Arcade1Up TMNT Review – New Lit Marquee And Speaker Upgrades!

teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was
originally released in arcades back in 1989. Then subsequently had a follow-up
sequel called turtles in time arrived to arcades a few short years later in 1991
old titles being loosely based off the smash hit Ninja Turtles animated
television series whose out during this time though video game makers Konami
were originally responsible for these games creation pearl rights have since
been sold off to Nickelodeon you’ll find various Nickelodeon logos splashed on
the cabinet artwork and the only mentions of Konami you’ll see any longer
are during the game startup title sequences since their initial product
offerings last summer arcade 1up has continued to work to improve all aspects
of products they issue out to their fanbase making great strides to not only
improve the quality of the controls and components offered in these machines but
also improving upon the way these units are packaged and boxed up I’m very happy
to say that this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cabinet is a shining example of
arcade 1ups continued dedication towards ensuring the best quality product at
this price point aside from the improvements seen in the internal
packaging the actual cabinet itself boasts several new features not seen in
the majority of previous releases from arcade 1up this unit features a brighter
more vibrant LCD screen with better viewing angles and a higher nit rating
and overall a much better display in general you’ll also notice that the
display screen angle on this machine has been adjusted back with a more tilted
and recessed viewing angle this allows for a much more natural and pleasant
gaming experience for those of us that choose to play with their unit on a
riser as previous generation machines would sometimes cause the player to
careen their neck downwards while playing depending on the players the
respective height of course speaking of risers this unit comes
bundled with a customized graphic riser in the box that matches the classic
cabinet artwork stylings of the cabinet side art not only does this include a
graphic riser increased the looks of this arcade it also doubles to raise up
the cabinet control panel to the same height of its original full-size arcade
counterpart this four player control panel is the first of its kind from
arcade one up and I have to say I’m very happy with how it turned out the control
panel itself measures 31 and a half inches wide which causes this unit to
take up a little more real estate on each end of the cabinet so keep that in
mind should you wish to park this cabinet next to other units or wish to
nestle it in the corner of your home somewhere players have the ability to
choose any one of the four player joysticks they wish however depending on
the joystick you choose to play on we were forced to use that respective
turtle meaning if you wish to play as Raphael you were restricted in to only
playing in the corner spot showing Raphael’s respected player icon and you
aren’t able to choose your own turtle in the turtle select screen during the
start of the game the joysticks and buttons themselves are the same one
juiced in some of the more recent releases from arcade one up last seen on
the mobile combat and final fight cabinets respectively you’ll quickly
notice that the joysticks have ball tops instead of bat tops as the original
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade cabinet used wiko joysticks that have
ball tops while these components are not name-brand their design is modeled in
the same vein as Sanwa should you wish you could actually swap out the Sanwa
OAM accessories such as two or four pound springs and octagonal restrictor
gates but seeing as the titles on this machine are not of the fighting game
genre those types of upgrades would likely be overkill for the majority of
gamers playing this machine one of the most exciting new features of this
cabinet is its inclusion of the adjustable volume slider this is one of
the many new features that we’ll see in future releases moving forward from
arcade one up simply hold the slider to the left to lower gameplay volume or
push it to the right to gradually increase the volume and while you’re
adjusting the volume of the unit you may not also notice that this cabinet
features dual stereo speakers tucked away underneath the marquee no longer
restricted to a single speaker hidden inside the control panel this new dual
speaker design not only brings a noticeable improvement to gameplay sound
there also brings this arcade 1up cabinet design much more in line with
what was seen on there result full-size turtle cabinets both arcade classics play exceptionally
well and are sure to flood you with an overwhelming amount of nostalgia as you
select your favorite turtle and battle the hordes of enemies that stand in your
way these titles both play exceptionally
well but I did notice a few emulation slowdown issues namely what four players
were playing and there were lots of enemies on the screen at once the game
would sometimes get bogged down for a moment before catching back up and
playing at full speed again I found this to be very intermittent and not a major
hindrance to the gameplay experience overall
interestingly enough though arcade 1up has added some additional gameplay
control options not seen in the arcades that I thought were very neat features
as noted here in the instruction manual if you hold down each of the players
start buttons for five seconds you will initialize a hidden feature holding Leo
down for five seconds resets the game back to the menu holding Michelangelo
Start button will reset the game donnatella Start button will allow you
to skip back to the beginning of the level you’re on and Raphael Start button
will allow you to skip forward a level when held down for five seconds these
commands work on both of the Ninja Turtle games on this cabinet with each game taking roughly 30 to 40
minutes apiece to complete you and your friends are sure to have an excellent
time during your next get-together as you gather around the cabinet for some
turtle power and speaking of friends of course the million dollar question that
everybody’s asking about this cabinet is can you actually get four adults on this
control panel comfortably well I’ve decided to take the captain off a little
bit of a field trip to my gym and answer that question once and for all as you can tell from the footage it is
more than possible to have four grown adults playing on this machine
comfortably granted none of these gentlemen are the size of professional
football stars but regardless there’s still ample room to dive in and kick
some of that Foot Clan butt so final thoughts time what do I think about the
$399 retail price quite frankly I think it’s actually worth every penny you’re
getting a custom graphic riser that has really good graphic details it’s got a
nice glossy finish to it and it looks really great it’s got the green
pinstriping and tee molding in the control panel itself actually has real
authentic arcade tee molding which is very unique and a very cool plus added
feature the four player control panel it fits four players comfortably in my
opinion or regular-sized adults the controls are adequate the speakers the
dual speakers sound actually much better than I anticipated having us to play
this earlier the summer at e3 I wasn’t actually able to really kind of tune
into the audio quality at e3 because there’s just so much noise going on to
the background but having this dedicated sitting here in my house with a quiet
ambiance going on I can actually appreciate the quality of these speakers
now if you don’t like these speakers it’s very simple remedy you can actually
just kind of swap these out the inclusion of that 3.5 millimeter jack on
the back of the PCB board makes it very easy for you to swap in different
speakers should you wish to do that and quite frankly there’s only one thing I
would actually change about this arcade cabinet and that is the fact that it
doesn’t come with an included lineup marquise now we know our kid 1-up has
been slowly releasing these four different releases we’ve got the Star
Wars cabinet that has a light-up marquee we’ve got the special edition Marvel
superheros cabinet as well as some Costco bundles with Mortal Kombat and
pac-man and Golden Tee of course all including a light-up marquee and since
this doesn’t come with the light-up marquee that’s a very simple remedy the
fact there’s lots of great third-party companies out there offering various
different options with the light-up marquees if you’re one of those people
that got on the first earlier generations of these lineup marquise you
will have to slightly modify that marquee should you wish to put it on
this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cabinet or any of these new arcade 1up cabinets
that have the dual speaker setup the very simple modification you simply just
have to drill two new holes but regardless if you don’t want to drill
new holes there’s actually a new third generation light at Marquee being
offered now I’m actually going to go ahead and install it right now because I
have to go ahead and get this just because I wanted to see how it compared
to the older generation Marquis another one the great features of this
arcade cabinet is that it actually does save your high scores so even after
you’ve turned off the power or you’ve unplugged your machine it’ll still save
your initials on the name board and that wraps it up for this Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles arcade 1up cabinet review I appreciate everyone for tuning in and
watching if you’re new to this channel please consider subscribing make sure
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new content and as always thanks for watching guys

