Aamir Khan’s Body Transformation (THE TRUTH!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. As you know we have a global following here
on our channel, which means that we get requests from people all around the world with what
they want to see me specifically cover. One of the most in demand topics at the moment
is relating to an Indian Bollywood actor, Aamir Khan, and more importantly, the transformation
that he made to play a role in his 2016 movie Dangal. Now, here’s the thing: I actually don’t know
Aamir Khan. I didn’t know of him before this video. However, I can break down a transformation
and give you guys the relevant points and the things that you need to focus on so that
you don’t get distracted by what’s actually going on. In Aamir’s case I think there’s something
very, very valuable to learn because a lot of people are getting inspired by what has
happened here, and maybe so much so that they’re losing focus on what you really need to be
doing. Now, here’s the idea: if we go here to the
transformation, the first thing you’re going to have to understand is that this is not
the first transformation that Aamir has made. As a matter of fact, in 2008 he went the opposite
way. He went from skinny to jacked. Okay, now fast forward a little bit. In his 2014/2015 time, prior to this recent
movie, this is what he walked around at, okay? 150lbs. he’s not a tall guy. He’s only about 5’4″, or 5’5″. So this is what he walked around with. I think we all would agree that he’s in pretty
good shape. Now, what did he do for this movie? In this same movie he made a rapid weight
gain, and then a rapid weight loss. Meaning, he lost all of this that he gained
in five months. That’s rapid when you consider how much he
had to do. He started here, he gained 64lbs to 214 – he
actually started where he was in the last picture. He gained 64lbs to hit 214lbs and a 38% body
fat, over here. To play the old man. To play the later role in the movie. Then he went the opposite way, and this is
what everybody is infatuated with – and rightly so because this is pretty damned incredible. He lost 55lbs within five months to reach
159 with a 9% body fat. He lost 30% body fat to go from there to here. Now, before you start getting discouraged
by the fact that you can’t make the same transformation in five months, here’s the two things you
really need to take into consideration. Number one: Aamir Khan was in shape before,
okay? He had the discipline and the work ethic instilled
already, to be able to get his ass to the gym, to follow a proper nutrition plan, to
do the work he needed to do to stay this way all the time. The fact is, if you are already overweight
you don’t have that and you’re struggling to find that. As a matter of fact, he said the hardest part
of this transformation here was this, because it had to take him away from all his ingrained
habits of actually following proper nutrition and getting his ass to the gym. So this was the hard part. For a lot of us it’s the exact opposite. This is the easy part. We walk around this way because it’s easy
to walk around that way. We indulge in the foods we know we probably
shouldn’t. We indulge in the drinks we probably know
we shouldn’t. We get to the gym less than we know we should. That wasn’t the case here. So now, secondly, when you go from this transformation
now, now he’s coming back to his normal self. Again, with all the discipline. This is a well-choreographed transformation. This was planned, plotted, just like the movie
itself to start at a specific spot, get himself extremely heavy, and then work his way back
down to this knowing where he needed to finish out. So there’s one big, relevant thing you should
be taking from this. A plan helps. A plan will always help you to stay focused
on what you need to do, and having a little bit of incentive – if he never got back
to this, this movie ain’t being made, you guys. So the fact is, having a little bit of incentive,
build it in yourselves to whatever it is you’re doing. Don’t just say “This is what I’m going to
do for New Year’s; a resolution is around the corner.” Actually put some kind of repercussion on
the fact that you may not get there. Raise the stakes. Whatever it is that – become accountable. Tell as many people as you can that you’re
going to make your transformation so that they’re actually keeping track of your progress
and keeping you on track. That’s one big thing. The other thing you want to make a key note
here, is that metabolically you’re a much different person. If you’re walking around heavy for five years,
six years, ten years, 20 years; metabolically you have a much higher insulin resistance
than you do if you’re a fit guy who’s artificially added a lot of weight quickly. You’re insulin resistance, your ability to
be insulin sensitive is much higher when you’re carrying around much more muscle mass and
are fairly lean, like he was back here. So it’s a lot easier for him to make this
transformation and come down in a five month period because he’s not dealing with the same
problems that you would have metabolically if you were fat for a longer period of time,
and this is what you were like for the last 20 years. So I’m not discrediting what’s happening here. This is amazing! I mean, the fact that he’s done this, he’s
become a master of being able to manipulate his own body in a short period of time, and
for a role, which is why this guy is probably known as the “Tom Hanks of Bollywood”. Which is what they seem to call him. This is why. He’s willing to do things that other actors
probably won’t. That’s to his credit, but I just don’t want
you to become discouraged by the fact that you’re saying “Well, I look like this now,
and I’ve got to look like this in five months.” Don’t expect it. Expect progress. Progress is great and you’re going to make
a lot of progress. Especially, guys, I’ve got programs at ATHLEANX.com
that will give you progress if you follow them. Guess why? Because they’re a plan and they’re laying
everything out for you step by step. Workouts and meals. Everything is laid out for you because it’s
a plan, and it keeps you on track, and it keeps you focused. But, thinking that you’re going to make this
transformation will be disheartening if after two months you’re not well on your way, but
if you’re seeing progress already then keep going because I’m going to tell you this:
this isn’t all that far apart. You can do this. It’s going to take longer than five months,
but it’s not going to take five years, all right? So get started, get focused, start making
your transformation by getting your ass in the gym today and start watching what you’re
eating today, and you’ll be well on your way. All right, guys. I hope this helped out. Again, I hope this is a good response to all
those that have been asking for me to comment on this, and I hope as always, it’s a good
dose of no-bullshit reality about how I feel that this is actually – what the impact
should be on you. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again soon. In the meantime, like I said, we have plenty
of our programs that will help you to stay on track and get your results. They’re over at ATHLEANX.com. Whatever else you want to see – global,
wherever you are in the world, I love the fact that you’re watching our channel. Tell me what you want to see and I’ll do my
best to cover it. All right, guys. See you!

