Are You Lightest In The Morning?

so recently a friend of mine says to me Derek you know your heaviest at night before you go to bed and lightest in the morning when you wake up okay but that doesn’t really seem to make sense of course it does overnight you’re not eating anything for like eight hours but you’re still burning calories so of course you’ll be lightest in the more yeah but where’s the mass going like how are you actually losing particles you can’t argue with me I’ve weighed myself at night and the next morning and I know it’s true is that after you went to the toilet no I told you that has nothing to do with it what do you have to disagree with everything that anyone says you just like arguing it’s not that I like arguing it’s just that your statement seems implausible I need some kind of mechanism that would explain how you could be heaviest at night and then lightest by the morning why don’t you google it okay so I googled it and the results were a little bit disturbing I’ll be three to five pounds heavier during the nighttime hours and when I wake up the next morning I’m back down five pounds less I usually wear myself in the morning I’m anywhere from three to five pounds lighter odd an empty body weighs less than a full one the force of gravity also can weigh a person down really Internet this is what we’re coming to but these are just people posting on forums maybe people out on the street are different so I’m gonna go find some people in Perth and see what they say but what time of day do you weigh the most Oh what do you reckon I suppose evening Tolman eaten too much time yeah no time no time not just for your bed yeah outside that as well and lightest in the morning when you wake up so the largest when you first get out of bed so obviously if you keep on eating and drinking during the day one of these sort of people that way you so wait but I weigh myself every single morning of my life and I’m almost always lightest in the morning when are you the lightest first thing you wake up just right when you wake up yeah you hop out of bed yeah you were a light man yeah of course the best way to settle this is with an experiment so every night before I go to bed I will weigh myself and in the morning before I go to the bathroom I will weigh myself again now in any scientific experiment it’s pretty important to control your variables so every time I go for my weigh-in I’m wearing these exact clothes I know pretty snazzy right the hotel staff here have graciously allowed me to use their scale but they told me I can’t take it to my room so I need to do the weigh-ins at the concierge I’m going down for my first weigh in Sunday night we’ll see what my weight is right now at 1:17 a.m. Russ so seventy two point one zero kilos but where does the mass go why are you sleeping like how do you lose weight while you’re sleeping I think it evaporates she sweats a lot yeah I consider digesting at all so it’s kind of probably compressed out it’s true anyway does it go Bernie are we burning it using it up whatever first carbohydrate okay so where does the matter actually go where does the weight actually go it’s transferred as energy that your body uses says y’all like science stuff like ATP are you saying that we’re converting matter into energy yes that’s one way of is that what kind of it it uses up the matter yeah so you’re you just matters disappearing from inside you give it that’s my question everything you put into you doesn’t all come out the other end as well so you’ve got to use or where does it come out what uses certain parts of it to sustain you and let you live all right so it doesn’t think it doesn’t come out of you not all of it it’s a Monday morning I’m just gonna I need to go to the bathroom so before I do that I’m gonna go down for my weigh-in yeah please hello last night I weighed 70 2.1 kilograms let’s see what away in the morning seventy one point nine say nine to five kilograms I’m not really surprised my mass is only changed by about 150 grams it doesn’t really surprise me but yeah I don’t think it’s backing up my friends theory so we’ll have to do this a few more times to make sure that these results are valid the difference of about 0.25 kilos 250 grams 72 point oh five kilograms that’s a loss of about 300 grams so it looks like every night you lose about 250 grams which is pretty similar to the amount that I’ve been losing every day this week so how do you actually lose weight as you sleep well every night this week I seem to lose about 250 grams I think about 150 grams of that was water loss through sweating and breathing out water vapor so where’s the other hundred grams going well every time you breathe in your breathing about 500 milliliters of air but only about a fifth of that is oxygen now three-quarters of that oxygen you’ll just breathe out again but one quarter of it gets replaced with carbon dioxide now carbon dioxide compared to oxygen has the extra mass of carbon on every molecule and the mass of carbon released in every breath is about a hundredth of a gram I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but if you add it up sixteen breaths a minute over eight hours it adds up to about 100 grams every time you breathe out you’re losing weight because come on never heard of that before then I don’t know if people don’t talk about it people don’t think about it because I think a lot of people think that matter can be converted to energy that you can take stuff and then it goes away somehow in the metabolic process in that energy process my point is the atoms are still there that matter is still there you need to get rid of it somehow and some of it is is breathe that’d be worse so people were right when they said that you are burning calories and that’s causing you to become lighter they just didn’t think about the exhaust the water vapor and the carbon dioxide that you breathe out so it may be the case that your heaviest at night and lightest in the morning but I think the real truth of the matter is your heaviest after your biggest meal and lightest after you’ve gone to the bathroom it’s after lunch on Thursday so let’s see what difference a big meal makes I was seventy 1.1 kilograms I’m now seventy two point five five nearly added a kilo and a half my lunch was nearly a kilo in it so this morning when I woke up I was seventy 2.1 kilograms but now I’ve gone to the bathroom so I’d like to see what difference that makes seventy point six kilograms that is a lot of mass that I’ve lost what is that like 1.5 kilos 1.5 kilos that’s a lot of math

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  1. It is possible to convert matter into energy but only if you combine it with antimatter or feed it the energy levels of the big bang. Something our bodies cant do I’m sure.

