Aleksey Lovchev 264 kg World Record Clean and Jerk 2015 World Championships

Great Clean and Jerk from Mart Seim Only one performance is left in this competition 2 men had result 248 kg With 238 kg Mart Seim got total 438 kg and bronze from total The best thing is that Aleksey Lovchev is going for the World Record Weights Lovchev is trying to achieve Total World Record 472 kg 262 kg on the bar That’s new Clean and Jerk World Record! 264 kg! This is World Record! Aleksey Lovchev from Russia! Sick amount of iron! 264 kg! Aleksey Lovchev from Russia 264 kg! Aleksey Lovchev is absolutely the best lifter in this competition! Before the categories was changed Leonid Taranenkos result 266 kg was the heaviest amount of Clean and Jerk that human has ever accomplished And Aleksey Lovchev is only 2 kilos from it! And he’s total is 475 kg! World Record is being improved by 3 kg! And this lift is going to be watched over and over again. It was so incredible! And Russians are of course happy of winning +105 kg because Superheavyweight is the one and only category for them Here is the Worlds Stongest Man! Aleksey Lovchev from Russia! World Record was improved in Clean and Jerk and in Total. In Snatch it was 3 kilos short from the record. And Mart Seim got Silver from Clean and Jerk and Bronze from the Total! Feels like Finnish man had accomplished the metal because it’s so close to us. Feel’s good in our hearts. (Commentator and also uploader is from Finland so Estonia is our neighbour country!)

100 thoughts on “Aleksey Lovchev 264 kg World Record Clean and Jerk 2015 World Championships

  1. They should have a competition only for steroid users and go off and clean like 1000 lbs. all the competitors would die in 6 months but it would be one hell of a show

  2. That’s 580+ pounds he’s swinging over his body and then seconds late jerk it straight up and maintain it leveled lifted. Holy Jesus mother of god!!!!!

  3. Definitely no need to apologize for your English. I speak English and fail English in school. Lol. So I guess I don't know any languages. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I do not respect it. caught for doping swindler. This is real lift 264kg

  5. Aren't the yellow weights 15kg and the red ones 25kg? That's a total of 230 kg. Do the bar and the black weights at the ends really weigh 34kg??

  6. а такие веса вообще без допинга можно поднимать? нахрена эта клоунада с допинг тестами? или там принцип такой-вина не в том что принимал а в том, что попался?

  7. When there is russian "athlete" there is always doping. That's their thing, pussia is the doping nation. Lol

  8. Была категория 110+. В ней Писаренко толкнул 265 еще в незапамятные времена. Потом все рекорды аннулировали, сделали категорию 105+. И ее аннулировали, сделали 109+. И о чудо! Что ни соревнование. что ни подход – то рекорды!
    Это как рост экономики за счет Госкомстата и Союзмультфильма.

  9. I’m not impressed when big guys clean and jerk anymore.
    I need to see a little guy put 600 pounds over his head.

  10. 264kg, overhead, that's insanely impressive.

    It really makes you wonder what the physical limit is for the human body without some kind of genetic manipulation.

  11. This Russian chatter, they are crazy about envy that Georgian Lasha Talakhadze is making great strides! Since the days of the Soviet Union, Russians have used doping to prove to the whole world that they are the strongest. You can also recall the athletes from the German Democratic Republic, who using doping and achieved incredibly fantastic results to show the world that they are stronger than West German athletes! This was done on the orders of the Russians!

    Confirmation of all of the above is the Sochi Olympiad held a few years ago! After which many Russian athletes were disqualified due to the use of doping The correctness of my words will be clear after the expiration of the period of disqualification of the weightlifter Lovchev, the whole world will see that the Russians can only chatter.

  12. NTERNATIONAL WEIGHTLIFTING FEDERATION clean & Jerk 263 kg REZA ZADEH Hossein 12.05.1978 IRI 25.08.2004, Athens ??

  13. He was on doping. This is real 264kg Lasha Talakhadze

  14. "Russian Aleksey Lovchev, who was stripped of his 2015 World Championships super heavyweight title and with it the world’s strongest man title, had his four-year doping ban appeal denied by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
    Lovchev, 27, tested positive for ipamorelin, a growth hormone releasing peptide, at the 2015 World Championships."


  16. Why he is suffering with this heavy load, he can Just use a lifter or a crane to carry it. Moreover, he loses almost 70% of his life to train hard and eat an awful food.

  17. Once again, a 'new' world record. This is still beneath the 'old' world record set by Tarranenko in Australia in 1986, – which remains the biggest lift ever. View it here:

  18. Единственный за всю историю человечества… Но запястья… смотреть больно

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