Americans Answer Basic Questions About Canada

– Is Canadian a language? – I dated a girl from Montreal
for a year and a half. I love Canada. – All right! I’ve been there twice. – [Voiceover] What is
the capital of Canada? (laughing) – I only know, like,
three cities in Canada, so I’m just going to say them. Montreal… what’s the other one? – Canada’s capital? Ontario is a whole place… – The capital, the capital of Canada? – Let’s go with Toronto,
where my Blue Jays at! – It’s either Toronto, Quebec, or there’s something with Victoria in it. – Ottawa is a city? – [Voiceover] Who is
the president of Canada? (laughing) – I don’t think I’ve ever heard
of the president of Canada. – Poutine. – I bet he’s bald. Or like a stern lady. – They don’t have a president! They got a prime minister, right? – They got all that French influence. Once you get Europe in your system, all you’re going to do
is have prime ministers. – [Voiceover] Stephen Harper. – Stephen Hopper? – [Voiceover] Harper. – Harper? Stephen Harper? Stephen Harper. – I was told that there wasn’t
going to be math in this. – A hundred million people. – Under a million people. – Thirty million? – I feel like nobody lives there. I feel like I’ve visited
and seen thirty people. – They’re a tenth the size of America? – Canada’s pretty big. But just ’cause it’s pretty
big, doesn’t mean that it has people everywhere. ‘Cause it’s kinda cold. Drake doesn’t even live
there, so that says a lot. – Ryan Gosling. – Ryan Gosling. – Ryan Gosling. – Ryan Gosling. That’s the one I knew. That’s the one that I
should have remembered because he’s, like, perfect. Bear. – What lives in Canada? A whale? – Badger. It’s got to be a ‘b’. – A bear. No, a moose. A bear moose. – Ah, beaver. Yeah, I knew it was a
‘b’ and it was mammal. – It’s a red maple leaf. No, it’s a white maple leaf on red, or is it a red maple leaf on white? Oh, I think I’m thinking of Japan. I do care about Canada. I’m from Wisconsin. Although I’m very proud that
Wisconsin doesn’t touch Canada. People think Wisconsin does touch Canada, but Minnesota’s our little shield, and Michigan’s our little hat. So they don’t… please don’t put this in.

100 thoughts on “Americans Answer Basic Questions About Canada

  1. Me a Canadian is just raging about how Americans know nothing about Canada but Canadians know so much about America

  2. Canada: we have found something we don't want
    USA: why would you not want this?
    Canada: because its trash
    USA: but its Justin bieber!!
    Canada: so what

  3. so simple questions, I also knew everything and I'm from the Czech Republic! – I'm just very interested in Canada.

  4. Not surprising. Now ask the same questions in Europe and I bet you'll have a lot of correct answers. Americans don't know or care much about the rest of the world. They only know their own history/geography and most of them only speak english.

  5. This made me cringe, going to get some timbits

    Edit: the first time I wrote timbits, it auto corrected as tidbits. MURICA

  6. Fun fact: I was born in the same hospital as Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, but I don't even live in the same province that they grew up in

  7. their is no president of Canada theres only prime minster and also Canada has proveices and there separate so there is no captail

  8. Omg, when Keith said under a million people in all of Canada😂 I live in Calgary and there is over a million here alone😂

  9. Lmao I love how clueless most Americans are about every other country that isn’t their own

    (No offence Americans..) 😅

  10. Are there no teachers. Teaching kids about Canadas history like rlly. Americans are so boastful and proud of there own country. No time for Canada? But hey look on the bright side us Canadians have better beer not yellow water BEER! and lots of it😂

  11. Hello fellow Canadian’s! This is 100% Staged, please..? I know plenty American’s, they know some things, these people know literally nothing.

    I hate buzzfeed oh god -.-

  12. It's pretty sad that us Canadians know more of the USA then Americans know of Canada. It shows what country is smarter 😂😂😂😂

  13. What is Canada’s National Animal?


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