800 Pounds Weight Loss Journey !

Mayra Rosales has lost 800 pounds since the
TLC “Half-Ton Killer,” star previously weighed 1,000 pounds, according to TV station
KTLA. “I was dying,” the star told the media
outlet. “I don’t know if you had seen pictures
before – you could see it in my face. I had given up in life. I was alive but not living a life.” Rosales first came to the public’s awareness
after being accused of accidently “crushing” her eight-year-old nephew to death, which
was reportedly “a lie to protect her sister,” KTLA reported. She gained nationwide attention after TLC
documented the case in the television program, “Half-Ton Killer?” Prosecutors eventually dropped the charges
against Rosales after determining she had lied to protect her sister. Rosales explained that at the time, she had
given up on life. “I was dying. I don’t know if you had seen pictures before
you could see it in my face. I had given up in life,” she told the television
station. “I was alive but not living a life.” Confined to her bed because of her weight,
Rosales felt like she was a prisoner. But about 7 years later and 800 pounds lighter,
she has a much different outlook on life. She was able to lose the weight through multiple
surgeries — including a lap band procedure — and dieting. She is 30 pounds away from her goal weight,
the station reported Wednesday. Whereas she once lived to eat, Rosales told
KTRK her perspective has completely changed. “Food to me is I have to eat to live … it’s
just something normal,” she said. Rosales hopes sharing her story will encourage
and motivate others who are struggling with their weight like she once did. Her advice to them: “Do not lose hope and
keep fighting because we only have one life, and it’s well worth fighting for it.”

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