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  1. I've been 'fat' for 2 years and a half. Could I do it in 5 months? I eat less but I don't wanna do cardio so my weight is slowly dropping and not fast enough :(.

  2. Irony is that a guy from some other country praises Aamir for his hardwork but his own people call him out for using steroids 😆😅

  3. When you are over 40 it takes more time to make improvements. I don't know if it is testosterone loss or what. When I was a teen. I lifted weights to improve my swimming strength. Improved quickly. Now over 50 I improve at about a third of the speed as when I was younger man.

  4. Great video, this is an important point for people looking to get in shape. Another thing I think you missed though is that he likely already had that muscle mass hiding underneath all that fat from all the training he had been doing before. A normal obese person doesn't have that. You can't build that kind of muscle mass in 5 months under normal conditions if you don't already have it.

  5. The truth!? Your click bait photo for your video show an out of shape older man with gray hair mixed in then a cut younger guy with no gray! Thought you were better than this

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    I hope he doesn’t stay fat…

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  10. Thanks Jeff.

    I needed this today, I'm down 1/2 stone in 2 months, and still hurting from Monday's training, but thanks to you I'm dragging my ass to the gym and saying fuck you to my excuses. Progress is progress.

  11. I have made similar transitions in a very short time without help and a fat pay check at the end. Just sheer will and insanity.

  12. Allot of lazy ass millennials chiming in with they're pathetic two cents worth of useless information. For those Millennials who are near sited and far sited, it's not the money, chef nor time that gave this man his body, it was the hard work, something you Millennials know nothing about. You Millennials show up at the gym, drink a protein drink while working out then you put very little effort into your workouts and then wonder why you are not seeing results and the only excuse most all of you Millennials can come up with is, I don't have the money, nor the time, I don't have chef to prepare me healthy meals plus I can't really work out hard because I have to have my stupid face glued to my cell phone the whole time I am at the gym. Guys like Zackenberry down below in the comments section are a pathetic make every excuse in the world type of useless human being. Good luck with that Zack, you will not get very far in life no matter what the situation.

