71/74 IoT MOOC Part I: Programming example.  Alcohol Meter

So, in this example I’m going
to show you how to measure the concentration of alcohol
using the gas sensor. So, I have already uploaded the code
on to the board, so let’s switch to the overhead camera
to show you what we have. So, we have the gas sensor
we have the Wemos board but we also have a bottle
with at the alcohol, here. So, let’s back to the console
and see how it works, ok. So this is the current measurement
of concentration that the sensor is reading,
so now if I open at this and I put the sensor nearby here,
and I press, you can see that the values for concentration
it really increase and  if I go back there, it takes some
time, there might be some particles here, but
it recovers again the normal concentration values.
Ok, thank you, very much!

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