75 Lb. Woman Says She Wants To Lose More Weight To Show ‘I’m One Of The Best Anorexics Out There’

why are you doing this what’s your ultimate what’s your ultimate goal my ultimate goal is recovery I think that you know this is I do find a high from it and I would never deny what I really loved about it but in the end I don’t want to die it’s that your ultimate victory I mean that’s the ultimate attention right and a it is that is like that’s the ultimate thing that has to happen for the weight I want to get down to it but I don’t have a death wish I do want to keep losing weight and that’s the frustrating part because I know it seems like I do it for attention which is the main part but in the end well you said you do it for attention and I do yeah so it doesn’t seem like you’re doing it for attention you say you’re doing it for attention yeah and I I do but in the end I don’t want to die like I do want to be 75 pounds 70 pounds but I don’t want to die and I can’t have the best of both worlds why 75 instead of 62 or 81 what why did you choose this particular girl right now because that’s the lowest I’ve ever gotten and so it was kind of just to see if I could get back to that weight and now that I have now I’d like to drop more I can get lower now and what will be the victory in that show how disciplined I can be and how I’m one of the best anorexics out there you say you like the shock factor from people you like people to see you and go yeah yeah the more severe it’s gotten the more I have really enjoyed like wow she looks like a skeleton dying is the ultimate shock factor right let me know get lots of attention now house being enrolled and you’ll be here for it but I mean that’ll that’s the end that’s that’s the end goal right that would also really shove it in your mother’s face wouldn’t it I mean it was yeah that’s what she wants to hurt her correct it’s more like a spite thing you’ve been on rx6 ten years so you should cut it down by now the skills you’ve gone to for treatment centers so we’re not helping in this time and so my spite is look how bad it’s gotten

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