A Look Back at the Man Who Lost 225-Pounds

When Tevante first appeared on the show, he had lost 225 pounds. Afterward, he underwent a procedure that changed his life, here’s his story. At my heaviest I weight 402 pounds. I didn’t really wanna look in the mirror at all. I got tired of people laughing at me. My mom found the letter, and I told her I had enough. I told Tevante, you have come too far. You can lose the weight and that’s when Tevante went on his journey to lose the weight. The first week, I lost 13 pounds. A year went by, I lost 100 pounds. Self esteem went through the roof. Everything in my life has changed. [Woman Off Screen] Wow! Wow! (audience applauds) The only thing I want now is probably to get the loose skin surgery. We actually reached out to double board certified for plastic and reconstructive surgery Doctor Brian Coan of Care Plastic Surgery. He’s gonna cover the expense of the cosmetic correction. (audience cheers) After that show we sent Tevante to meet with Doctor Brian Coan in Raleigh-Durham. After meeting with Tevante, Doctor Coan cleared him for surgery, we were there every step of the way, let’s check it out. So, a tummy tuck alone is not gonna do it. The right surgery for you is gonna be a lower body lift, so I’m gonna make a bunch of marks. Basically Tevante, what you see beneath this line, that’s all gonna be gone. I’m super excited, I’m ready to start my new life. (upbeat music) Gonna start here and work our way around to the front. (tool whirs) Okay, so we’ve completed the resection of the second half. Everything looks good. This is what we came here to do. Lovin’ it. We’ve completed everything that we came here to do and Tevante’s done very well and he’s gonna know we were here. Doctor Brian Coan joins us today and I have to say thank you so much for doing that for Tevante. (audience claps) Are you all ready to see Tevante, ’cause I know I am, Tevante come join us, buddy. (audience cheers) (positive music) Make yourself comfortable. Well, it’s really cool for anyone watching who doesn’t believe they can do it. Tevante, you’re a living success story. Thank you. If somebody loses this much weight, and you have that excess skin, no two patients are the same. That distribution of excess skin, the way it hangs, the way it falls, where it falls, is different. So what exactly did you do in Tevante’s case? So you’re right, every patient is unique and different and Tevante, you are a superstar. You came ready for the surgery and you came prepared and we talked together about what the best options were for him. The three operations we performed together were a male breast reduction and a lower body lift, which was gonna allow me to address both his abdomen and his butt all at the same time. Wow. Well we are so happy for you. You look great, and you’re such a nice man, and we’re just so blessed that we could share your story. Doctor Coan again, we can’t thank you enough for offering this. My pleasure.

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