75 Slices of Pizza (5 kg – 11 lbs) at Infinito’s Pizza 75,000 YouTube Subscriber Special

since this is my 75th thousand youtube subscriber special I’m gonna head into the infini toes pizza buffet they have dozens of types of pizza in there I’m gonna try to eat 75 slices off the buffet 75 slices is roughly almost nine and a half pizzas so we’ll go in we’ll keep track and we’ll also add up the weight it’s probably going to be about 10 to 12 pounds worth of pizza but we’ll see it all depends on the type of toppings you get and how big the slice is how many toppings but we’ll weigh it all up and we’ll count them here we go [Music] to buffets [Music] lay this up as we go counting these license 155 grams for those of you who aren’t familiar with Infini dough’s pizza it’s a pizza buffet I ran you down the buffet line already I’m just gonna concentrate on the pizza today attempting to eat 75 slices they have I think 23 different pizzas that they’ll put out in the buffet and they always have a special one it’s pulled pork right now so they’ll make any of these buy requests or they’ll actually just make whatever you wanted me to say you want a certain type of pizza now the goal is to eat at least one slice of every variety of Pizza they sell that’s 24 different ones at least one of each not sure when I’ll do it throughout the video but they were helpful with letting you know which ones they hadn’t made yet the day because I did come in when they open this door so they generally put out like 8 or 10 pizzas at a time then we’ll do special requests or they’ll just rotate pizzas through so once I’m done at the end of the video I will tell you my top three favorites there were some I liked a little bit more than others and I’ll let you know at this point I was working off two plates of three each and I was just getting pizza that I didn’t eat yet and was colder not fresh out of the oven then they were all definitely warm pieces but I was trying to avoid things that were really hot because it was just gonna take too much time to wait for it to cool down so some of these pieces were twice the size of other pieces it really just depends on what was available at the salad bar at the time that accounts with a different weight so all these plates if you’re following along with my count I have on the screen that’s only when I finish an entire plate so some of these plates now are having between 5 to 8 slices on them so the kennels obviously behind I’m only putting up there once I finish the entire plate at this point I’m about a third of the way through and the staff at the store is asking what I was doing and was I filming for a review or something and I explained a little bit about it and that’s when they really went all out to try to track which pizzas were made which ones weren’t and they were just very supportive sometimes restaurants like this aren’t so supportive but that is not the case with Infini toes they were glad to have me and my son in this attempt to eat 275 slices I think at this point it would also be good to add that they typically come around and clear the plates away from you as you finish a plate and they stay on top of the table service very well this restaurant however I asked to keep my plates there so I you could see the plates stack up and kind of see my progress so far but the plates became meaningless after I went from three to a plate two up to eight to a plate so they don’t really they aren’t really that good of gauging more as far as where I’m at with my seventy-five [Music] 395 or 25 and as they kept going up for refill after refill I noticed a couple things at the the pizza buffet it seemed like the pulled pork as well as the plain cheese were the two pizzas that were going the quickest I had a hard time getting though sometimes because then we just put them out and there would be piping hot and when it as I said the cooler ones so they’re the fan-favorite so far with the rest of the customers for me I did enjoy both of those however neither of those pizzas made it to my top three I don’t know if you can see in the background there but I’m drinking Diet Mountain Dew which I only ever drink diet soda first for calories but also for taste preference it’s not something I normally like to do during an eating video I try to stay away from the carbonated beverages it tends to fill me up more and it makes it harder to continue to eat but it’s a great change of flavor versus just drinking water [Music] toreano my son has been in previous videos was eating lunch with me and we spent most of the time talking baseball since we’re both big baseball fans he’s primarily a White Sox fan I grew up being affiliates and Red Sox fan and we were just talking trades and our favorite players so it was actually a really fun time filming this video a lot of times I would do this by myself because other people are working so I always enjoy someone coming with me it makes it so much easier I am gonna let the video play for a little bit without any commentary senator sometimes people just like to see the eating so we’ll let that go for a little bit [Music] 300 father 7 slices 14 [Music] worse every father almost killed her seventy-five slices seventy-five thousand subscribers special [Music] getting closer to 75 slices done so I want to give you my top three and coming in at number three is the BBQ cheddar burger [Music] coming in at number two is the Tuscan taco and my favorite of all 24 current Fridays they have is the bacon cheese fry next watches thank you to all 75,000 so I’m going I appreciate it [Music]

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  1. Great job! That's nice your son came to support you. Very cool the restaurant let you film and their pizza looks yummy. Never heard of that pizza parlor don't think we have one around here. Question, what is your absolute favorite thing to eat? Congratulations on 75k subscribers 👍

  2. Great choice of music at the start. The same one john uses for his active self protection video channel. Always cover your ASP. Specially in Brazil.

  3. Think of it like this, you can either complain and not get publicity you want or you can be nice and let the man eat and review it.

  4. First time watching……..not impressed with the quality of production…….but ,ya 75 slices……..that's …………,.i guess impressive…….i mean , doesn't look like you can out run a cop car so …ya

  5. congrats on a great rise in subs………wow actually some good music on a food vid……at least more to my tastes………i think you had 3-4k subs when i signed on…..was it that long ago……doesn't seem like it……..if this was anyone else i would think it was click-bait,but witnessing your stuff if the past i thought…..hmmmm,maybe it can be done……and of course you did it……wow…….that was as impressive as when you destroyed that domino's in 38 seconds or some sick time like that………well done and humble like a true champion is…….keep pushing the envelope on food challenges….75 pieces!!!!!,i did not just see that….wow…..lol…..

  6. I swear. I can see you getting fatter. And, the nice touch, "diet" Mountain dew, we have to watch our figure. Don't we. Later, you probably needed medical help in the bathroom. Gees

  7. I heard your dad went into a restaurant, and ate everything in the restaurant, and they had to close the restaurant.

  8. I’m a 300 lb dude and went to a round table pizza buffet. I ate 5 slices. Because I had to go back to work but that all I could eat anyway. I felt like shit and couldn’t move. This makes no sense. Where do it go?

  9. Did you say that you only Drink Diet sodas? Do you not know about the poisonous aspartame? and how diet soda is worse than regular sodas?

  10. Man that's 2 bites and gone. That's not NEW YORK slices. So 75 baby slices = about 2.5 new york pies. Here's the math.. 8 baby slices is about 2 1/2 n.y slices and I'm being nice.

  11. What an unhealthy looking slob. I hate seeing people do competitive eating and destroying their bodies. At least eat healthy all the other days of the week and keep your bodyfat at a healthier level. Jesus

  12. BORING why do you people insist on speeding the video up it makes you all look stupid try shooting your videos normally it is more interesting when you do it in real time

  13. what's your macro count on this lol.. carbs , fats, proteins, calories…must be insane….i mean i like pizza but shit son… you are crazy don't hurt yourself lol

  14. Holy f man. You look so calm and not affected by the 75 slices. I can barely eat 10. Keep up the work. Great video, always giving tips and you are a humble guy.

  15. Been watching Randy Santel go around and beat 700+ food challenges…and he look like a rookie against you! When you die can I use your stomach as an over sized shopping bag?

  16. To put this in perspective, one 27oz pepperoni Digiorno pizza has 1,800 calories and 4,380 milligrams of sodium. This guy basically just had the equivalent about 6.5 Digiorno pizzas. That's about 11,700 calories and 28,470 milligrams of sodium. That's nearly 2 weeks worth of the recommended sodium. You must be superhuman to not have a heart attack after this "meal".

  17. This says alot about americas fatproblem. Pizzasection was ransacked like vikings been there and the salad wasnt even touched.

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