Anokhi smart meter case study – British Gas Business

Everything that you see and touch and feel is made in our factories We hand pick the fabrics, we hand pick the embroideries We design them ourselves and they’re made into these wonderful garments that you see in front of you We got a phone call one day from British Gas and they told me the benefits of having a smart meter It was a free service that we were offered the chap came in, no disruption whatsoever They were very quick, very easy, very friendly, very reliable The beauty of the smart meter is that we don’t need to call up British Gas, tell them the meter reading it automatically gets sent to them and I don’t need to worry about my billing I don’t need to worry about what’s going to happen with it I know my bill’s going to be correct every month It’s fantastic The online portal, being very consumer friendly it helps me forecast for the next year because it tells me at what points in time that I’ve used more electricity when I’ve used less It’s just a brilliant mechanism that they’ve got whereby I can then use any money that I have to invest back into the business

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