1. this is truly a clean and classic style aquarium. what a beautiful works. Many congrats for reaching the 10k mark and many thanks for sharing the this awesome tank review!

  2. Great video, beautifully shot and edited. Very informative and just an excellent breakdown of an incredible aquascape. Definitely feeling inspired as I prepare to do a rescape on one of my aquariums tomorrow.

  3. I also love both styles. Iwagumi is great, but I have a real soft spot for emergent growth, so I'd have to say this is my favourite of the two. Great videos and information too.

  4. I really love your channel and also the new shop!!! You guys really produce such beautiful videos, so professional and I also love your choice in music, it’s so happy and no doubt contributes and shows your combined passion for aquascaping. I am a little torn between both cube tanks as they are both so amazing, but totally different yet complimentary to one another. Tommy’s scape just looks so tranquil, I guess typical of an Iwagumi and the 360 degree aspect is just super. I can really see why you’ve chosen both aquariums as your centre pieces. Attila’s sump tank is just fantastic. I really like the idea of the scape forming a hill and covering the sump. I had a sump tank with trickle filter many years ago (probably 20 years now) and I always wondered what to do with the noise of the falling water. You guys have perfected this overflow chamber by keeping most of the water in and then via the pipe down to the sump. Excellent and real genius! If I had one suggestion for a future 360 degree cube tank with a sump, I’d suggest a central overflow chamber in the middle of the tank. Perhaps you’ll do it one day…😉 Lots of love from Australia.

  5. Классный скейп! Мне по душе классическое оформление аквариумов👍👍👍

  6. Very nice video, but could you make a video do explaim a little more the chamber and the pipes setup? The explanation was so quick. Thanks a lot. Greetings from Brazil!

  7. Thanks Green Aqua for always making such awesome videos! Your channel becomes my regular watch everyday/ everyweek! Tons of information with good explanations are really helpful for fellow hobbyists! Thanks a lot for your efforts! Keep it up! 🙂

  8. Another great Video!

    This kind of work is what our hobby needs.

    Thanks for make my day always happy after see the videos!

    Waiting for more!


  9. You are kind of unique and soothing aquarium channel. Good job guys . You deserve more then 10k subs for the work which is happening to the hobby.

  10. Hello guys, another fantastic tank this one. I like this one the best, classic nature aquarium is my favorite style. Once again I really like that you showed us the technical stuff aswell 👍 Thanks for all the inspiration that you give all of us in this wonderful hobby!
    Enjoy your weekend and talk to you soon!
    Greetings from Holland

  11. You guys are the best aquascaping website atm because of the quality of your tanks, the information and the weekly updates but I would love to see some front on shots of your tanks with no music or commentary for approx 5-10 mins as an extra to these kinds of informational videos because they are just so beautiful.

  12. And our YouTube 10K Giveaway winner is Mateusz Salawa!!! Congratulations to the winner! And thanks for all of your support!
    Mateusz please contact us for the details. Thank you 🙂

  13. Very nice video of a breathtaking aquarium. To anyone interested: the barbs in the tank are actually Snakeskin Barb (Puntius rhomboocelatus) not the more commonly used Tiger Barb (Puntius tetrazona).

  14. You guys are awesome! I love your work. Definitely I'll go and see you in Budapest! I have been there twice but didn't know about you then:( Greetings from Lengyelország my hungarian brothers!!!

  15. If you can get to narrate stories of your tank like Foo the Flowerhorn does in his "x month updates, no ferts, no CO2…", it would be really amazing. Since you have multiple tanks to showcase, your "monthly" updates would be more regular.

  16. Hey green aqua team this is akash. Please help me out im doing DSM with monte carlo with ada amozonia since last 2weeks and im seeing my plants are dying 😭 please tell me what should i do should i use fertiliser or should i remove the wrap so that they can breath properly plese tell me

  17. hai..I'm from indonesia, I have a question about hygrophila pinnatifida, how to grow hygrophila pinnatifida is it just put in the rock/ wood or put in the substrate for the best grow, thank you..

  18. Most informative Video I have seen yet, watched alot of others but the way you described the set up was perfect. well done. Some other channels make it overly complicated.

