Amazing Road Trip – 5500km in a Tesla Model 3

Hey! We`ve just arrived in Lærdal we`ve been driving for two and a half hours next stop is Dombås. We`re now at Dombås and will be charging for about 20 minutes before driving to Stjørdal. We`re now at Stjørdal charging The time is fifteen past 7 pm. The car is now charging We have to charge tonight because there is no Tesla Supercharger this far north. Drove down, it took about 5-6 minutes but there is a shortcut walk up the ski slope. Been driving for 2 days nice to have some exercise. We are now with Bjarte you will be watching The Lion King in the theaters today Jup! What`s your expectations for the movie I think it will be really good. To be animated i think it will be really good, but it will be a lot of slyness and stuff like that A little bit of everything slyness and stuff like that slyness and stuff like that slyness and stuff like that Ahh. Look! I can se your brain! hmmm. Is it that small? it`s actually a lot bigger than I would have guessed Now we`re going to the border we brought the dogs and the kids are in the back Where the party’s at? Where the party’s at? Did I scare you? Yes Where do you want me to put it? Where are we going babe? Skogerøya we`re going to the cabin. Was that the sound of a mouse? – Thats a mouse! Let me listen some more Yes! I sounds like a mouse. What more do we have? Screaming birds What bird is that? I don`t know. Just a bird. – Different birds? – Yes Crow – Screaming crow It`s incredible I think this is a hare in distress Sure it`s not a horse in distress? – No! and this is a normal hare We`we just started the trip home to Bergen time is 10 minutes past 5 pm Levi

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