Adam Ruins Everything – Why You Don’t Need 8 Glasses of Water a Day

Oh my God, we’ve been out here for fifteen minutes We need to be hydrating!
Everybody drink up. Actually, the risk of
dehydration is way overblown. (chuckling) Buh-buh-buh! You’re gonna tell me
hydrating is bad? Yeah, right, take a lap. Oh, I’d never make it
all the way around. In America,
we’ve become obsessed with the dangers
of dehydration. People think that if they’re
not constantly drinking water, they risk death. You’re dehydrated. And you’re dehydrated. And, oh, my God,
you’re practically a mummy. But that fear
is totally baseless. Yeah, right, bub. Everyone knows you have to drink
eight glasses of water a day. Yeah, everybody knows that,
but it’s not true. No study has ever shown
or even claimed that. It’s just
something people say. Really? Now you tell me. (sarcastic chuckle)
Water prevents cramps. Oh, where’d
you hear that? From my coach. And I heard it
from my coach, and he heard it from
his coach, and so on. Well, you didn’t
hear it from science, ’cause science says
that ain’t true. Well, how much water
am I supposed to drink? Well, you can just drink
when you’re thirsty. That’s crazy,
you’re a crazy person. Who are you? Oh, Patty, this is
Tamara Hew-Butler. She’s a professor of exercise
science at Oakland University. Our bodies already possess an extremely sensitive
measure of dehydration. It’s called thirst. As long as we drink
when we feel thirsty, we really
won’t dehydrate. That’s how humans have done it
for millions of years, and it’s worked out fine. The fact is, truly dangerous
levels of dehydration are incredibly rare
and only occur in cases of extreme sickness
or isolation. As long as you have
free access to water and you drink
when you’re thirsty, you’ll be fine. Then why do I do this
to myself? Hmm, maybe because beverage
companies have spend decades drowning us
in ads like these. (announcer)
Hardworking hydration,
keep at it. Hydrate the hustle. G2 from Gatorade, the low-calorie,
off-field hydrator. Lucozade Sport hydrates
and fuels you better than water. ‘Cause the more water you drink,
the better you feel. Drink more water! These companies have
consistently portrayed dehydration
as a serious threat for one, simple reason–
it gets us to drink more. The International
Bottled Water Association publishes
a hydration calculator that can recommend you drink
two liters of water a day. Dasani tells you
that hydration is healthy, so drink up,
preferably Dasani. Paid spokesman
Dustin Pedroia says he always hydrates
with Vita Coco because it prevents cramps,
even though it doesn’t. And in “Runner’s World”
magazine, Gatorade ran an ad
masquerading as an article titled “Hydration 101.” It included tips like
“drink early and often,” “don’t wait
until you feel thirsty” and “always drinks
sports drinks.” But that’s all
real science, right? Ah, here’s where
it gets sticky. That ad was
sponsored by the Gatorade Sports
Science Institute, which was founded
by Gatorade in 1985. Its scientific mission? To discover
exciting new reasons people should drink
their product. Our unbiased study found that people should
drink a lot of Gatorade. Terrific work,
alert the media! We also may have found
a cure for cancer. Was it Gatorade? Damn it! Get back to me
when it’s Gatorade! Gatorade also sponsors
sports science research at universities
across America, and this can influence
their findings. ♪ Money, money… ♪ The American College of Sports
Medicine once recommended… When exercising, you should
drink as much as tolerable. ♪ Money, money… ♪ ♪ It’s all about the money ♪ Other companies
soon followed suit. Evian’s parent company
founded Hydration for Health, a group that… Important research,
everybody! Drink Evian! Science says so. Oh, I gotta tell
the Tots about this. (Adam)
And, after decades
of bad science and marketing, we now believe dehydration
is a dire threat. Gotta drink,
drink or I’ll die! Well, it’s not
like drinking too much liquid’s
gonna kill anybody. Actually, that’s
exactly what it can do. All of this scare mongering
over dehydration has created an entirely different problem:
overhydration. Phooey, you drink hard,
you pee hard. Not if you’re exercising. Exercise stops you
from peeing by putting your body
in water conservation mode. And if you overhydrate then, all that extra fluid
has nowhere to go. Holy crow! It’s called exercise
associated hyponatremia, and it can be deadly. In a study of
the 2002 Boston Marathon, nearly one-sixth
of the runners studied were found to have
hyponatremia. These runners drank so much
liquid during the race, that by the finish line,
they had actually gained weight. And she wins
by a belly! Okay, now, that’s a joke, but this is a serious
problem in sports. At least 12 athletes have
died from overhydration. No, that’s terrible. It’s true.
Overhydration is dangerous. Most researchers,
including myself, think that it’s the marketing
of the beverage industry that’s responsibility
for this surge in fluid overload
hyponatremia. So, I’ve been putting
the kids in danger? No, Patty, death by hyponatremia
is extremely rare. Just give the kids
free access to water. Let ’em drink
when they’re thirsty, and don’t treat
these ads as science. I don’t deserve
to wear this uniform.
(sobbing) Hey!
You made my Patty cry. Kids, let’s practice
some tackling drills. I’ve got just the dummy. Ah, no wait! The truth about concussions is really interesting.

