Area of a Square

The objective of this video is to show
how to find the area of a square. We will define square. We will explain congruent
sides. We would define derived units of measurements. We will show three derived units for area in the United States and we will show three derived units for
area in the metric system. Now, let us go over the definition for square. A square
has four sides that are congruent. Congruent means equal in size and shape. A square also has four right angles. We will make out size equal to two the
area formula is length times length. We plug in 2 times 2 So, the area of this square is four, yet
for what? We have to assign a label Let us put the length in meters. Now, area is known as a derived unit, which means the unit of measurement is made up of two or more basic units. So area equals length times length or
length squared. To finish our example, 2 meters times 2 meters equals 4 meters
squared. Area in centimeters would be 4 centimeters squared. And in millimeters, 4 millimeters squared. Now let’s move over to the US standard system of
measurements. The area in inches would be 4 inches squared. And feet, it would be 4 feet squared. And last in yards, it would be 4 yards squared. Take care and thanks!

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