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Do you want to get a hair transplant done
but are worried about the scarring caused by this procedure? Do you want to know more about the scarring
that occurs after a hair transplant? Let’s talk about this a little. Hello, I am Dr. Sachin Pawar, Hair Transplant
surgeon, Hair MD, Pune. The
hair transplant techniques are improving every day. The amount of
scarring has also started reducing. But the basic scarring still happens. In fact, scarring is an unavoidable part of
surgery. Whether you will get
scars and how deep they would be depends on the surgical technique used
as well as the tendency of your skin. In fact, your surgeon’s experience, skill
and technique determines how much scarring you will see. So let us take a look at which procedures
create what type of scars. As you know, there are two procedures for
hair transplant. Follicular unit extraction or FUE and follicular
unit transplantation or FUT. Visible hair growth is visible 3-6 months
after both these processes. So first let us talk about FUE. In this procedure, hair follicles are extracted
from the back and sides of the head. Your surgeon will extract each graft individually
with a micro punch tool. This will cause a small round scar of around
1 millimeter in diameter. Then these grafts are implanted in the recipient
area. Scars will form on your scalp due to these
incisions but they heal and eventually your hair will cover them. The next procedure is FUT. In this procedure, a strip is taken from the
scalp in the donor area and grafts are extracted from this strip and implanted
in the recipient area. When the strip is removed from the donor area,
that area is sutured. The
areas from where the strip is removed show linear scarring. This procedure has a longer recovery period
as well. The possibility of scares occurring is higher
in FUT, which is why doctors nowadays prefer FUE. If you have a tendency of developing keloid
scars, you have to tell your surgeon this. Because, in this case you may not be the right
candidate for this procedure. Other than this there are some procedures
that can disguise scars. The first option is scalp micropigmentation
or SMP. This is also called
medical hailine tattooing or scalp hair tattooing. This is apermanent procedure in which a pigment
is injected in the scalp. This makes the hair look thicker. This only changes the appearance and
does not actually increase the thickness of your hair. This pigment matches your original hair color,
but you should keep in mind that when your hair naturally grays, these
areas will not change colour. Next is the temporary form of SMP which is
tricopigmentation or TMP. In this procedure, the ink or pigment is semi
permanent which is injected only in the dermis. This ink lasts for around 6 months to 3 years. This procedure may be uncomfortable for some
people. Then the most well known procedure – laser
treatment. Laser heals the damaged tissue scar. This can be combined with SMP or
TMP. This procedure uplifts the overall health
of the dermis as well. See, if you get a hair transplant done at
the right clinic by the right surgeon, yu will get the best results of the surgery
with minimal to no scarring. At
Hair MD, we use a Carl Zeiss loop for magnification. We also use US made
punches. These are very sharp and precise. When they are used on the scalp, the
cuts are very clean and cause minimal damage and minimal scarring to the
skin. Moreover one punch should be used for just
one patient, and we follow this protocol at Hair MD. The punches available in India are not very
precise which increases the chances of scarring. That is why choosing the surgeon and clinic
carefully is very important. If you require some help in choosing the right
surgeon and clinic, you can checkout our YouTube channel for videos related
to this. We have talked
about choosing the right surgeon, how a hair transplant can be successful,
how to choose the best clinic, side effects of the procedure, post procedure
care in the videos. I hope that this video provided you with the
information about scarring after hair transplant that you wer elooking for. If you have any questions you can ask us on
our website, or in the comments below. See, you will get the best results if you
get your hair transplant done from the right surgeon and the right clinic. That is why you should do a lot of
research before choosing your surgeon and clinic and find the best! All the best. Thank you!

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