  13. Plan about your transformation and follow through that plan. There, I saved 7 min of your inconsequential existence.

  14. Nice explanation sir and good example.. stay fit 💪 and stay tuned.. and… subscribe the channel.☺☺

  15. Much respect to Amir but I wonder why actors are exposing themselves to such risks in the days of cgi and fatsuits.

  16. Old video but…MONEY is the greatest motivator. This guy got paid to get fit. I'd get buff too if I was offered millions to look good.

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  18. Bullshit! He is 51 and he used steroids. Obvious. This stupid idiot train celebrities and as expected he will never say that Amir Khan used steroids, always defend celebrities. Fucking advertisement and bullshit. Author is dickhead.

  19. The video I've been looking for this entire time, because I've lifted weights in the gym for two months and I think I started seeing the difference but I was not really sure, it was really depressing.

  20. I don't get why people are saying because he's a actor and doesn't work as much is why he can do this. As an actor he has to travel a lot and keep up with fans expectations. What I'm saying is life can be stressful as you never get any privacy as a famous actor. But I do get what they are saying, he gets paid a lot for what he does, so he can afford it.

    Sorry if I used any bad grammer. Or if it doesn't make sense. I just don't like how it seems some people think actors have it easy.

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  23. Lol, I thought you said, "Do something wild. Become a cannibal." It took me a while to realize you said, "accountable."

  24. Song from movie dangal (maa k pait se margat tak h teri kahani pag pag pyare dangal dangal)

    Means : from your mother's womb to tomb each step of your life is a struggle my dear

  25. Dagal is a biography of a wrestler who wanted to win gold in olympics for his country
    And how he trains his two daughters and than one of them wins the gold

    And other daughter won the medal after few years ( she is now a politician ) which is not in this movie

  26. I'm surprised that all the people with more or less training klowledge that sees this channel …. and no one figures the amount of STEROIDS that this guy uses for his great TRANSDEFORMATIONS…??? COME ON FOLKS….!!! Quite some time haven´t seen such a naive and ingenuous thing.-

  27. It’s easy enough to gain and lose fat. Gaining muscle is the hard part. He was already strong. All he did was pack on some fat and then lose it again. Shit, I’ve done that. Nothing supernatural.

  28. I love Amir Khan! “Ghajini” is one of my all time favorites! Great breakdown on his “transformation” Jeff. He has been a well known Bollywood action figure for quite while.

  29. love watching your channel, for myself I can’t get motivated unless I have goals. Trying to lose weight doesn’t motivate me, I need to have a goal that I love to do. First goal was, try to become a professional pro wrestler. I love wrestling so I decided I wanted to do try that. I was on a high training in wrestling best feeling ever. I had gained a lot of weight when I was going threw a divorce, and having to raise two boys aged 1-3 back then, it was hard times. I was depressed and just eat a lot. So i wanted to do something for myself, that made me happy, and that was wrestling so started training. One day I got serious injuryed, tearing my meniscus and raptured a tendon in my hand, was in a cast for 7 weeks. I Was devastated, this happened eventually couple of years no training just trying to recover from injury and giving up on myself. I went back, wanted to chase my goal, of becoming a pro wrestler. I also taken up CrossFit to get stronger and help me with my fitness. I was so focused becoming a wrestler started training 5 days in CrossFit, eating healthier and in 4 months lost I lost 11kg. By just being focused what I wanted to do. But bad luck strikes again, got injured again, so frustrating, emotionally Its so hard. I’m not giving up though I decided to give up wrestling as I don’t know why I keep getting injured. Emotionally I cry to sleep every night, thinking I can’t continue on with my dream. I just can’t get motivated by just loosing weight. I thought I’m a black belt in Tae Kwon Do why don’t I go back to that, and set a goal for myself going for my 2 Dan. So I’ve really hurt my knee again, think it might be the meniscus again in my other knee this time. I try and watch ur videos and see if there any exercise for my knee. my aim is by end of year, do rehab for my knee then next year start my journey to train in Tae Kwon Do to get my 2 dan black belt. Also start training in CrossFit training again. Want to show my boys 9,11 with determination and thinking positive you can achieve anything. Even if your a single parent and hard work pays.

    Yasmeen 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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