Adidas Ultra Boost after 1500 km running – review – ENG SUB

Hi everybody, my name is Paul and today I’ll
review the ADIDAS ULTRA BOOST. The main feature of these shoes is they have
done more than 1500 km. As you can note the sole begin to be weared
but it is not excessively weared. The upper part that has been made reducing
the seams as much as possible, in order to reduce the weight of the shoe and to keep the maximum
confort, is still in good condition without sign of usage The midsole, that is the main feature of the
BOOST shoes, give the benefit to have a shoe well soften at the slow running paces and
is very reactive when the running speed is increased These shoes are a very good compromise for
all kind of paces and running on roads for both long distances, avoiding to stress the
joints and short distances as well. As you may see the midsole is still in good
condition taking into account the use of these shoes I recommend these shoes, they are fast, quite
light, reactive, assure a quite good stability even the shoes are not provided with anti-torsion
system, the main feature is the endurance.

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