AcuRite Soil pH Meter for a healthier garden

Hey everybody its Carrie Mobley back in
the garden for AcuRite. I have the coolest tool for you and your garden
that you are going to wonder how you lived without this is the AcuRite Soil
pH sensor. This will tell you the pH level of your soil. Well, why would you
need to know that? Tthere are a lot of plants that might require different pH
levels for example apples and cucumbers and carrots and dill they all like a
little bit more acidic soil so you might have to manipulate the pH level in your
soil to get the best growth it’s super easy to use and read you just take it
and stick it into your garden to spot test it about 2/3 of the way down and
almost immediately I’m getting a read here it’s just at about seven so for me
that’s perfect a lot of the plants that I wanted to plant in here are gonna need
a pH of about seven so how would I have known this without this beautiful pH
tester it’s a wonderful little product you gotta get your hands on it

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