Today, I’m gonna take you through a very, very bold aquarium maintenance. Transforming our one-year-old tank from this… Mosses overgrown, bottom part brownish… Stems also overgrown, laggy… Through this – a complete destruction, into this, in just four hours. Yeah, so I tore out the moss from our iconic 650l, or 172 gallon tank two weeks ago, when we needed their moss to cover the pump of the garden pond. So now the tank looks like this. Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! I’m not gonna let this aquarium be, I’m gonna make a big maintenance on it. I’m gonna take out the Mother of All Mosses – as Viktor calls it – from this aquarium, clean it up properly, trim the stems and then move the moss back onto the branches here. But before we start working, let me tell you , that next week, actually on this weekend, we’re gonna have the Green Aqua 10-Year Anniversary Party. We’re super excited about that! There’s gonna be guests coming from at least 10 countries, or maybe more, 15 countries, I don’t even know, I can’t even count. There’s gonna be a big, big aquascaping reunion and we’re gonna have two nice events in two nice videos in the coming weeks, for you guys. Now back to the main topic of this video: the maintenance of the 650 liter, or 172 gallon tank. This aquarium is supposed to be a tribute to Mr. Takashi Amano, the inventor of modern aquascaping. The problem is that it’s heavily overgrown and as you can see, the mosses are already too big. I grew a moss on my hand! Viktor said this is the director’s cut. I’m really afraid of this job. I gotta crawl, I gotta… …reach in, I gotta bend. Wish my back good luck! Let’s start working! Alright, so what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna top of the stems first. For that, I need some kind of scissors. I’m gonna take my favorite curved scissors and I’m gonna start topping off the right side of the aquarium. ♪ Here is where it all begins ♪ I’m gonna try to select them later. Maybe I will ask Viktor to help me doing that. Viktor is making himself useful. [VIKTOR] At least once… [BALAZS] You can see that a ton of stems is coming out. I don’t really know what I’m doing here, so I kinda trim blindly. Which is not a problem, I’m gonna just make a shape. Having a 60 centimeter tank in depth would be a problem for you, if you didn’t have anything to stand on. ♪ Life is worth living. Oooh… ♪ Check out what Viktor does there! It’s really crazy! He’s selecting these stems one by one. See the Rotala Rotundifolia in the back? He does that stem by stem. I’m really sorry about that, but you gotta do it with the Matogrossense and the Rotala Green as well.
[VIKTOR] Yeah-yeah-yeah. We will have the 10 year anniversary event, that I was talking about at the beginning of the video, and if it doesn’t grow back nicely, and all the famous aquascapers from all over the world are coming here… [VIKTOR] And all the contest judges! And all the contest judges, IAPLC winners, contest judges, etc, etc. I’m gonna be humiliated here. I’m gonna just make a nice shape there. But I still left some plants in here. Trim these up! As you can see, all the bottoms for all the stems are really ugly – brownish. I’m gonna show you how the tank looks after this big trimming, and you’re gonna be scared. Most people would be very afraid, to do what I’m doing now. Because this looks like it has been murdered. I’m gonna give this to Viktor. Because you guys know that he’s putting away all the glassware. You remember the video, the Aquagirls Rock video, where he actually hid everything… While Viktor is doing his job, I’m gonna show you how it looks. So the whole thing is going from left to right, upwards. What I would like to do is to have a graduation like this. Basically all the stems are dead here. Do you think that I should replant the whole thing from scratch and just take out the stems? [VIKTOR] We only have a few days, so it will at least… Yeah! I’m arguing with Viktor here, he tells me that I shouldn’t tear out all the stems and I should just replant the tops now. But I can see that this tank is done. There are 10 centimeters between the soil and some dead plant parts. So what I got here is a plant mass of about this much and about this high, that is completely dead. Our second option would be to push back the tops and make a nice tank for the next one month, or so. It’s about 10 centimeters, which means, that I’m gonna push in about 4 centimeters. After 4 centimeters we’re gonna have about 4 more maybe, above the ground. These will be visible, but they’re gonna be visible only in about a week, 10 days, or so. So you know what I wanna do. I wanna take the whole stem structure out of there, save these and look at what else we have. This is something that has been here with us for a year now, ideally we would like to have it for one more year. And if you want to have that, you absolutely need to do what I’m planning to do now. The problem is that it’s not gonna look good in the beginning. We have to kind of explain everybody what the situation was here. I don’t care, I want results! So, I’m gonna take everything out! This video will be called “The Restart Of An Aquarium” Look at this root structure! I’m so glad that we’re doing something, that is really bold. I like bold things in aquascaping. I think that creativity needs a lot of boldness as well and you shouldn’t be afraid. This is something that we’ve never seen before in a video actually. This is gonna be new for you guys, as