75 thoughts on “Arcade1Up TMNT Review – New Lit Marquee And Speaker Upgrades!

  1. I ordered the marquee from arcadegamefactory for marvel and tmnt….there marquees are just made better than the other companies including arcade1up….the black trim sets it off…..looked like tmnt marquee lit up with out use of a switch on back of cab? Thanks for video bro

  2. I’m really wondering if I should wait on this and see if they do a bundle or add a light up marquee edition etc because I ended up getting an MK cab early and got burned on that after the revision. I just got a an email about the marvel limited edition cab btw and it’s about to be shipped. Can’t wait. What’s good cool toy? Think tmnt will get a re release?

  3. Clearly a Donatello fan… Raphael for me..

    I'm glad you got yours in a reasonable amount of time.. I'm about to install my new 3rd gen marquee that just arrived yesterday

  4. Nice review ?. Good to see Arcade 1-up addressing the quality issues from the first wave of cabinets. Maybe they could add plugs/covers for the exposed screws in the cabinet and riser, but that's a minor issue and a cheap one to fix yourself if it bothered you. Thanks for posting ?.

  5. I’m done with Arcade1Up. I bought MK2’s cab, and then they release a better Costco version a few months later. I even bought a riser for it.

  6. Good review as always man. Wish I could want to buy anymore of there products. I'm unfortunately not interested in anymore of them till at least 75% off.

  7. So are all the TMNT cabinets shipping with the backlit marquee? I saw another video yesterday that said his didn't What's the deal?