100 thoughts on “Adam Ruins Everything – Why You Don’t Need 8 Glasses of Water a Day

  1. Hydration hahaha what's that? I have the opposite problem, when I get focused on something I won't est or drink. My throat and chest than hurt, still can't break my habit….I need help

  2. Actually, the elderly have a reduced sensation of thirst. Thirst may not kick in until AFTER dehydration has started. Considering that dehydration can be a contributing factor in strokes and heart attacks, the hydration of the elderly should not be ignored.

  3. This show should just be called: Greed Ruins Everything.

    I'm not anti-capitalist per se……..but God damn are there ANY moral hazards of the profit motive left that we dont just blatantly charge into headlong so that like 6 people get rich?

  4. If you've never done serious exercise in your life, go ahead and drink when you're thirsty. Not everything generally accepted needs to be a conspiracy theory.

  5. Funny thing about this whole video is they are trying to say we are going overboard with hydration. The video goes overboard with the "dangers" of hydration. Moderation is the key to everything. Every extreme fad in sport or health always comes back to moderation given enough time. Kids do die of dehydration related illness every year, so the attitude displayed in this video is a dangerous one to subscribe to. Don't buy into all the adds, but don't dismiss the idea completely either.

  6. This needs to be shared, everywhere. Should be played in schools across the globe.

    THIRST. The most obvious thing, ever. Yet, morons lap up advertising like they do the water that is pushed to them.

  7. My grandmother managed to get herself water intoxicated and so the doctor did the easiest course of treatment for her (while in the hospital). He had her eat four bags of potato chips (the size available in vending machines) a day while doing labs twice a day for a week

  8. Everyone should know that you can measure your level of hydration by the colour of your urine.

    If your urine is colourless than you are very well hydrated – it’s that simple.

  9. This video is wrong. I have almost passed out at wrestling practice, from dehydration. I drunk water when I felt thirsty. Now I drink a little more than I "feel" like I should and I have never had that again. The only reason I felt this lightheaded was because of not enough water, because I am really healthy. If you are not doing some serious exercise you should drink a little more than when you feel thirsty. But the 8 glasses a day thing is just stupid, drink however much water you need.

  10. Sorry, but this is a lazy rebuttal to the claim you need 8 glasses of water a day. Of course that claim isn't correct and each person's hydration needs vary, depending on their environment, activity level, and personal body weight, but telling people to "just drink when you're thirsty" isn't a solid set of guidelines informing people of how much water they should consume every day. How much water do I need to drink when I feel thirsty? A glass? Six ounces? A liter? And many people just experience dry mouth that has nothing to do with their hydration level, which may fool people into thinking it's thirst. And over-hydration is so rare that it's not even really worth worrying about. Unless you're drinking gallons of water in a few hours time, you're not going to over-hydrate. So drink as much water as you want. It's not going to hurt you. You may just be peeing a lot.

  11. What’s really amusing is when he says that at least 12 athletes have died from over-hydration, but never gives any time frame. 12 athletes dying from over-hydration in a month or year or something is WAY different from 12 athletes dying from over-hydration EVER, and he never says what it is🙄

  12. The phrase itself should clue you that there is no basis for it. If it were "8 cups of water a day" then you could actually measure and monitor how much you take in but a glass of something is different to everyone.

  13. 1/2 an ounce to 1 ounce per pound is the recommended consumption for water, not 8 cups per day for everyone. That is a blanket statement.

