99 thoughts on “Adidas F50 Adizero Samba review – how does the 150 gram boot perform?

  1. Is there a way to get the black version instead of the new colors? I personally prefer the ones you wore in the video and I wanted to get these so I'm curious.

  2. I'm afraid they're not that much solid and durable. The overall quality seems they're from cheap materials. I love the design but not very sure about the tech and materials applied on them. A part from it, I think less weight doesn't mean better performance if you sacrifice comfort and touch. I think it's just my opinion without having them but I really think I'm not that far from this point of view. Greetings and keep doing the best reviews on YouTube! 😀

  3. i was looking to buy these but i normally buy a size up because of sock thickness but i never had adidas and i dunno how the size feeling is im normally a size 10 but only buy size 11 in boots should i buy a size 10 in these

  4. Are you going to review the leather versions or have you tried them; if you have tried them then in your opinion which pair should i get leather or synthetic??
    Plz answer!! 

  5. nice review! but I have a question.
    Please answer me
    My true size is 9.5 US
    but I wear adizero 2nd size 9.0 US
    then, what size I have to go?

  6.  hello. love the vids.. i need some advise.. im getting the pro boots soon and im a fast winger but i have been scouted for a big club where i live as a goalkeeper could you recomend me a good boots suitable for goalkeepers and winger/attackers thanks keep up the good work will these work? the adizero?

  7. Are these sorta of like the Mercurial Vapors when you put them on? because i bought some Mercurials and after the 2nd week they started to hurt my feet. so i went back to my Tiempos. i just wanna know before i buy.. thanks!

  8. Jacob from unisport would you say that the traction from these F50 is better than the mercurial 9 because I find the vapor ones excellent they have extraordinary grip on turf and natural grass ?

  9. Hey guys,
    I have these and i was wondering if you aslo experienced some blisters in the heel area. I also was wearing trusox. Thanks.

  10. Hello Jacob,this video is great but I just can't chose between f50 adizero and nike hypervenom, and im a striker.Pls help 🙁

  11. this boots is really really light. i felt that i just wear socks when i wore this boots even boots are HG! better than Mercurial because Mercurial HG sucks. but F50 HG, FG both are great. 

  12. have any of you tried a pair of the shoes with the hybrid outsoles (metal studs+plastic)? does the hybrid sole have better traction when accelerating and making turns? comfort? i'm getting a pair customized and trying to decide which outsole i should get. 

  13. hey jay mike you say is not a shoes for somebody have wide feet because is not wide but why Joltter wearing them for the built a kit challenge.please answer tanks

  14. .Best boot jet!
    But i just got hypervenom, wish my mom
    would let me buy new ones!! Btw your english has improved Big Time!!!

  15. I have these and the Nike Hypervenoms.
    I played striker with these and the Hypervenoms one game each.
    I also played right winger in both of those boots.
    For winger i prefered these and for striker i prefered the Hypervenoms.
    I felt
    Iike these were more lightweight for running and dribbling.
    The Hypervenoms felt like i had a better shot.
    I hoped this helped you if your deciding to get these for a position.

  16. Does the adizero f50 samba provide better protection than hypervenom? And which one would you recommend the phantom or the adizero samba? thank you 🙂

  17. Thanks for making me realize that I should respect what I have and not always be greedy and want new things because some people out there have nothing….

  18. please i beg you – Jakob, Unisportstore. i want to have all the song in this videos but mostly the last one and i want to buy these boots in 10.5 but i cant because i can only pay it with us dollar please help me i am a great fan of you and i love your style in the camera u r great pls help!!!

  19. F50 Messi TRX or Mercurial slash any other Nike Boot. Please help, I need them by saturday and must order today!! Thanks

  20. Jolterr should do the on feet boot reviews. His crazy skills make the boots he's wearing look so much better. Jacob should probably stick to the unboxings and extra facts/ interesting boot information.
    Might make for entertaining videos!
    Just my honest opinion 🙂

  21. Is this shoue not good for someone like me with very wide feet ? At the moment i am playing with the Hypervenom but eventhough they feel very comfortable they also feel a bit heavy 

  22. i am thinking about getting a pair of f50 but i also have the hypervenoms and i dont like them to much are f50 like hypervenoms?


  23. Hvad forstækker du Jakob en Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 eller Adizero, og hvad vil du sige passer bedst til en meget offensiv højre back? 🙂 På forhånd tak! 

  24. So I tried the f50s in general YESTERDAY, that's why I am making my point soon here. And I was disappointed in the feel of the f50s. They just didn't meet my expectations. They aren't BAD shoes what's so ever but yet they aren't GOOD. Very disappointed adidas. I was going to buy a pair of these yesterday but now I'm thinking of the hypervenom phantoms from nike. Sorry adidas. LOLXD

  25. I love the F50.  I just had a pair that fell apart after a very long time of use.  I was very happy with how long the shoes lasted.  Just bought a new pair and the quality is at least the same if not a little better.  They are light, snug and give a good touch.  Amazing shoes.

  26. having a problem choose which boot I am going to buy. Which should I go between the Adizero or the Predator Instinct? 

  27. @Unisport are your black cleats, the ones you wear in the video, f50 or f30? Im curious because I have learned that the f50 has the speed mesh foil and the f30 does not and in the video I noticed that your black boots don't have the mesh.

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