5 thoughts on “Are ‘Smart’ Meters Spying On You? Rockland Electric Company Says Absolutely Not

  1. Bull shit ! Believe me if the power goes out the phone starts ringing ! This is spyware that gathers information that they sell for millions of dollars. They know when the heat goes on or your air conditioner they can even tell when you use a hair dryer. And the scary part is they know when you go to sleep and leave the house !!!!! BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING US

  2. Everyone is so worried about privacy crazy. You leave more DNA and data behind to the public when you go to a public restroom than the data they collect on meters. People have nothing better to do with their time.

  3. There are a few CA fires where the fire departments noticed the power company ripping of smart meters on these particular homes WHILE the fire department was trying to put out the flames.
    Can you say 'getting rid of evidence'? One dude got it on video which was mind blowing

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