7 POUND LOBSTER FEAST!  (Lobster Tail Sashimi + Lobster Blood Soup???)

They’ve taken the lobster to the kitchen and there’s kind of a special preparation that they do that it would this be against the law in the West Welcome to sky guarded colossal crustaceans cooked up in mouth-watering ways giant seafood boats and a beef day cake guys They have something called a freakin beef day cake it’s safe to say that I fell in love immediately And I just had to learn more Right now we are at sky garden for what I would call my bucket list seafood feast And look people have a lot of things on their bucket list ordinarily climb a mountain Kiss a girl one day and look. I’ll get to those eventually but right now. It’s all about having the most luxurious Over-the-top gigantic seafood dinner you can possibly imagine Andrew here He is from Australia a place literally, surrounded by oceans that are full of delicious sea creatures He’s had every kind of delicious seafood whether it’s endangered not endangered I mean is that true That’s not true. I’ve eaten a lobster before. That’s pretty good, and so that’s the kind of expertise we need What’s the biggest lobster you’ve ever eaten ? May be one kilo That sucks Today andrew is joining me for a bucket-list seafood feast One giant lobster providing a hearty and decadent five course meal and in keeping with Vietnamese tradition every part of this lobster will be used And I mean every part Oh my god, man. Yeah our lobster blood jello is here, but first we got to pick out our lobster We’re getting right into it we have entered the aquarium section of Sky garden and we are looking for the biggest lobster they have Let’s see what they got. Can we see the big one? OMG. What the fuck man? Can I? I guess I’m holding it.She did just enter into it. Dude, I think it has bigger hand than you do. Look at that. It’s glory size of my face. This is like a prehistoric Jurassic Park age lobster, this lobsters probably older than me I want you to use your human scale you should guess how much it weighs. That’s got to be man It’s gonna be two three kilos. I’m gonna say eight Seven pounds my guest domitor works only in pound. Sorry well. Let’s find out my friend gonna put it on the platter. Oh Oh my god 3.1 kilograms Yeah, we’re just gonna do some quick food man six point eight pounds so what we’re gonna. Do is we’re gonna eat this I’ve been told that we we take it to the table we get some selfies And then they’re just gonna take it away from there I get to do a lot of cool stuff on this show where it’s like exclusive access But this is actually the real customer experience here They want you to take pictures to China seafood. I mean, I guess why wouldn’t you selfie. Let’s do it Little more sympathy for the lobster all right good. Umh, I got you something. Thank you! Course one lobster blood jello course one starts with some poached shrimp That are shelled and sliced up then topped with some fragrant Vietnamese herbs, but it definitely does not stop there They’ve taken the lobster to the kitchen and there’s kind of a special preparation that they do that it’s now a little bit It’s out there. It’s out there. It’s gonna be a little bit controversial shock when iodine shows This is food innovation would this be against the law and the West our first course draws its inspiration from the Vietnamese dish deep gun or blood soup Traditional deep gun starts with a base of fresh ducks blood poured into a bowl then allowed to set for a few minutes until it Thickens it’s then topped with the Ducks organ meat herbs peanuts and onions with the side of rice cracker It’s it’s one of those shocking foods because there’s blood in it and people aren’t used to eating blood, but really It’s not that weird as far as I know the dish we’re about to try is not only the first of its kind in Vietnam But the first of its kind in the world and now he’s going to do this special Preparation unique to this restaurant, but drawing from Vietnamese inspiration, let’s go for it What the Yeah This is lobster blow lobster a blood. It’s clear my god. I think that’s enough. I think we got enough blood That’s a lot of that’s a lot That’s definitely enough blood for me should I feel bad we need to act like we’re outraged a little bit but looking But we saw have to eat it, dude All right, thank you. The loss term blood mixed with shrimp. This is the first course on say I’m excited I’m like maybe apprehensive. Yes better work. That’s the right you’re in the right mentors right okay, at least We’re utilizing every bit of the web server. That’s true literally every part of this Lobster is gonna be used for this meal Okay, yeah after about five minutes our lobster blood jello has set and it’s ready to eat I’m imagining that this is gonna taste like salt water is this even the blood. I don’t know it’s clear all right right Cheers Mm-hmm Well That is this the strangest uh-huh the texture is really gel aleene’s yeah obviously the shrimp tastes amazing naturally salty, too They didn’t get any salt on the shrimp So all that salt is just from that animals saltwater ape it almost tastes like oysters It does taste a little bit like solidified ocean water super fascinating right yeah, I’ve never had anything like this. It’s crazy. Yeah Course