I gotta move though! Cause the ants are crawling up my feet! Really? Yeah! – There shouldn’t be ants…
Welcome to the beautiful world of Aquascaping! We’re in the Nature! We’re in Peter Roscoe’s place. This is his Hacienda here. And he’s got the new, nice pond. Check out his channel though! I will give a big shout-out to his channel, Amateur Aquatics! That’s the one! Yeah, it’s pretty good! And he will teach you what not to do. One hundred percent! We’re gonna scape today a 120P aquarium. 120x45x45 cm. It’s a new aquarium at his place. [With Russian accent] Welcome to the channel my friends! We are in Eastern Europe now! We’ve got the Vladimir Putin statue in the background! And this is Peter Roscoe from the UK! And this is the beautiful flowers, he bought for his dear wife, who is Russian. Привет! [- Hello!] What is this? Is this Amazonia powder? [Balazs] This is proper tea! [Peter] You do know by doing this, you’re gonna loose literally every British subscriber, you’ve got on YouTube. Big shout-out to Tetley Tea! Big shout-out to… Come on, pronounce it! [Imitating Chinese speech] Now we’ve lost all the Chinese subscribers as well. Yeah. I post something on Instagram and everyone’s asking me what type of aquarium this is. It’s a Green Aqua aquarium! I said it’s from Green Aqua, it’s a 120x45x45 cm. Okay, what kind of lights do you have? Okay, I have the ONF Flat One. Love the light! It’s fully remote controlled on your phone. Check this out guys, what is this? Peter, I told you, you should be ready for us! The CO2, you’re gonna have to check yourself. Okay! It’s a canister. – But that’s what you’ve got!
– So pressurized CO2. Pressurized CO2, there we go! And the filtration, we have the Oase BioMaster 600. Okay. Two of them. Amateur Aquatics. [Peter] What I expected. If you’re from Liverpool, you keep one of these in your socks all times, for defense. You’re kidding me! My mate Stanley! Really? No, of course not, but in the films, yes. I think we’re gonna do a classic Iwagumi. Would you be happy with that? Sure! What’s your only preference? You told me that you wanna have some… Some rocks sticking out of the water? Yeah, for me I’d like it, you know… It’s the first time I have a light that’s suspended. And we can adjust it, so I’d like something breaching the surface. Power Sand Advance L, which is the new Power Sand Special. It has all the bacteria it and everything else. You start from the foreground. When you like pour it in, it will push the substrate backwards. Top tip! There you go! Foreground only. You see some kinds of small roots, or small branches of wood inside the soil. These will float up to the surface and you can just net them out. How is it? Tastes like Brazil! Let’s start with that triangle composition! Which starts from here, with the big rock on the left side. The Rocky Mountain feeling will still come in. This is gonna be very sweaty! I’m supporting the big rock, with some small Lava stones. Dave Chow style. Your stone, sir! And this will go inside. Just close the gap. I wanna create a big hill on this side. I wanna raise the substrate to here. We have to have somebody coming in from Green Aqua, to bring us some more, because Viktor didn’t pack enough Aquasoil Amazonia bags. Okay. Köszi. [- Thanks.] Hardscape and soil are coming. Bloody Viktor! Let’s blame others! Okay, so let’s start cleaning these plants. Are you gonna help me? If you want me to! Wash it, rinse it mate! Wash it, rinse it! That’s a song, no? Is it? I don’t know! Sounds like one! You’ve got Monte Carlo here, Brasiliensis and the Marsilea hirsuta. This one is Crypto parva and this one is the Fissidens fontanus moss. What we selected here are only foreground plants, or mid-ground plants. I did that, because I really don’t want you to start trimming your plants regularly. So this is gonna be a low maintenance tank. What do you have in the filter? What kind of filter material do have in it? Stones. You’re kidding me! No, it’s what you guys sold me! – Not stones!