  8. I put on an older gen ArcadeModeUp marquee without drilling new holes. Just used the side screws and it works fine. That said, that marquee there looks sweet!

  9. Got mine built yesterday and love it. How hard was it to install the new speakers? I noticed the stock ones lack decent bass in the lower volumes.

  10. Anyone get the star wars arcade yet? I canceled my preorder from gamestop and placed a preorder at Walmart they have shipped and should be ready to pick up this Monday! Can't wait

  11. when you did the 4" speaker upgrade, did you have to buy any hardware/components with them? Or as simple as replace the speakers and use stock wiring?

  12. Fantastic in-depth review my friend, as always! You covered all the bases!

    P.s.. you fighting some seasonal allergies? Gotta get you out of the Midwest if so!

  13. Just waiting for the marquee to become available again to order so it'll be ready for install when Canada gets our cabs next month

  14. Do you have any info on when the Star Wars cabs are shipping out. My preorder’s status through GameStop still says pending. Doesn’t say shipped yet. Isn’t this supposed to come out on Oct 15?

  15. Any word on bat top controllers with colors that match the TMNT colors? I've checked the Arcade 1Up Reddit forum and pickings are rather slim.

  16. How do you replace the light if it goes out? Do they sell replacement parts? Or do you have to buy a whole new one

  17. What's the odds we get a TMNT bundle like the Costco Mortal Kombat, within the next 6 months? Wondering if I should wait for the better deal

  18. Great review, my friend! When I compare my TMNT cab with my SFII one from last year, Arcade1up improved pretty much EVERY aspect of their product, from packaging to finish to display, graphics, and audio controls. I'm very, very pleased with my purchase, and the joy of reliving these nostalgic titles in this form factor is killer dude!

  19. Awesome review again. Seeing the guys at the dojo fit and play the game is great. The lighted marquee is the touch.. either way it looks great

  20. I bought this took it home put it together and everything was great.. next day I turned it on and the monitor wouldn't turn on anymore.. anyone else have that problem? I took it back and got my money.. I'm just worried to take a chance on buying another.i have two other cabinets and they work fine

  21. You guys in America are so lucky we do not have this in the UK and if we ever do it get it down the line here they will cost double in price because the street fighter one does

  22. Great video, I am loving the upgrades with this new cabinet compared to the older ones. Hopefully a Nba Jam 4 player cabinet comes out. Also how much better do those speakers sound than the factory ones? I actually think the factory speakers sound pretty good.

  23. Just wanted to say the production quality of your reviews is solid, and the effort of things like even taking the unit to the gym is appreciated. Great video! I'm only struggling to find space to put more than one of these things

  24. Nice review brother. Thanks for the upgrade info. How do those Boss speakers sound compared to the factory speakers. Thanks again.

  25. Great video! Love this machine. My question is, is there a noticeable difference with the 4" boss speakers?…great price for them btw

  26. Does 1Up still sell just the game boards for their cabinets? I recall their website was selling at least one of the Atari compilations before, just the main board. These units are great, but I would be much more getting into them if I could just buy 1 of the cabinets for now and just pick up the other game boards separate and swap them out. I would also be really interested to know if its possible, or how complicated it would be, to get these boards running just through a standard jamma harness set up on an original arcade cabinet.

  27. Did they add a option to change the difficulty and how many turtle lives you want or no?

    I want this TMNT arcade so bad and your lucky you got one. 🙂

  28. CoolToy,

    So glad you got this cab, great review! A bit disappointed to hear about the intermittent slowdown during 4-player gameplay with lots of enemies on the screen, but that also got me thinking. With Arcade1up's new PCB, housing an actual Micro USB port, I'm thinking Arcade1up may be able to offer firmware updates to fix any issues instead of having to send out whole board replacements like they had to do to fix Gauntlet on the Rampage cabinet. Fingers crossed 🙂

    I got real excited when you started talking about holding down buttons to activate special features. But that excitement quickly turned to disappointment when you didn't mention "holding down a button for 10 seconds," or "entering the Konami code" to activate hidden Simpsons or X-Men arcade games. Yeah, Yeah, I'm dreamin' 🙂

    Anyway, thanks as always for giving us the latest on Arcade1up and other cool stuff. Have a great one!


  29. I need this in my arcade it is a must! lol I played the demo at Wal-Mart and holy crap was I blown away with the quality arcade1up has really 1upped their game

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