  14. They fail to mention the seriousness of heat exhaustion. An NFL player died of a heat stroke in practice, not dehydration, and what does the false advertising of dehydration have to do with football. For playoffs, they have no idea what the hell they are talking about. Home field advantage, injuries, win streaks, and so much more go into the playoff games. Brain growth stopping at the age of 25 is a stretch. It’s more 16-18 yrs old. I agree that concussions are a big problem and pee wee football should be condemned, but those are the only two valid points, which don’t add up to a full episode, so you talk about playoff BS and dehydration(but not heat exhaustion) and end with a problem(concussions) that you don’t even know the answer to.

  15. Obviously Adam never played a sport, let alone a sport in the heat!!!!! I’d like him to explain why when at my sons one football game kids kept cramping up in the heat, no matter how much the ate!!!

  16. I rarely get thirsty so I rarely drink anything other than my 2-3 coffees a day. I am almost always being told I’m dehydrated by the doctor.

  17. 5:05 I know this is a comedy sketch that actually made me feel a little bad for the coach. She was generally doing what she thought was the right thing and the thought of her actually hurting the kids actually upset her.

  18. Someone should John Oliver this video considering his Last Week Tonight show does a lot of education and that clip showed he did voice work for that water commercial.

  19. One trick for avoiding dehydration is to not drink alcohol. It's a diuretic, meaning it suppresses your kidneys ability to retain fluids. That's why all those commercials advertising beer as a thirst quencher are deceptive.

  20. You should mention that the recommended daily average for water intake is actually 3.7 liters for adult males and 2.7 for adult females, BUT, that what most people forget is that water gotten from drinking other beverages and from eating your meals 100% still counts. It's pointless to drink even half that much in pure water under most diets (like, for example, if you're one of the nearly 100 million North Americans who starts off many a day with a big milky bowl of cereal, or ends it with a big brothy bowl of soup, or even someone who has a healthy appreciation for fresh fruit).

  21. You won’t diiiie from not drinking 8 cups of water a day, but it’s healthier. It brings up your metabolism, clears your skin, and helps things go through your system better.

  22. All you are doing is defending that you can go a while without being hydrated. There are benefits to drinking water, that a person that doesn't drink water gives up.

  23. Why are peoples so worried about their natural needs??Just drink when you feel thirsty,eat only when you feel hungry and sleep only when you feel tired.

  24. In football, I just wear a beanie under my helmet and soak that up. Also to prevent concussions although now that I think about that really didn't help.


  26. I was directed to this video by a friend after he told me that the '8 glasses of water rule' was not true.
    Firstly, after reading some of the comments it seems as though some specific details were left out in the video, which I can imagine the producers actually doing in order to suit the "facts" to their argument. Secondly, the reason I aim to drink 8 glasses a water a day is to keep myself hydrated. I feel as though Adam has exaggerated the fact that people are scared for their lives if they don't drink enough. When I used to only have a couple of glasses water per day, I ended up with red blotches on my face and my piss was a disgusting yellow colour. Now, I aim to drink 8 glasses of water per day and my skin has cleared as well as my piss. It's up to you to decide whether that's a coincidence or not. The issue with the idea of "only drink when you're thirsty" is letting yourself become thirsty to begin with. What if you don't have access to a drink straight away? Don't wait until you get thirsty and moan because you have a headache. Surely being thirsty is a sign that you don't have enough water in your system? The only time this becomes dangerous is if you wait too long before you go to the toilet. I always go to the toilet before a lesson or at the very start just in case. Finally, I believe the bit about the company selling their products is a bit irrelevant. People don't buy their drinks to stay hydrated, but buy them because they like them. When people go to the gym, they don't buy 8 bottles of Lucozade Sport, they buy one bottle and may fill it up at the water fountain after. I am not an expert in medical science, this argument was created merely by common sense and the fact that I want my body to be as healthy as possible.

  27. adam is a lying, clickbaiting clown, people die from dehydration and heat stroke every summer, Hyponatremia is rare, he says twelve people died from it but didn't give a time frame, these videos are click bait and nothing more, drink fluids when doing sports in the heat or you will get heat stroke

  28. If a scientist is found to be falsifying data or to have been bribed, their career is pretty much over. They can even have their diplomas taken away. Not to say it's never happened, but it's not something that happens easily as portrayed by many of Adams clips


    "Drinking a few ounces of tonic water shouldn't be harmful, but it isn't likely to prevent your leg cramps.

    There are a few other things you can do, however. **Because cramps are often caused by dehydration, make sure to get enough fluids.**"

    But you know… its just Harvard medical school talking there… what do they know. I will get my info from… who is this guy again?