– To me it looks like stone. Ah okay, so you’ve got Matrix in it. This is the Eleocharis pusilla. Two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve. The cab is here! Perfect timing! [Yawning] Chop-chop Peter! Are you sure you go to gym Balazs? Where’s the second box? We’re gonna continue putting in stones on that side, but before we do that, we need to add some more Amazonia. We need to add some Pinnatifida here in the back, because I really want that one to grow out. [Peter] This one? Yeah, yeah, just the full bag. We’re gonna have the plants just going upwards here and it’s gonna look like a nice hill. When we enter here, we should see the tank from the right side. Let’s just have a graduation here. It would be good as well, like when people walk in you know, they turn their heads this way, rather than dirty dishes. We need to close this line with some kinds of rocks. So let’s just put in a wall here. Peter found a perfect rock. What is that? It’s a snail? [Balazs] Yeah! Yummy! I’m gonna place it on a rock. We should call the snail Viktor! Yeah! Cause he’s slow. You can see that I’m putting smaller stones in the background. That will create some depth to the tank. You’ve got one line coming from this side. And you’ve got another line, which will come from this side. So I’m gonna start placing rocks here. We have a total of seven bags of Amazonia in there. We need to add some depth to the tank, by adding smaller rocks there. Would you like to have like a small, not – a bigger stone in the foreground? Which would take a lot of space from the plants, so you’re not gonna have a plant mass here, but you’re gonna have a big bare rock here. I think it might take stuff away from these rocks, cause they look pretty cool. It’s too much! And this path? You know, I’ve already thought of a name for the path! We’re gonna call it Balazs’s Back Passage. No, let’s not call it that man! Russians! The Russians are here? Yeah! Fighter planes! I’ll start planting Monte Carlo and I’ll start from the foreground. Have you got an RO filter? [laughter] He’s laughing. If you want really healthy plants, you need to have soft water. I’m gonna start to plant upwards, moving the line of Monte Carlo up, in-between these rocks. One third of the tank is kind of ready. I have some good news as well! I sent a picture to my wife. And? Well she said she doesn’t wanna kill you, so… [Balazs] Oh cool… No, she said it looks amazing! I suck at this! It’s okay! It’s okay, just leave it! Yeah? Yeah. Push it in, release… Yeah, there we go! Sex tips from Balazs. Push it in, release… [Peter] Should we start an auction in the comments below? [Balazs] For the snail? For the snail! If you wanna buy Viktor, the snail, start an auction below! Does Green Aqua deliver to the States yet? No and everybody’s asking that. We’re not big enough for that yet, but we’re gonna do it. Hopefully, when we get a little bit bigger. With your support, guys. Cool! So now we’re moving to the Eleocharis pusilla. Priscilla! Using Eleocharis in the middle of the tank only, at this moment, in small groups. The biggest plant, that we have here actually is the Lilaeopsis brasiliensis. This one will grow about 10 centimeters high, so we can only use it somehow right next to the rocks. If you are watching from Australia, Good eye! Actually we’ve got viewers from Australia. [Peter] Yeah? [Balazs] Absolutely! [Peter] Aborigines or… [Balazs] There you lost everybody else now. Yeah. I’m just making sure we can cover every group equally, you know. If you have bigger plants in the front, then you will have the sense of scale. So I will use all the Brasiliensis in the foreground. Next plant is Marsilea hirsuta! [Peter] It doesn’t need CO2, no? [Balazs] No, it’s a low-tech plant. Crypto parva should definitely go to the bottom of the rocks. Alright, look what I found! Eleocharis acicularis. It’s a pad plant. It’s like… You remember the little trolls you used to get as a toy? Okay and then I think we’re ready with everything. All we have to do is to have the mosses glued onto the stones. We have to introduce some Fissidens moss. And also some Riccardia moss. [Peter] Ooh, sexy! [Balazs] Right? [Peter] Yeah! ♪ I’m feeling trapped down on the floor ♪ ♪ I don’t know what for ♪ ♪ Feels like I’m gonna loose ♪ ♪ Silence stays too hold ♪ ♪ I can’t let it go ♪ ♪ Chain up no one knows ♪ ♪ But I won’t let the stormy seas ♪ ♪ Pull me in open water ♪ ♪ Let me have my peace ♪ ♪ And lay me till tomorrow ♪ What I would strongly not suggest to you, is to spray the moss after you glued it. The water will wash out the glue. That’s still… We wait for it to dry! Yeah, because if you don’t, then the water will wash out the glue and you will have the white stripe right below it. We can add all kinds of stones to the layout, which will really help us, to add some detail to the foreground. So how long do you think it will be until the plants grow up completely? Probably a month or two. If you use RO water, it will be much, much better. [Peter] So at this point in the video, what do you reckon comments-wise Viktor is going for? Like 20 Euros, 30 Euro… Dollars, we’re in dollars! [Balazs] Yeah, we are in dollars. Definitely. I reckon we’re probably up to 50. We lost everybody else from the channel. Only Americans stayed here. Only the people who love snails. Right! No, that’s French, right? ♪ But I won’t let the stormy seas ♪ ♪ Throw me in open water ♪ ♪ Let me have my peace ♪ [Balazs] I really like this hardscape. I expected to have it much more crowded. This has a good balance of rocks and plants and everything, so it’s gonna look a very traditional Iwagumi. ♪ Silence stays too hold ♪ ♪ I can’t let it go ♪ Alright, we’re ready! What do you think? What does your wife think? I’m gonna send her a picture and if you don’t hear from me… It’s gonna be yeah, like Gladiator! You know, like… No, I think It looks amazing! [Balazs] Thanks mate! Well I hope that you guys like it! Please let us know what you think about Peter Roscoe’s new Iwagumi scape. ♪ We go bottoms up, we go all the way ♪ Please hit the like button, if you liked this scape and this video. And hit the bell button, to get notified of our future uploads, if you didn’t click that yet. Please subscribe to the Green Aqua channel, if you didn’t do so yet! And follow Peter, Amateur Aquatics again! He’s somebody you can really learn from a lot! Yeah, just do the opposite, but… Okay! So until next week! Ciao! Bye! Dave Chow! Dave Chow! Dave Chow! Oh, that’s good! Ciao! Dave Chow! Comment below, if you’re from a nation, we haven’t offended in this video.


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