorites on the show. Also about the x-men movie, give her a break. that movie was shit and Sophie coudnt do much about it.

  4. Best Sean Bean death: The Island at the hands of Ewan McGregor, or maybe Patriot Games at the hands of Harrison Ford. Geez, it seems Star Wars actors have it out for Sean Bean!

  5. Good old Isaac Hayes had no problem when SouthPark made fun of other religions, but once it was his on the cutting board, oh all of the sudden he has morality.

  6. Sansa already stuck it out for * seasons so being the last one she's already filming, she will most likely survive.

  7. Sophie Turner is wooden in all of her roles I've seen aside from GoT, and sometimes even on GoT. She wants to die? Well, it's been nice knowing ya.

  8. ya seeing Samuel L Jackson reminds me of Snakes on a Plane quote "Enough is enough! I have had it with these mother-fucking snakes on this mother-fucking plane!" lol

  9. Sophie turner never said she wanted Sansa to die she just said if she did she it wanted to be in a heroic way

  10. Isaac Hayes is such a hypocrite. He has no problem being part of the show while they make fun of all the other religions, but as soon as they say something about scientology, he suddenly believes peoples religious beliefs should be safe from satire and comedy.

  11. Isaac Hayes was not happy to be killed off on South Park, he was brainwashed by a cult and forced to make those statements. Scientology killed Isaac Hayes.

  12. boromir 'happy to be kileld off' the books are what 50 years old? he knew exactly when and where he was going to die and for harrison for i think he hasone more iconic roll-bull whip hat, you get the idea.

  13. i had to laugh when sophie turner goes to sean bean

    people who watch game of thrones would get the joke

    (note) i know it is for another sean bean role)

  14. I saw Deep Blue Sea when it came out in theaters with my first wife. We were both floored with Samuel L Jackson died mid-movie, and also laughing our asses off because he died right at the climax of the inspirational speech. Brilliant!

  15. This bitch has already butchered Jin Grey in Apocalypse and will finish her bloody work in Dark Phenix. She can not act for the life of her. Her range of emotion is 0 to 0. She was young when someone cast her into Got so I have nothing against that person. However, whoever cast her in X-men must see their kids die horribly in-front of their eyes!

  16. "Growing insensitivity towards personal spiritual beliefs." Hayes = Douche. So the dude just didn't like, watch the pilot for shit's sake before signing on? Boo Hoo your personal religion when you were there to crap on the rest of them.

  17. Baromir had to die to stay faithful to the books. Chef was not killed with Isaac's permission; he left and so SP got annoyed at Isaac's double standards and killed him off.

  18. why golden eye? its an extremly boring death. yea a lot of spectacle and such but…. story wise it is boring.

    the death of boromir on the other hand is poetic, heroic. He completes his character arc, fights for his people (pippin and mary in this moment) and is the strongest he has ever been resisting to run off and search for frodo and the ring. He also accepts aragorn as his king and shows what a great man he has become despite his flaws.
    Also his death reminds us of what an impossible task this journy is for a mere human. We might not forget that he is the arguably weakest character towards the ring within the fellowship. For all the right reasons.

    Aragorn is (somewhat) protected by his numenorean blood and his inherited guilt also he is like 90 years old during the fellowship of the ring and has a lot of life experience. Legolas is even older and an elvish prince. Gimli as a dwarf is resistant to the power of the ring anyways, it just would grow his natural greed for gold and treasure. And the hobbits seek no power, quite the opposite, they seek a life of peace and eventlessness.
    And Boromir? He is a human, naturally thirsting for power and his only reason to is, to protect the people of gondor and the whole rest of middle earth. He actually intends to sacrifice himself as the warden against the dark lord.

    Totally underrated character imho.

  19. What I loved about Breaking Bad was that Hank was a real ass hole, but goddamn if you didn't actually like him by the end. And then the end happens….

