Running on top of the rainbow, is it possible?! It’s just right behind us! Ha, right behind here, hah! *Music* Don’t forget to subscribe our RARETV Youtube
Channel And hit that bell button to get notified on
the latest content! Right now, we are located at… Town… A town…What was the name of this town? A town…What was the name of this town?
*giggles* *old man laughs weirdly* Ok, right now we’re at Sungai Lembing Town [Saiful Nang|Nature Lover]
Ha, this place…we had to reach here in early morning [Saiful Nang|Nature Lover]
If we really want to catch the sunrise and then, Capture a rainbow at 9 o’clock which is the most beautiful time We just have to park in front of the… Khek Association building here Just the opposite of the food court Ha, here’s the food court [RM60 per entry, permit included]
Ha, here’s the food court [RM60 per entry, permit included]
Ha, inside the food court here, we can get a permit, ya? [RM60 per entry, permit included]
Every car that wants to enter this place, requires a permit Every car that wants to enter this place, requires a permit Fill up a form over there Ha, that way they’ll know how many people enters, thereafter. We don’t want something to happen like… Pay RM100 to enter…suddenly, we have to pay RM150 upon leaving Ha, we got a problem there Ok, so this is where they apply the permit and then they will be taken in a 4-wheel drive [RM30 per pax using owned vehicle (4WD recommended), permit included] [RM30 per pax using owned vehicle (4WD recommended), permit included]
Ha, 4WD from here, so … [RM30 per pax using owned vehicle (4WD recommended), permit included]
If you come in a van, Or by car, do not worry as they will provide–this place really provides a 4WD service standing by They will take us to our supposed destination Ha, come on, come on! Let’s go right now! [Akhmal Asyraf|Explorer]
Ha, earlier we met … we just met… [Akhmal Asyraf|Explorer]
Aaa, the person in charge who will take us to the Lembing River Waterfall Aaa, the person in charge who will take us to the Lembing River Waterfall He said, “don’t worry” “There’s a halal restaurant there, ok?” [Halal breakfast spot] Ha, there’s the place to eat if..if you want breakfast The rest of this spot are just a Chinese restaurant Eh, I brought a backpack, one pouch bag And also a drone And also I brought a GoPro [Best bring a waterproof bag to avoid gadgets getting damaged]
And also I brought a GoPro [Best bring a waterproof bag to avoid gadgets getting damaged]
So we want to travel lightly. So we want to travel lightly.
Its trail is too challenging so if we want to bring this big camera, we have to be… ….cautious and avoid moist. But whatever happens, We have another photographer, a student from Saiful Nang Academy, He will be the main camera. There are 3 rivers we will be crossing Ha, ok Two of them are small, but one river is slightly wider Ha, beautiful, beautiful It is the best *Music*
[12km : 60 min to Lubuk Beruk – 4WD] *Music* Fuh, see? At the top That path looks pretty challenging Ok, let’s see if our car can climb up or not *car driving forward on the dirt* Whooo! Whoo! This is crazily marvelous!
*Small laughter* Wow! [Sunrise Spot|Lembing River]
Ok, now I’ve reached at the sunrise spot, ha Earlier, when we were driving our car from below, to the top We weren’t like, “Eh, is it really beautiful?”
But when we get up from this ramp, Suddenly we were like, “wow, there’s another world!” Going up and then, “Woooow!” We can see…here’s the view…from here… Hah, come on! Ok, right this spot, hah From here, at this spot Going up around here, nothing in sight But once we drove up to here, our mouths went.. “Wooowooowooow!” “Beautiful, beautiful!” And then, we finally saw…right here, this scenery “It’s crazy”, that’s what everyone would say Pahang people would say, “Cantik giler! (Crazy beautiful!)” or even, “Ha, tu lah (Ha, that’s it)” Wow wow wow wow See that? Look, there’s the sun rising up right now! And we could see the clouds, the fogs at the bottom over there Very nice view, we rarely see things like this in KL (Kuala Lumpur) Fuh, look at the sun already arose Ha, suddenly, y’all just watch, ya Ha, look at my face suddenly… Gemilang (glorious), Terbilang (renowned) right? Terbilang (renowned) right?
