Arduino based LC Meter home build.

Arduino LC meter Schematic Diagram Main component LM319, High Speed Dual Comparator LCD, 16 X 2 Character Arduino Nano let’s assembly i was insert component as seen in schematic diagram before this is miniatur DPDT Switch for L or C selector crocodile clip as component under test probe insert USB cable to connect Arduino with PC compile and upload code to the system you can search google for the code or email me [email protected] Uploading… try to measure…

100 thoughts on “Arduino based LC Meter home build.

  1. LC metter using pic16f877a

  2. Dear,

    Excelent Job, would you please send me the code ?

    which inductance / capacitance range are you able to measure?


  3. I would ask if you can list it with the components because the schema does not understand the values ​​for resistors and capacitors too well. Thank you very much.

  4. This same bug copied from another and another and neverend…
    1. Negative loopback 47k with 10uF – better 470k with 1uF or 1M with 470nF.
    2. Oscilator with 10uF electrolytic (!) – tantalum or unpolarised smd

    1 – with 100uH and 1nF you got about 0.5MHZ frequency and with this freq this capacitor got higher impedance
    2 – electrolytic have a leak of current – this is malfunction to accuracy of measure and range

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