100 thoughts on “A Man Drank 3 Liters Rum Everyday Since Age 13. This is What Happened To His Liver.

  1. iq 300? he makes himself sound so smart and he is but no he's rehearsed and educated so it makes him sound ten times smarter

  2. I have many blessings and a few things I struggle hard with, but I’m very very glad I’m not alcohol dependent

  3. No person drinks 3 litres everyday. Hardcore alcoholics do like 1, throughout the day until they’re too exhausted and they have to sleep for like 2-3 days.

  4. I'm afraid that I have to call this a fish story. Alcoholics that are still drinking are declined an available organ by the transplant selection committee.

  5. This kind of story raises important questions like; should something as precious as a liver be given to someone who has voluntarily destroyed theirs? They say everyone deserves a second chance but when there are far more people in need of livers than are available someone has to decide who's best suited to receive them.

  6. "Doctor, my eyes are brown, my stomach is bloated, I'm disorientated and frightened, what is happening?"
    Chubbyemu: "Let me ask another question, why is poop brown?"

  7. They say that alcohol is healthy to some degree but is also a toxin. Theres good chemical in alcohol which is on the web people can look this up. I dont want to promote over drinking it can be deadly. Thats why they say drink responsibility.

  8. Addiction is so hard… I met this guy in the hospital, he was admitted for psychosis causing public disturbance due to a 7 day binge of meth and vodka. He told me the nurses said he has 4% liver function… He was 23 years old.

  9. Thank U for this very informative channel. i just remembered My father died from liver cirrhosis ( also a rum lover) july of 2009. after 5 hours after he pass away his body turned to yellow. at that time he was 76 yrs. im not a doctor but thank u to this channel for sharing very important information.

  10. This really helped me! I was drinking 3 liters every week before I watched this, now I am proud to say I am 9 months sober. Thanks man!


  11. "Daily recommended amount is 1-2 drinks or equivalent per day."
    You sure you're a doctor? There is no daily recommendation for alcohol.

  12. The world Is Puzzled,
    This guy lives by drinking rum, The kid who ate Laundry pods also lived
    But the guy who ate a 5 old day pasta and got liver failure died, what
    Is wrong with pasta?

  13. You clearly don't have a background in biochemistry. Acetaldehyde not called acid-ol-de-hide, it's pronounced ah-see-tuhl.

  14. Most people dont even drink that much water in a day. I doubt this guy drank much if any water aside from what’s in the rum. The fact he made it as long as he did is mind blowing.

  15. C2H5OH(ethyl alcohol.. ethanol) could react with HCL(hydrochloric acid) present in stomach and form various compounds which could be fatal

    If NH3(ammonia) reacts with HCL it could produce NH4CL(ammonium chloride) and liberal H2(hydrogen)

  16. The whole time I thought he was a middle aged man. 27! Honestly though 3 litres of rum a day for 14 years since 13? What a monster. I wouldn't last a day drinking that.

  17. Keep the alcohol to moderate use y’all… alcoholism/cirrhosis/kidney failure/liver failure/ and getting blacked out ain’t worth it…

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