Archimedean Drill Holder

This drill holder is a great way to achieve
accurate drilling with small bits. The spiral hand drill turns by pushing the
knurled center ring up and down to create a small drill. The drill holds bits up to 1 millimeter in
diameter in a collet at the head of the drill. The other end of the drill has a swiveling
finger rest to twist easily. Use this holder for very small drills to create
intricate holes in your jewelry pieces. Let me show you how to use it. First thing you want to do is install your
drill bit. So I will unscrew this, take my drill bit,
and install it into the collet. And then screw the top back on tightly and
I will demonstrate with a brass sheet. First I will take a centering punch, make
a small divot to guide your drill. Take your drill, place it in the divot, grab
here. And all you do is keep going up and down until
you get all the way through the metal. Be careful not to push too hard because you
may bend your bit. And there you go, simple as that. Get your Archimedean Drill today at

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