  20. When I think Harrison Ford, I think Indiana Jones not Han Solo, I never watched Star Wars and never plan on doin so.

  21. Ahmm… Boromir died on Amon Hen because… Boromir dies on Amon Hen. There wasn't a lot of choice for Sean Bean whether he wanted to be killed off there or not.

  22. Sophie turner is not a real actor and she shouldn’t get to dictate what George RR Martin’s story needs to do
    She’s a very bland inexperienced young lady who got super lucky

  23. 1-harrison ford (starwars)
    2- samuel Jackson (deep blue sea)
    3- lennard dimoy (star trek 2)
    4- isaac Hayes (south park)

  24. Also Samuel L. Jackson wanted Mace Windu to go out like a hero "and not like some punk!" and was proud of Mace's end.

  25. I wanted to see one of the bears shit out chefs white hat and then a space ship come down to earth and have a tiny spaceman pick it up and wipe it off. Since that's what scientologist believe in. Space ships and little spaceman. Hays knew that South Park rips on ALL Religons and he was just fine with that. Good Riddens CHEF. Over paid diva.

  26. I totally agree that Boromir's death was epic. One of my favorite scenes from the entire trilogy, just a sad, gorgeously poetic moment to set the tone for the rest.

  27. i'm going to be straight up honest, i never saw Samuel Jackson's character death in Deepblue sea coming that was completly out of nowhere…

  28. Sansa is one of my least like characters on the show but she was a "victim" of that weird/unnecessary "women empowerment" that randomly took place with every female character in the show (instead of the ones that actually make sense like Dany and Cersei).

  29. After the 1960s Star Trek TV series was cancelled, Leonard Nimoy (and most of the rest of the cast) found themselves type-cast by the series. Nimoy wrote a book entitled I Am Not Spock. Then, about a decade later, Shatner and his then-wife, Marcy, were doing TV commercials for fake butter to raise money for the first Star Trek movie (and the rest of the cast were doing similar gigs). The first Star Trek movie was a bitter disappointment for many Trekkie fans, but the second one, The Wrath of Khan, being more like the TV series, did better, spawning a whole new franchise for the actors. Then Nimoy wrote a book entitled I Am Spock. These actors can't wait to be rich and famous and then they can't wait to be rid of the characters that gave them their big breaks.

  30. issac had no issues with south park making fun of every other religion, but once they went after his faith… well that's bad.

  31. Okay, Isaac Hayes (Chef) was a damn hypocrite. South Park is mocking virtually everything and everyone, but when it targeted his own church nooo that was too much.

  32. its funny.Isaac Hayes was ok with South Park having a go at everyone but when they went after scientology because of course you should they are very funny thats when he got upset.

  33. I’m kinda disappointed these people are happy to leave”I would be a actor for free as long as I was in a popular show

  34. I thought Isaac Hayes wanted to leave the show because he was sick as well. And The X-Men series is dead after dark Phoenix

  35. Sean Bean only took the part of Ned Stark in GOT because he was told that he'd be killed by the end of the first season.

  36. The last books of Games Of Thrones will never be done. Martin will die before he finishes them.

  37. so we now know that the chances to see Stanza Stark die are high , To bad i loved her character as much as i love the actress who plays her . She's one hell of a Queen to me no matter what movie or series she will play in . Yes it does have a lot to do with how gorgeous she is but also with her real personality as well .Hopefully success wont go up to her head and cause her decline like it did with a few other actress in the past

  38. Ford was contemptuous of Star Wars from the start. Find any interview he ever did where he didn't denigrate it. Pretty interesting, since no one would have ever heard of him without it.

  39. Ummm… I don't think the actors THEMSELVES would be happy to be "killed off", unless they were suicidal or something.  How hard is it to write a vid Title that makes sense?

  40. Being a Star Wars fan I knew Harrison Ford wanted Han Solo killed off Star Wars since the Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back movie.

  41. Han Solo was the character not the actor. Actor being killed off would mean the actor died not the character are you so stupid you don't know the difference.

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