two, lobster tail sashimi Now that our tongues have been tantalized with the taste of what’s to come We’re ready for more. For course to Our chef removes the still raw meat and chills it for a few minutes while preparing our seafood boat which can hardly contain this monstrosity of a lobster from there he cuts thin pieces of tail Placing them over ice the result not only looks tasty But it looks like a work of art deserving of its own music montage The first point we got to try it with no sauce it looks just like fish, it’s crazy all right, let’s try it out Hmm I like it yeah, that’s really good clean, it doesn’t take fish at all either don’t know no fishiness whatsoever I just really want to quickly thank this lobster for giving its life, but what I can say is This lobster went out a star, and it’s entertaining at least a million people right now Did this video get a million yes? Do you know what I’m saying? Yeah because we don’t want the lobsters death to be in vain and so we can at least have solace and knowing that a million people saw this video Okay, so let’s dip it in some of that wasabi. Yep. All right. Let’s do it Yeah once you get the salt on that attentions what gets it really yeah firmness Oh miss crispy whores three stewed lobster head after the sashimi Normally the head and claws would be placed into a hot pot, but there’s just one small problem I don’t think it’s gonna fit. I really don’t oh Oh my god Here we go Just doesn’t really seem logistic was possible. He’s attempting to cut off the clock He basically just did a kind of an armbar is using his jujitsu skills. We’re gonna cut that even the head in half oh My god, so just the head we’re really gonna have to be like several whole bucks for that He’s gonna pull the head out so right here have like a hopper right here. You can see all the layers You can see that green part Are you gonna eat that in the West people commonly focus on tail and claw meat and often disregard? What’s in the lobster head? But we’re here to try everything head to tail Including the inner green organ known as tamale the tamale acts as a filtration System for the lobster and in fact the FDA advises hungry fun food video making people like myself To avoid it we just ate the congealed blood mixed with prawns yeah, we’re gonna draw the line because this was green That’s a fair point right, okay. Let’s do it I just got is butter ain’t so smooth. Yeah, that’s really good. I agree and it’s so big There’s just whole spoonfuls of it Course four. Giant steamed lobster claws these are nature’s natural flavors at their best. Here’s the money shot This is like what I’m gonna open this video. Here it is. Gigantic lobster claw and Oh My God! Look at that, then we’ll put that in the beginning of the video right and people be very enticed to watch ok And then now they’re like oh was that an act. No I’m genuinely shocked at how gigantic this is it’s heavy This is over a half a kilogram pain, and I think yours is just as bigger than mine What do we do I just want to take a final I think you can do it already yeah It is the best moment of my life. Oh my god. It was so sweet It’s got like that little bit of chewiness twins yeah, naturally sweet mmm piping hot still mmm I mean, come on Yeah Okay, cool. All right. Yeah, look a lot of people Ask me if I feed the camera guy usually I cut that part out of the videos. There’s definitely the best lobster experience I’ve ever had I’m getting pretty full already. How we do this hot pot I don’t know I feel like the hot pot is now kind of anticlimacti compared to this Course five, hot pot after being stopped with rich sweet lobster meat There’s still one more course a hot pot made with a kimchi based stew and loaded with vegetables and any remaining lobster meat We’ve got a mushroom Carrots blah blah look. It’s vegetables as vegetables. I just feel like we ain’t the most gigantic life I’ve ever seen in my life I know is how are people gonna stick around to watch us eat? vegetables that were boiled and bra no we just ran out of time and We didn’t think it was gonna be this huge finally what you’ve been waiting for the price tag this complete lobster experience costs 1 million 950,000 Vietnamese dong per kilogram with a normal portion of lobster being around one point two to two point five kilograms today our three point one kilogram lobster comes in at six million forty five thousand Vietnamese dome or Two hundred sixty six dollars we were gonna do the crab also And then we happen to get really stuff because we have a freakin seven pound lobster here if you want to see the giant crab Next time let us know in the comments down below This is a little different from the usual Vietnam videos, but look if you’re looking for Vietnamese food But maybe something a little bit more traditional. Let me tell you about a company called one trip They’re putting on amazing food tours in Saigon and Hoi An they try view all the round town And you get to eat until you explode it’s one of my favorite things to experience with other people who are new to the city to learn more about one trip click the Link in the description down below we will see you next week. Bye That’s good. Yeah. Oh the watermelon came

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