7lb Breaking Badass BBQ Challenge REMATCH!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of foodchallenges.com! Very very excited today because I’ve been looking forward to this night for over a year and a half now! The rematch! Over almost a million people have watched me take on the Breaking Bad Ass BBQ Challenge at Longhorns BBQ Smokehouse in Newcastle England. I failed during my 2015 tour. Well tonight in 2016 I’m back, taking on the challenge! I’ve got one hour to finish this weighs exactly seven pounds sitting in front of me. I was there when they weighed it but its got all kinds of stuff and so much meat! We’ve got about three pounds total of their pulled pork and then their brisket about a pound and a half of each we’ve got a bunch of fries two cups I think along with some sausage along with some smoked chicken wings! We’ve got cups of their homemade beans we’ve got the coleslaw! There’s a massive rib over here along with another whole bunch of ribs! We’ve got some more chicken wings here and then a role but like I said I’ve got one hour to finish if I win I’ll get the 35 quid meal for free I think I will get a sweet t-shirt and most importantly I’ll be the very first person to finally win this challenge and be on the wall of fame so let’s get it started! All right now I’ve had plenty of time to think about this and with the last time the last loss I really struggled with the brisket and the pulled pork but it looks delicious today and i’m going to start with that first and then I’m take off I think on all the bones but hide the women and children i’m going to dominate this thing! 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! Goal was to have first three pounds of meat down the first 10 minutes and I just barely did that but the sausage no onto the bones alright 21 minutes and 40 seconds then I’ve got basically everything gone that I had left at the end last time the coleslaw except for the bun, but I’ve got all of everything basically done except for the wings the ribs which all have bones and then the fries and then this thing but still got 38 minutes let’s get it down! Ribs next then the wings 29 and a half minutes lets get these wings down there will be on the prize and bread get it down! 36 minutes and 50 seconds in good thing I got a good weightlifting workout in today because I just had enough protein and all that meat to last a week now let’s move on to the carbs get this bread and then these of fries down alright 40 minutes in 20 minutes left we’re down to just the fries so I got my diet soda is obviously any diet soda with the as many calories I just had but let’s get these fries and we’ll get the win first win ever! 47 minutes and 24 seconds so first person ever to defeat the seven pounds Breaking Bad Ass BBQ Challenge here at Longhorn’s BBQ Smokehouse in Newcastle England they’ve got like 14 locations now so very happy that I was able to come back and attempt this challenge! Thank you to everybody to watch the last video but today you’ve got to watch me dominate so thank you Longhorns I got the 35 quid meal for free I will get a sweet t-shirt and I’ll be the first and only person up on the wall of fame so most importantly thank you guys all for coming to watch and then thank you guys for watching too!

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching!! If you are watching this today (1/23), it is Magic Mitch's BIRTHDAY so please wish him a happy bday in the comments!! I have been excited to post this video for a while now, since over 1.2 million people have watched me fail during Round #1 back in 2015. Thanks to Longhorns in Newcastle for the delicious challenge (again)!! If you haven't watched Round #1, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4n0itecmOaY

  2. This looked really difficult but you pulled it off.. I guess you switched up the order you ate in this time.. True professional ..let's go Randy!!

  3. I cant imagine eating for a whole 47:00. And not just like yanno picking around on snacks but sitting down and eating for that long. Hats off to ya dude

  4. 1:03 looks like the cup of beans is only half full this rematch, first time you tried the cup of beans was overflowing.

  5. @randysantel A rematch? I'm still waiting on the rematch of the sausage tree that you bowef out on in I think Germany. Now THAT's a rematch I'm waiting on!

  6. Randy my brotha you have to try the 120oz steak in Las Vegas!!!! I’ve only seen 1 guy attempt it I know you can do it. #beast

  7. If I were there… I'd say f*ck the timer.. Who wants to do it for a t shirt or free food sake. I'll then take bites one by one savor every second of it. Explain to the viewers how delicious the food is. And finish the challenge and wave the middle fingers. But that's just me.

  8. How would you like to cook a big family meal and then find out cousin Randy will be there and he is very, very excited and very, very hungry.

  9. I’m commenting as I watch as I just found this channel. Right now you’re at 21:12. Now for what I find to be the toughest part. The fries. I haven’t gone back to the 5lb challenge I lost where I left about 8oz of fries and two pickle spears. I swear if I do those first next time I’ll win. One bonus to the protein challenges is often they put you in a calorie deficit. So I lost weight when I did the 5lb bbq challenge 😂

  10. If you come to Australia again could you try the ribs and rumps challenge in Townsville, Queensland please

  11. Why did you start struggling so early before finish, in other videos you seem to eat more without any difficulties.

  12. 6:38 Randy starts to do the Chicken Dance to help power through the epic meal built for the Gods. Well Done Boss 🏆

  13. After watching your other challenges it’s hard for me to believe you didn’t win this one the first time

  14. I think it’s hilarious how people cheer him on like he’s playing in Super Bowl or something….this basically professional gluttony lmao….I just watch these videos to feel better about myself….

  15. I wish i could eat like u your videos inspire me to eat thank u friend i always be skinny i haven't eatten alot in years enjoy the food it sucks when u can't eat i 51 got the big c i trying great videos.

  16. 2.55 I can see Kate Ovens https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcwaflWAflgt8EVa7CZQSog. Now I can say a Hot company is always a massive booster for this kinda challenges.

  17. That blonde chick was fine as aged wine , she couldn't sit there if I was doing the challenge to much distraction

  18. You sir could be an Englishman, I have the greatest respect for your attitude. Not only English but toon army. ☺

  19. Hi  Randy ,I love watching food challenges do u have any recent challenges of 2019, you are such a well eater and not messy keep up the good work

  20. OMG Hun..I just watched your other Longhorn video, and luckily, I got to watch this and see you won…Fantastic job…Yay!!

  21. Un reto muy parecido a el año 2015, te retiraste, ahora regresaste a vencer. visto por primera ves año 2019. Felicidades.

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