*A pun on Malaysian slogan “Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang”* Cemerlang (excellent), isn’t it? My face suddenly– Cemerlang (excellent), isn’t it? My face suddenly–
Look, look, look, look no? Look, look, look, look no?
Ah, can you see the difference? *Kevin Hart stares blankly*
[We saw… we saw] Oh, the sun is like jumping out of the back of the hill And this is what we can see on our way to this Waterfall Rainbow Ha, Rainbow Waterfall Waterfall Rainbow is also acceptable Now, my face gets brighter, huh The more– unlike before, my face looks like there is under shadow, a little under shadow Now this is– Now this is–
Wow wow wow Wow wow wow
Look! Look!
The clouds down below The clouds down below
Woo! Alhamdulillah, I just finished flying the drone
Ha, so now it’s SN’s turn to take flight So, ha..the scenery here is indeed spectacular Why?
Look, what’s on my face? There is sunlight, doesn’t it? How rosy my face is at this time, when we can catch the ray of sunrise While we are dotted with a scenery filled with fogs Why? Interestingly, well it was heavy rain overnight, so today we can get clear sky this morning And while it’s sunrise, we can see how beautiful the scenery looks like from my video Slap!
*camera got hit* *Music* *Glitch and Static Sound* [What’s your blogger name, bro?]
Do you have blogging name? Blogger? Ha? [What’s your blogger name, bro?]
Your blooger name, bro? Saiful Nang Saiful? Saiful Nang [Don’t know, eh?]
Don’t know, eh? [I’ve seen you before, eh?]
I’ve seen you before, eh? *laughs* Inside SN’s heart [How dare you not know me!]
Slap! *slaps in the face* I myself feel like, “Wow, crazily beautiful!” It didn’t feel like, “Is this Malaysia?!” Indeed, man. Malaysia has such beautiful places like this This place, however, is in a permanently reserved forest protected by the Pahang State Forestry Department Ha, if you want to know the fiercestness of these people, try plucking or vandalising Or come here bombing fish or fishing, ha
Then, you’ll know how fierceful they are Ha, but because they are taking care of this forest,
This place is still just as beautiful now *Music*
*Driving* Ok, this is the first river! *Music* [1st river-crossing]
*Music* *Music* *Driving, water splashes* *Music* *Water splashes* Whoa-kay, we’re so excited!
*laughs* We’re trembling! Trembling! My brain’s trembling, every part of me is trembling Because we went to an area that was not – on roads! Not a tar road, you know?
On which we drive on, it is not just a gravelled path, you know? Gravel paths are made using crusher run stones, ha This one trail, uses rocks and stones from the river So you have to come to Sungai Lembing or the waterfall as it is known for… Ha, Rainfall Rainbow because its trail will get you excited, ha And–but you mustn’t come alone with a Myvi or a Viva or even a Vios [Experiencing driving on a rocky trail like this is the best!]
And–but you mustn’t come alone with a Myvi or a Viva or even a Vios [Experiencing driving on a rocky trail like this is the best!]
Don’t, because you won’t get through here Got to need the P
Got to use 4WD, ha We had about 4 places we wanted to identify if we had to change our mode to 4WD low to get ourselves through a slick, challenging path They want to check our permit now before entering
So do not try to get in the wrong way 8km further inside Wak, Assalamualaikum! *Music* [2nd river-crossing]
Woohoohoo! Wow
Now, it’s an awesome feeling And this is totally feel like safari And everything has been kept to its original state and we can enjoy the originality of the rainforest This is the next river
But this river is small, but a river nonetheless [3rd river-crossing] 8km but 8km from earlier, [This distance will take…]
So total travel is about 11km off-road trail […more or less than 30 minutes…]
So total travel is about 11km off-road trail […to reach the next checkpoint]
So total travel is about 11km off-road trail But it feels like… like going back to KL, far away [Trekking Point|Rainbow Waterfall] Ok, we’ve reached to the last checkpoint that we can park our car, ha
Wow It’s so exciting, it’s just like riding horses [What are you doing, AA?]