  30. I'm surprised they didn't include death by dehydration rate vs death by over. Would be very surprised if dehydration as cause isn't way higher.

  31. Way more people die from heatstroke and other dehydration related issues than hyponatremia. Way to put people in danger for the sake of looking smart

  32. I drink about 5 liters a day and my only issue is that i pee to often. My skin is really nice though and i dont use creams.

  33. (Evidence upon request!) I have taken several exercise science and physiology courses at my college, and I agree 100% with this video. In fact, I didn't ever think I would see something like this, since so many people are used to "drinking 8 cups of water per day". *DRINK WHEN YOU'RE THIRSTY*. Makes sense, right? What does your dog/cat do in the morning when they wake up, besides going to the bathroom? They drink water! Although our body systems are different, humans are still animals, so we have not lost this innate sense of hydration.

    For athletes, it has been proven that drinking 8 cups of water or 1.5-2.0 liters before and during exercise (marathons, high-intensity sports), is detrimental. You're essentially adding water weight to your body, which will slow you down. Marathon athletes who did NOT drink a lot of water during their race finished with lower times as compared to those who did. AND, the former group was actually classified as being "dehydrated"! Overall, dehydration is oversimplified and just not true. Drink when you're thirsty

    Also, gatorade is a scam. Thank you

  34. “Truly dangerous levels of dehydration are rare” I agree, with the average population. The population shown here, outdoor athletes, is not average. They sweat more and run in the heat increasing their likelihood to dehydrate. “As long as we drink when we feel thirsty, we really won’t dehydrate” I disagree. Most people who feel thirsty will drink soda which is dehydrating. Also, athletes, especially children, don’t always know when they’re thirsty, or will ignore it to keep playing. The problem with Adam ruins everything, especially this episode, is that he shows statistics and oversimplifies what the data means. I don’t disagree with what he’s saying, I disagree with how he’s saying it. The coach needs to keep encouraging kids to drink water. She was doing the right thing given their age and activity.

  35. I've always thought there was something fishy about forcing yourself to drink so much water every day.
    Who knows what they put in our water anyway

  36. It's true that the chance of you dying from dehydration is extremely low, but there are the issues of kidney stones (especially in men) which is the result of our over consumption of salty foods in the last few decades, and can be mitigated with drinking water, even when you don't feel so thirsty.
    Secondly, lack of drinking can result in tiredness and headaches even without getting seriously dehydrated.

    Last but not least, when over sweating in sport, drinking just water is actually dangerous, because you need to add alkalines to your body to prevent lack of balance in your cells. This is when actually drinking gator aid and similar products is effective.

    So while I appreciate the stick it to the man kind of attitude against the big beverages industry, this video can be highly misleading.

  37. 1 liter per 50 pounds of body weight is a decent estimate and of course it depends on your activity level and what climate you are in. Here in Arizona, we need to be more concerned with this than other states. Just last year we had a 10 year old kid died while hiking with his mother's boyfriend. The older man didn't realize how thirsty the kid was. It's really no joke. but of course sugary drinks like Gatorade are more of a dessert than a real solution. Watch the Tennis pros, like Nadal, they drink pure water, and then just a little sip of something sweet & salty on the side. Notice their sweet/salty drink is never labelled, that's because it's usually all natural fruit juice.

  38. these athletes didn't die of over hydration, they died because they were stupid enough not to listen to their own body and instead listened to the hydration BS you are talking about. Question: Have you or do you know anyone who drinks 8 glasses of water each and every day??? I never have. And are these people still alive and fine??? So everyone know this is BS, athletes (who should know better) who don't have a right to kill them selves if they want to. Hardlopers doodlopers.

  39. I don't really mind it I drink at least 2.5liters of watter a day every day since I was 10, I just like it

  40. I actually drink about a gallon a day to not feel thirsty and at least roughly 60 ounces to not feel my tounge swell

  41. When you drink water you gain water weight. That’s why these runners gained weight. But if you regularly drink large amounts of water you lose water weight because your body knows it doesn’t need to hold on to every drop.

  42. yeah but its still more heathy for your metabolism you should drink 3 cups of water every 3 hours for a 180 person

  43. Not sure I entirely agree with "drink when you're thirsty". I don't know if it's just me but sometimes it's not obvious when your body needs fluids, at least until you go pee.

    I've actually heard from somewhere that the average adult typically needs about 2 L of water per day; the 8×8 rule is just something easy to remember…. Anyway, here's a good recommendation instead of hearing it from Adam Ruins Everything:

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