100 thoughts on “7 POUND LOBSTER FEAST! (Lobster Tail Sashimi + Lobster Blood Soup???)

  1. BESTYS! Let me know if you wanna see the Giant Crab Experience.

    Check out Sky Garden in Saigon, Vietnam for your own seafood feast → https://www.facebook.com/SkyGardenBBQ/

    Check out Onetrip for the ultimate Vietnamese Food Tour → https://www.christinas.vn/onetrip/

  2. I love your videos, you should do a drawing and do an episode with a subscriber…..(only put my name in the drawing) 😉

  3. Insta catheterization….. lobbie was all Ahhhhhh !!….such sweet release !!!…. then his day went to $#it…..

  4. I order a 7lbs lobster once.. I had no idea how big it really would be! When the waiter bought it out of barely fit on my table with its claws and legs are dangling off the plate! People that were eating around me got up came over and started taking pictures of themselves with my dinner LOL

  5. 7:37 no worry, the lobster isn't being cook, it just dipping in a man made hot spring, chilling with his friend vege…

  6. I thought it was lobster pee but it’s lobster blood, and I actually thought lobsters had red blood when I first ate one 😆.

  7. Cobra.. Are you serious no way you can kill a cobra, its a beautiful creature of god and not only cobra every animal is so beautiful dont eat them please save them. Enough causing harm to nature now the Mother Nature need healing

  8. If you ever need a bodyguard/awesome companion…. I'll volunteer! And in no way am I offering for the amazing travels and food…just offering because of my good heart lmao.

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