I’m sure you never saw the whole process of restarting an aquarium like that. I don’t see any leaves on it. The majority of these are just roots and stems. I can float it! I love this! Viktor! I grew a moss! I grew a moss on my hand! One tray is full. You can actually see that the bottom of the moss is really brown. This is why I had no chance of trimming it. So the camera operator Csabi has just asked me: “How is this water gonna be clean?” I’m gonna change a lot of water at the end! So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take out all the roots that are visible on the rocks. The power of destruction! Doesn’t look good, does it? This is the water-filling hose. Wrong hose, mate! Viktor said that this is not Peter’s channel. Amateur Aquatics. Much better! Some of you guys thought and commented in one of our previous videos, that the fish are gonna be stressed. They’re quite nice and they can hide away when you’re working like that. So they’re not gonna be super stressed. I actually see them feeding. You have to hold the hose with two or three fingers and use the other two fingers of yours, to just take out all the remaining roots and stuff and just direct them towards the inflow. I’m gonna put in another 9 liter bag of ADA AquaSoil Amazonia on the top of the soil in the middle, in the back. The substrate is gonna be elevated a little bit, so you don’t need that much time for the stems to grow. Alright, so we made the biggest mess in the history of Green Aqua, ever! I’m gonna take out the hoses And I’m gonna put all the soil in the back. Okay, so let me check! My plan is to have another bag of Amazonia here, because I want to raise the substrate towards the back. I want all the stems to kind of grow on the same height and do the whole structure with the soil. Take this nice piece of moss, put some glue on the top of the other glue. This is ready. This is Weeping moss, which means that it will not grow upwards, it will grow downwards. Mostly. This is why I chose this one here. Actually this glue will not leach anything in the water, which would be bad for your livestock. What I started doing now is I’m just putting in chunks of mosses in-between the rocks. You can see that the left side of the aquarium – moss-wise – started to look final. The idea is to have as many details in your tank, as possible. You can achieve those details by just alternating the different elements that you use. What Viktor is doing is that he’s keeping the mosses moist. [Viktor] Now I’m with you! It was a great idea to remove everything from the center and just rebuild the whole thing. Yeah, Viktor does that all the time. I do something crazy, he questions it, and then “yeah, yeah, it was a good idea”. [In documentary stye] The moss selection process begins with the male bringing the… tray. Sniffing it… This is… Just pick one! Alright so I think we’re ready with glueing in the mosses. It looks quite even. You’ve got nice details to look at. I’m quite happy with it. This is all… Where are my tweezers? So I’m gonna start planting the Rotala Rotundifolia in the middle and the middle is gonna be red. Plant them as densely as possible and do the V-shape. Moving on to the left side. These are hardy Green Aqua plants, ready to grow! Looks like Viktor brought us some presents! The Myriophyllum Guyana. Looks really great! What do you think about the Rotundifolias? Would that be enough for the whole scape? I think we can put in some others in-between them, because when you fill it up with water, [BALAZS] Yeah! [VIKTOR] It will not be dense enough. [BALAZS] We’re planting the Myriophyllum Guyana. You can see that we have it already planted in the foreground. I just asked Viktor to come and check it. [VIKTOR] Maybe a few more here and there, to make it more dense, otherwise it’s fine. So we’re ready with the planting! It turned out quite nice. What do you guys think? All that remains to be done is to fill it up with water and just clean the remainders of the roots, that float in the front. ♪ Leave all the fears that you have behind. ♪ We used half of the moss that we took out. We used all the stem plants that we took out. Except for the Matogrossense, we didn’t use that. And we used the Rotala Rotundifolia completely. It’s time to pray! So that it grows nicely until the party. ♪ Life is worth living ♪ ♪ Oooh, and you… Give me all your lovin’ ♪ And this wraps up our aquarium maintenance session here at Green Aqua, with our biggest tank. Just a couple of days before the 10-Year Anniversary Party of Green Aqua. I hope that you guys like the result, like my boldness, I didn’t know what I was doing! Check out this moment! This is when I realized, that regular maintenance won’t do… And I really need to do something after one year. I’m really glad that I took that step, and I’m kind of happy with the end result. Obviously the plants will need some time to grow, but I’m sure that all of our guests will appreciate this aquarium and they’re not gonna say that this is the work of an amateur. Alright, please let us know what you think about this maintenance session here at Green Aqua! Subscribe if you didn’t do so yet, hit that like button, or hit the bell button, to get notified of our future uploads! Until next week, bye! ♪ Cause life is worth livin’. ♪ ♪ Oooh, and you… ♪ ♪ Give me all your lovin’ ♪ ♪ And our love ♪ ♪ Is a chain reaction ♪ ♪ It comes in spurts ♪ ♪ So let’s keep this movin’ ♪


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