“A 1 Km” (Cortometraje sobre Tinder) – Eclipse Studios

A Mile Away / Directed by Mauricio Irigoyen Hey bro, look this app, it’s amazing! Mariana Arriola, 19 years old, a mile away Joaquin Pavon, 22 years old, a mile away Hi, you are really cute Thanks, you too 😉 What are you doin’? I was riding my bicycle That’s cool! Hey, what about Tinder? What’s this? It’s an app to have fun Hey look! It says you are a mile away from me… Can we meet? Ok, that’s fine. OMG! Why is he taking so long? Maybe he is not coming No, I don’t think so… He should be coming Oh! It’s him! No, no… He doesn’t look like the photo. Because the one I saw on the photo was super cute He looked like an angel I’m sure he’s coming. I’ll wait Well it’s done! I have been jilted I’m a fool… That happens to me because I believed in an idiot of Tinder Mariana? Who are you? Jo – a – quin? Yes, this is for you I had to do a lot of things, sorry for the delay I thought you were gone Thanks for waiting for me Mariana? Mariana? What? Sorry? What did you say? That thanks for waiting for me Oh! No! Don’t worry! It was just one, maybe two minutes… Ok, five minutes! Well… May we sit? Ok, sure. Wow! He is so cute, so handsome! He looks cuter than in his photos… So… Tell me about you, what do you like to do? I like staring at you… No! No! What do I like to do? I like riding my bicycle, going shopping with my girlfriends, and everything about fashion. Hey that’s good! I like that too Do you like going shopping with your girlfriends too? No, no, no! I like riding my bicycle. Oh! I’m sure you do a lot of sports. Yes, I try to stay in shape… You know, a healthy lifestyle. Yes, I can see. Thank you How disgusting! Do I disgust you? No, no! Not you! The poop! Have you pooped here? No, no, no! The pigeon! Oh! Ha ha ha… Don’t worry, I’ll clean it. Ok, let’s see.. Thank you. I have never met someone like you Really? But we don’t even know each other… Hey, don’t be timid. You know it’s love at first sight. Don’t tell me that you don’t feel the same? Well… I don’t know, I just met you. Hey, c’mon! Admit it! You are crazy for me Ha ha ha… What happens? Why are you laughing? ‘Cause… You’re funny! I believed all what you said It seemed so real! That’s a good joke! You’re an actress, right? Yes, sometimes I take some acting classes … That’s cool! Keep doin’ it! You can be famous! I have some friends I can contact them to you You think so? Yes, of course! Stupid! So… Why don’t we walk? Ok, let’s go. You know what Joaquin Why do we waste time? You are cute, I’m pretty. So… what are you waiting for? What do you mean? Just kiss me Ok, then close your eyes. Joaquin? Joaquin? He’s gone. Maybe I scared him. Thank happens to me because I was so flirty Hi Giancarlo, I’m Mariana. You are a mile away from me, can we meet? General Production ……. Eclipse Productions A Mile Away

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