It’s so exciting, it’s just like riding horses It’s so exciting, it’s just like riding horses [AA, how inappropriate..]
It’s so exciting, it’s just like riding horses I think it beats actual horse ride I think all of my ribs have been misplaced, switched around… Ha, here–my ribs have been placed here, ha The feeling was so awesome
Very awesome Especially the river crossing
Yes, we passed through 3 tributaries Fuh
There is one– the first one was big, then the other two, were like little kids Very small The first one is like a mother river Ok, now I want to go in now
Come on, there- Come on, there-
Lets go, go This is the last pit stop for the toilet. Why? Because in the forest reserve forever, firstly we want to… stomach – ok, bowel movements Bowel movements – of course, it’s organic but it’s troublesome, so people will have to be patient or hold onto it But we’ve got to do it first, before we go up a bridge that’s not so much of a hanging bridge but it’s the bridge to go across and continue trekking in an hour Come on, come on, come on
Can not wait See? At this toilet, there’s a lot of bees [RM0.30 per entry]
See? At this toilet, there’s a lot of bees Can’t be sure I’d get stung or not If I try to urinate, I might get stung by them Life wasted
*chipmunk laughs* See?
There’s so many of them! Before we go to the permanently reserve forest, we need to know the Do’s and Don’ts are in this forest Only one Protect yourself from mosquito bites Repel mosquitoes with a repellant Wear long-sleeved kebaya shirts Wear long-sleeved kebaya shirts
Eh, kebaya.. [Mom! *translated in Tamil, a common “yelping” word*] How did I end up saying “kebaya”? Wear long sleeves with long pants And avoid netfishing… And avoid netfishing…
Net.. Net..
Netfishing… [Net-fishing?]
Netfishing… Carry out activities or spend the night in the forest Out of the forest, can And immediately seek medical treatment if you are bitten Ok, this one is– Ok, this one is–
Ok, let’s get in [1km : 30 min to Rainbow Waterfall – Trekking] [This bridge was recently built for the convenience for the visitors] Here’s the bridge to cross–
What’s this river? Ha?
What’s the name of this river? Kuantan River Ok, we are going to cross the Kuantan River now it’s a little muddy because of the heavy rainfall so it’s not as clear as right there Right in front of it, very clear Very, very clear Even on our journey, you could see beautiful waterfalls Not waterfall, I mean this little river which is just beautiful, so clear Well kept, even
Still in its original condition Have to walk through the very detailed, rocky pathways, so better be careful You have to use trekking equipments that are, if possible, appropriate To avoid injury It’s time like this we can see the scenes like this, right? We should be grateful to the forest rangers who… well, when there are always people who try to spoil this place, Ha, they catch them, ha getting shot at as well [Together we maintain the natural treasures that God has given us]
Ha, they catch them, ha getting shot at as well [Together we maintain the natural treasures that God has given us]
They get hunted, you know? [Together we maintain the natural treasures that God has given us]
The rangers will go after them, catch them, fine them and whatever [Together we maintain the natural treasures that God has given us]
So not just us So not just us So not just us
But our kids and grandchildren can still see this beauty in front of their eyes Otherwise, this place will remain in the museum for a setting of our children 600 meter more! [Kids over 6 years old are also allowed to bring along] So, the route is challenging See? You have to be careful whether you want to cross over the river like me
Woah! 200 meter more! Huh, I’m really looking forward to swim under the waterfall Woo!
Challenging! Oooh!
Slippery, slippery, slippery If you got rolled over right here, farewell and wasted Wassalamu Wow! Wow! Woah! If you come here not to get wet, you can go back to KL.