  19. Love it.. want it.. how do you make the overflow box? You sell this box? What is the purpose of the air tube with water flowing into the overflow box. Where is the water coming from out of the tube?
    Love the co2 setup.. looks great all in all. Also love the tiger barbs and the choice of plants.
    Think this is my favorite tank!
    Love the fact that one of the best aquascaping stores in the world is based out my country.

  20. Parabéns pelo seu lindo trabalho! Impressionante como você capta o melhor da natureza e consegue, com sua criatividade exceder a expectativa!;

  21. Um dos mais lindos aquários que eu já vi na internet!; One of the moust beautifull aquaruim have I ever seen in the internet.

  22. Classic is the best
    I use an aquarium with overflow and it's great. Overfilling can be combined with a classic filter and adding water using.

  23. Great work, really. perfect.
    but i dont understand about glued pipe in the middle of chamber. can you tell me about it? why you told about 3 wholes?

  24. Green Aqua you guys are Amazing!! I Love what you do with your designs of your tanks absolutely beautiful you guys really inspire me to do my own aquascape so Thankyou and keep up the good work

  25. I only saw this video today – after more than two months. Sorry guys!
    This is a very harmonious aquascape. Only rocks and plants, no wood. That is impressive you have achieved such a vibrant look without wood. It has none of the iwagumi-like (stone-only) look to it!
    It was also a good choice to leave the foreground with sand instead of a carpet.
    How much water do you add daily to the sump to top-off? You must have a huge evaporation from that large surface and the plants…
    Congrats to Attila for the setup and to all at GA for your project and videos.
    "Keep on scaping!"

  26. Really liked the concept of the top plants ..I have certain points in mind regarding the design and placement ..not for this aquarium so to say but generally for aquascape design and placement of rock and other elements.

  27. Do you have any videos that cover the history of your team/company? Who started it? How? When? Why? What helped make it successful? How did the team grow? I wonder about these things.

  28. Balazs! Thumbs up 👆! You are the most enthusiastic aquascaper I've ever seen. I love videos from green aqua and i hope i will visit green aqua soon. Greetings from some Slovakian wannabe random aquascaper based in Germany 😌

  29. Love it guys could you please do a vid on how you drilled holes on tank and what material you need with this tank and your other Beautiful tank in the center of your shop that is also has holes drilled too. thanks

  30. Love the videos!!! I would call myself an beginner aquascaper and really enjoy your informative videos. It has helped me tremendously in starting out with aquascaping. I subscribed from the first video I watched and really look forward to all the future videos.

  31. Hi great video. Found it fantastic as I just set up a planted tank with sump. Can you please share the volume of media you used in the sump? Is the purigen in the bags with the return pump?

  32. Where do you get the whole Frodo Stone from? If I look I see only providers who charge 10 € per kilo. I find that if 180kg used is a bit too expensive for a few stones.

  33. I maintain a few year a marine tank with many acro, about 1200 liters and a sump. Today, my house is smaller, I build a 160 liters planted tank since the beginning to the end and all myself, lightning too. My tank has a sump, in my opinion it is the best filter solution for all tanks, the easier to work with. My sump is about 70 liters with 10 liters of biological media (pouzzolane)…my aquarium work since September 2018.

  34. Looks amazing, but please tell me how you keep fish from jumping out, and other pets from swimming in?

  35. Have slowly been working my way back into aquatics after sadly losing a tank of fish to disease. Been really enjoying watching your videos on here. Some really great stuff coming out of Hungary!

  36. Heard sump filters in planted tank reduces co2 by gas transformation due to open area in sump. Is that so? Does sump effect co2 system in planted tank?

  37. always look nice dude i love it.. i try to mantain my tank day after day to had that so nature either… hehehehe

  38. Gorgeous scape. And such fast growth on your channel in this past year! Lots of hard work is paying off! Thank you for sharing! – Little Bobby

  39. Good to see a sump filter. Coming from the Koi hobby I am surprised about the the way of filtering aquariums but it seems to work 🙂 Did you already shared your experiences about the sump filter after one year of testing? I am curious to it.

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