Altronics Redback Audio Impedance meter  Q2001

G’day, Gary from Simple Audio Tips. I’d like to give you a closer look at
the Redback Q2001 Impedence meter. It’s a nice little unit It’s fairly light It is easy to use It runs off a single 9v battery
and is simple to access. don’t need any other tools to get into it. the leads are a little bit light, and the
alligator clips are a little bit light. Over time you might find that they would
break easily, especially if you’re dragging them around in your tool bag and someone stood on them or something like that. That’s the
only downside I’ve found. Now let’s have a look at how this
meter works and this is where it becomes a real gem. I’ll just connect this up to the test panel of speakers that I’ve got there. It’s 2 x10 watt speakers and also 2 x 2.5’s So it’s not a lot of current being drawn
through it but I’ll give you know idea for the test. All you have to do once you’ve connected
to the feedline is push the test button, it checks the load, then it gives you a readout for one
hundred vaults and it says 21 watts impedance 474 ohms but not only that It’ll give you a readout for 70 vaults as well 10.3 watts, impedance 474 ohms. That would have to be one of the
most, ….the best features of the whole unit. Now, you might want to have a
continuous tone, so that you can walk through and see
that your speakers are working in different rooms. All you need to do is hold the button in, It does system check, 1 kHz tone, and that will continue going until you’ve actually pressed the test
button again, or as the instructions say it will auto power off after 6 minutes. Another great feature of that little unit. So, all in all, my summary of the little meter
is that it’s good value for money, I love the fact that it has this little
processor on board, that it does the calculations for you, and you don’t need any other ancillary charts that you could lose, leave at home, so there’s some great features
with this little meter, the leads could be improved but apart
from that it’s great value for money. Now if you’d like to look at any other videos like this, make sure that you subscribed to our channel. Subscribing to our chanel is a great way to keep up-to-date with the
videos that we upload. If you’ve got any great tips of your own, or you’d like to make a comment leave it in the comments section below. If you’d like to find out a bit more information about the redback meter make sure you checkout the details in the description.

5 thoughts on “Altronics Redback Audio Impedance meter Q2001

  1. It is fairly expensive. For a fraction of the cost I'm pretty sure someone could build a test circuit himself. Unless you're using such tester on a regular basis, it would be very difficult to justify such investment.

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