Eh? You can go home, so look I’m soaking in, ya? Woo! Very wet, as long as we reach Rainbow Waterfall Wow! Nice! If you can see what’s in front of me, you’ll also say “Wow” too! This landscape that I usually see in New Zealand, in Switzerland, today I see it in Malaysia No need to wear a sweater Ya Allah Subhanallah, beautiful! *laughs*
I’m soaking wet Ok, this is my feeling when I get here, so look behind me, let me treat you with this view!! Woohoo!!! *Music* I was measuring the height through my drone flight distance
Up to 200m height [Over 200 meter high!] And the rainbow can only be seen in the morning alone, if the evening the sun has already gone there, so you won’t see any rainbow then Wow, you must not believe this right?! Look how small that lady is Look up ahead, there’s a rainbow Yeah Allahuakbar, so beautiful! Subhanallah!
We made it at the bottom of Rainbow Waterfall! Ok, we’re going to touch a rainbow! Ok, we’re going to touch a rainbow!
Yeah! Yeah!
We’re here! Just like in classic cartoons, the old time when horse riding up on the rainbow, we want to try it Running on top of the rainbow, is it possible?! It’s just right behind us! It’s just right behind us!
Ha, right behind here, hah! It’s your loss if you don’t visit here
Fuh, this is the best! If we want to, we want to show whether the rainbow could bend?
Yeah heh, it didn’t bend, ha! This is great! [*Dig*]
This is great! This is great!
Mentos, mentos! Come on, we’re going to touch the rainbow now!
Come on, woah! Ha, that’s it
Actually, actually you go any where, you won’t be able to reach it Because it’s a mere refraction, eh Wow, the longer we’re here, the wetter we get My camera’s starting to get wet It’s wet It’s wet
It’s just like rain- [Boboy got shook]
Wooah! Wooah!
*laughs* Ha, careful, it’s slippery!
Slippery stone Fuh!
Hah, look? Oh, look! *laughs* I’m getting soaked, it’s like pouring rain, huh!
Now, I want to jump into the pool *Music* *Waterfalls ambience* 200–up to 200 meters, meaning it’s half the height of KLCC (Twin Towers) Ha, but this is pretty high If you fall, from this height, you have the time to call “Assalamualaikum, sweetie? Ha, Honey won’t be coming back tonight” “Assalamualaikum, sweetie? Ha, Honey won’t be coming back tonight”
*laughs* What kind of a script was that? It’s the same as Aling-Aling Bali’s joke Too tall… That means if you fall You can still make a call Saying, “Honey’s jumping down right now, ok?” “Don’t wait” Come, we’re making Maggi noodles Ok, now we’re about to cook Maggi noodles This is, what– This is a rather difficult cuisine to make in the middle of the forest If we have this back in town, of course we’d say to ourselves don’t eat it Because there are candles, it’s carcinogenic, has MSG, or whatever In the end, we stop eating Because it’s not good for health but whenever we’re in a forest, we start making excuses to eat this right? Do you think it’s that easy to find curry in the forest? Do you think it’s that easy to find curry in the forest?
Look at that, hoi! That waterfall is amazing Afterwards, right? We start cooking Maggi noodles Mmm, wow Feeling hungry, after taking a bath here right? It’s an hour swimming, but– It’s an hour swimming, but–
[Oops boboy] [Oops boboy]
Ops! Hah! It sounds like a lot of calories burned So we add a bit, top up a bit We have a problem of having a lot of calories burned today, so we have to top up a few calories [Member vents when his “bowel movement” was interrupted] [It’s a pleasure to dine on a hot cup of Maggi noodles after soaking] [Picking a leaf to use as a mitten] Ok, our Maggi is ready, so what are we waiting for? Let’s enjoy this hot cup of Maggi as we view the beauty of God’s creation that is Rainbow Waterfall, Lembing River So, to those who have not come to this place, it is highly recommended that you come here to see what we’ve shown from this video That this waterfall is worth the money if you go, it is so beautiful and you will not expect it actually exists in Malaysia So, do not forget to subscribe our channel and follow our next vlogs which will be more interesting. Why? Because we will bring you contents that are absolutely rare and the best Assalamualaikum -END- [To visit Rainbow Waterfall, please call]
[MAC TANG| Manager| 010-900 1090]
[DISTRICT FORESTRY DEPT.|Kuantan District Forestry Dept/Maran Town| 09-5133236]


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