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This is the air filter thats the air box and this is what it looks like when its new well… after 10,000 kms this is what it should look like cause if it doesnt look like that… then you’re not doing enough dirty stuff with your bike and this bike needs to get dirty clean versus dirty go the dirty way Hello all you online voyagers! Lets dive straight in on what to expect on the10k service for your Africa twin. And remind you to hit subscribe if you haven’t already. Do not judge me for my dirty chain for I’ve just got back from a dusty ride. So first off lets remove bash plate to reveal the sump that its protecting and let that black oil flow out The Africa twin has two draining nuts and oil compartments that store the oil. remember to plug them both out Then out come the front callipers and brake pads. Lets give them a good scrub shall we ! And now that the front teeth are back on lets do the same for the rare brake and parking brake setup. In my case, SW Motech engine guard mount points need to be loosened so that we can remove the fairing because under those fairings are the set of air filters. Hmmm… they do look very dirty. Ok, let’s take them off. Happy to know that my Africa Twin will breathe easier now! Then comes the breather hose and we’ll drain it of the excess oil. remember how in the Enfeilds the breather hose lubricated the chain from the excess oil Yup. Same thing Talking about the chain, we open the front sprocket cover and clean it up up! In goes 4.8 ltrs of 10w30 Synthetic Oil from Honda and then the equivalent of skinny dipping for her… a wash without the fairings! So that’s pretty much what to expect on the 10000 kms service.

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  1. I've had my AT for a year now and have done 6000miles of fun riding, this has motivated me to service it myself👍

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