  2. Ask any bio student and he would easily say that its CO2 how we loose the carbohydrates and other carbon skeleton injested

  3. It could also be gravity itself. Probably won't make too much of a difference, but it could. If you go to bed at 1:00 AM, then the sun is 1 earth further away from you than at noon. This also could be a part of the reason you lose weight in summer. The sun is closer to you so it pulls you up during the day, making you lighter. This would have the opposite effect at night, pulling you down to make you heavier. Please make a vid where you do this experiment in winter and in summer and see the difference. Remember, just a theory.

  4. If the metabolic process continues through the night, can you be converting matter into energy, in this case heat, which you radiate throughout the night? Would that reduce mass? I am asking, not telling.

  5. Wow! One of your best ever!
    First of all, you did exactly what you once said… You started with the common mistake.
    And the explanation following was great. I learned something today.

  6. I just know about this from wrestling it’s why we weigh in early morning then have our matches a few hour later

  7. What about heat? Your body works to maintain its temperature doesn't it?.. now even you know you are full of sh!t lol… I couldn't resist saying it. If the body uses O2 and FUSES C (which you get from burning things) to it… I mean the sun FUSES stuff and it makes heat.

  8. When you said "I'm going to ask people on the streets…", If you went to the streets of my country, you would be SO disappointed with the lack of thinking…".

  9. To be specific 100% When your dick gets hard in the morning u get heavier from extra mass of ur junk. You have to measure that 2

  10. For someone admitting that the general consensus has a lot of weight to it (no pun intended) you come off like a massive a-hole.

  11. There was one night I lost almost a kg over about 12hrs. That must have been a hella ton of breathing and water loss hmmm

  12. 6:19 I also think that, otherwise nuclear reactors wouldn't work.
    And btw, a lot of your cells die as well as you sleep and you lose their mass.

  13. Before I watch the video, I would like to hypothesize that what is responsible for the weight loss are:
    1. food digestion (just a little bit of the mass)
    2. dehydration.

    By the way, if you lose weight (like a lot), you actually exhale it, because the fat is transformed into CO2.

  14. What about the breathing you do at night, u know all that water loss, also u should be doing weighins in just underwear… clothes have mass

  15. Aren't you losing CO2 and H2O particles during your nightly respiration? Never mind I just saw the end of the video!

  16. how you guys say: 1 kilo. 2 kilos
    we just say 1kilo. 2 kilo..
    it not like you would say '2 dollars please' its just one unit, so just dollar..

    so it's 1 kilo, 10 kilo, 100 kilo, 1 ton 😉

  17. Food is converted into energy/heat, sweating through the night, and sometimes the occasional midnight pee. All of the factors stated above decreases mass. I don't see the whole point of this experiment as this stuff is just too obvious for a kid like me.

  18. i thought of another variable you might not have accounted for you should also eat the same thing for your experment

  19. 3:27 when a person didn't learn physics and chemistry and went straight into weight loss theories and nutritions

  20. "Where do the particles go?"

    There's a lil thing called E=mc^2. Mass is converted to energy as you burn calories.

  21. Technically matter can be converted into energy…? Just definitely not through metabolic processes though lol

  22. The loss of mass through carbon dioxide exhaust makes no sense as you breathe perpetually 24 hours a day. That's not comparable to the vapor exhaust mass loss as you don't drink water perpetually 24 hours a day.

  23. you sweat into your pillow and sheets, the breathing thing, and matter is converted into energy (heat) … big question

  24. Prediction before end of video: much of the mass is sweated out. Some of it will be breathed out as co2 and water vapour.
    But it won't be much and the same thing would apply to a say cycle ride?

  25. Classic person getting into an argument and then ultimately agreeing with the other person and pretending they were right all along. Heaviest after your biggest meal and lightest after using the bathroom isn't even accurate anyway. If you poop between dinner and breakfast, then you are lightest just before you take the first bite of breakfast, and you can make yourself even lighter by peeing just before that.

  26. "Why do you have to disagree with anything anyone ever says? You just like arguing."

    Man, I don't use this phrase often, but if I had a nickel for every time someone said that to me.

  27. At night, without using the toilet, you still breath out both water vapour and CO2, not to mention that you will continue to sweat losing mass through water.

  28. Nope. Gravity really causes me bones to creak and groan in the morning. Plus I'm old. So so do me muscles. I've come to hate gravity.

  29. “Are you saying that mass is being converted into energy?” “Yes, that’s one way of looking at it”. “Science stuff on TV”. There are people who think they lose weight at night because of E=mc^2? It’s sad how ignorant some people are.

  30. I eat my largest meals on a toilet, so I have a constant weight. It's so constant, they should create a Sim Constant in my name.

  31. Is he ever going to get around to say that we lose weight through breathing out carbon dioxide?! Jeez this video was frustrating

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