The only option is to take it out and throw it away. Interior of the vehicle is full of crap, I can’t imagine what you’d need to do in order to destroy it so badly. It’s appalling. Just take a look Hi everyone. I would like to welcome our two new paid channel members. Shout out to them. I would like to thank Nauris and Justas. If you like to become paid members of this channel you can do it by pressing join button down below. You’ll in turn be rewarded with different perks depending on the amount of money you decide to pledge. But most importantly, it’s a way to support NorbeFilms directly. Once again I’d like to thank those who’ve just become members. Also we’ve launched NorbeFilms merch. Link is in the description. Todays topic… I guess most of you have encountered this in one for or the other. It’s when you buy a vehicle and after some time you find all the things that the previous owner has done to the car. Today I’ll tell you about a few projects that I’ve had in the past. I have a few pictures from those projects. I’ll show you what kind of miracles I’ve encountered. And to help you understand, what I am going to talk about today. I have a few pictures from the car listings in Lithuania.. Let’s not mind the mess in the middle and focus on the handbrake. The person could’ve just twisted the handbrake and attached it in the vertical position. Very interesting decision. Also the next interesting thing about this vehicle is this sport gas tank. The vehicle is still listed for sale. Yeah… So as I’ve mentioned before most of us had encountered issues like this. If you have a story of your own, feel free to share it in the comment section below. In the last video I’ve mentioned that I had an E36 Coupe with a 2.0L diesel engine swap. And the issue it had was that the intercooler was hanging on wires. And then also the wire harness started to short out, cause previous owner had ran the wires through the firewall without isolating them. Wires were rubbing against the sharp edge of the firewall and eventually started to short out. And the worst part of it all is, that those projects are being built not by some random person, but the companies and the garages that Specifically build and repair sport vehicles. It’s their main job to build the projects.., Maybe someone will be able to see the vehicles that they have worked on in this video. So the first vehicle today that I went to check, but I didn’t buy due to these stupid mods. We have a sport seat, that is mounted on the bottom of the original seat. Just take a look yourselves. Few more pictures Huge mess… And this vehicle is being used in drift. And the price was somewhat high. But “unfortunately” I didn’t buy it. As you can see there are a lot of unnecessary things in the engine bay. A lot of loose wires with some random hoses. It’s scary. And this is not some random abandoned vehicle. This is a “drift” vehicle. Guys if you’re doing something, do it a bit more neatly. And it might make all the difference in the future. During this summer we’ve had an interesting E30 project. Here’s a few pictures to remember how it looked before. Interior was a mess. And one of the more interesting things was this modified subframe. It was modified to be able to fit the M50 motor from the E36. Where the oil pan sits more at the rear. I was hoping that everything was going to fit nicely. *Out of context* But basically I had to throw away the subframe with the modified steering column, and replace them with stock E30s parts. And I’ve just used the E34s oil pan which sits at the front. If you buy someone else’s project. You waste a lot of time to bring everything back to stock. And only from there you start to do some real mods on the car. By the way, the vehicle is currently at the painters shop. And I believe that the next video is going to be about the E30. If you work on the project car or the daily car and if you want that vehicle to be reliable. Be sure to used the new parts. And for that you can visit Autodoc.lt And choose… Whatever parts you need. They have lots of parts. For the passenger cars as well as for the motorcycles. Just visit the website and you’ll find the part you need. If you need to order something quickly you can download their app from the description down below. And now let’s head to the next vehicle. This is my last winters winter beater. It’s a 2.5L sedan, black. And I have a few pictures from right when I bought it. Interior was ripped apart. Heater console was missing. Wires were just all over the place. Hydraulic handbrake lines were also bent “nicely”. The vehicle was full of crap. I can’t imagine what atrocities were committed inside this vehicle. Dash looked like this. It’s scary, really scary. Are not disgusted to drive the vehicle like this? I cannot understand it. And now let’s talk about more “serious” mods. In this picture you can notice that the engine mount bracket is somewhat different. I’ve bought the vehicle late at night. I was not able to see things like this. And I’ve only noticed the day after I purchased the vehicle. Why should anyone look for the original bracket, when you can just take some metal parts out of the trash bin weld them together. And you have yourself a bracket. Doesn’t the vehicle run? It runs so why bother. Though I didn’t have much problems with the vehicle during the winter. And after the winter season the car looked like this. Decent looking 2.5L sedan. Which was sold to the next owner. I don’t want you to think that I am crapping on everyone. Though I can say that this vehicle has been through a lot of different owners until it came to me. But that vehicle was in the hands of the people that were working in the auto sport industry. And yet the vehicle, to be frank, was a total wreck. Guys… we need to draw the conclusions. And lastly there was another vehicle which was one of my clients. Which already spent some time in the other shops. And the vehicle came to my shop to get rid of some minor issues. So we have an exhaust like this. It’s basically made to be taken off and thrown out. On the left we can see the exhaust split And on the right a meter away we have the exhaust pipe Which is connected with some sort of a flexible pipe. It’s just great. And at the rear of the exhaust we can see these surface welding lines. I can’t imagine what was attempted to be done here. If a person had welding skills like these, he’d just be better off using that flexible pipe thing instead of welding. Maybe he was trying to weld some sort of a hole shut, or he just wanted to cut a part out then bend the exhaust pipe inwards, then put the plate around and weld everything shut. And call it a day. It’s scary. The next thing is that there is a short shifter in this car. And when a person was driving the car normally, the shifter just fell apart. Basically the bottom of the short shifter fell out Then it disconnected from the gearbox. I don’t know how it’s even possible. For example, I have the Diesel for four years already. Of course I am not driving it everyday, but I have not yet encountered any random issues Just… Tighten all the bolts normally and the vehicle won’t fall apart. And the last sweet view for the end. The steering lock kit. I don’t know if it has to do with the quality of the part or something else. But only after a season with this kit. It was all covered in rust. It probably wasn’t painted or coated with anything, just a bare metal. This video was one of the more angrier ones. I just wanted to show people in what trouble you can get yourself by buying someone else’s project. But also you can have an issue when you leave a car at someone’s garage to be worked on. So just be very careful when buying projects and cars in general. Also if you’re leaving your car to be worked on by someone else in a shop, try to take a look at something that they’ve already worked on. Also ask other people about the place. Do your research. The other problem is that the quality of these jobs is acceptable to some people. They don’t see anything bad with it. Every person has different standards. So I hope that I’ve enlightened someone today And I hope that you won’t be committing such mistakes yourselves by just putting more time and effort into your repairs. And also, I hope that you don’t run into people who do poor repairs like these that I’ve just shown you. That’s it for today. I am waiting for your stories in the comment section down below. I believe that some of you encountered issues similar to these and even had worse than what I had. Alright so we’ll read the comments, we’ll laugh, and we’ll see you next time.

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