hey guys Avery here with skips tactical
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guys come on please let me know where you are joining from I am so I’m going to pack I’m gonna have to row um how are you guys seeing me I think I
have to rotate you hey guys am I am i okay
yes rotate alright guys sorry for being tardy
tonight when I got off today I had to go pick up some goodie so I have some
goodies that I am going to show you tonight and I apologize so I hope that
everyone had a great week and a great day so far but tonight we’re going to be
talking about eight ours it’s all about the AR so if you have any questions feel
free to drop your questions below but let me give you a couple place
shoutouts for the people who are in the room shut out two yarn dragons creations
because she is just simply amazing slick Mick thank you for tuning in one
thank you for tuning in I’m who else is in here Lea hey thanks for tuning in
barb hey hey how are you mark thank you for getting the shirts love Creed in
hate and to thank kitty hey thanks guys for coming in as always I would love it
if you guys would share this video I can promise you that I tried to stream the
right way tonight as you guys see but there was a lot of technical
difficulties a lot tonight I will be showing you guys some ARS we’re also
going to be going over my upcoming range day so if you are in the Tampa Bay area
I would love for you to come to the range thing and we’re also going to be
talking about Domestic Violence Awareness Month
alright so let’s just go ahead and start talking
about a ours does everybody all right all right so tonight we’re going to talk
about a ours okay head on all right how can you guys hear me can
you hear me better now great thank you so much all righty so
let’s go ahead and ditch that mic because we’re gonna be moving around
some tonight um thank you guys for tuning in I do apologize for all the
technical difficulties tonight but tonight will be a very good livestream
so make sure that you stay tuned because we have a pretty nice giveaway we have
some nice Mel call and you guys are going to enjoy it so tonight we’re gonna
be talking about rifles and I will tell you that in my personal opinion I want
to know what you guys think – I want you to let me know if you feel like rifles
have really gotten a bad rap so the media the people who don’t really know
much about guns do you think that they have really given rifles about rip all right so Lina says yes and I’m gonna
tell you my personal pan on this and we’re going to get educated
tonight on rifle so if you have someone who you think may benefit from this
please submit this video so that they can tune in as well or just send it to
someone who you just want to bless them with a bomb video today the title of
this video is all about ARS and I’m going to school you on ARS and I’m gonna
start this off with a comment from slick Mick and Slick Mick said they’ve gotten
up they’ve gotten a bad rap from people who don’t think wrestling yes and Tony
said yes most don’t know a know what they’re talking about which is a shame and we’re going to be talking about
first what does a R stand for when they’re talking about these black rifles
and we’re going to be talking about the ones that they’re normal joking on and
we’re talking about not the normal that show we’re not talking about
military-style anything we’re talking about regular rifles that civilians can
own so a are can anyone tell me what that stands for hey alright thanks for tuning in yes a love creamy hate thank you so much
for schooling us on this tonight eight our sense for Armalite rifle and art
thank you for throwing that in there as well and a lot of civilians and I mean
not just of it a lot of people refer to all of these rifles right as assault
rifles and that is very very incorrect and we’re gonna talk about that today
so Armalite Armalite rifle is the actual company that developed these back in the
1950s so many many people will refer to this or to these black rifles that I
will be showing you tonight as assault rifles there are not assault rifles and
when individuals talk about rifles that are used by the normal civilian these
are not assault rifles okay so a R stands for Armalite rifle so if you
didn’t know if you didn’t learn anything this whole night hopefully if you didn’t
know that then you learn that okay and art we’re gonna talk about that tonight
as well so that is one misconception that we want to go ahead and clear up
tonight that does a R does not mean assault rifle it is Armalite rifle okay some other common names for these can
you guys tell me what some of the other common names are I know one that I kind
of hear people talk about and that’s going to be more sorry modern sport
rifles and I want you guys to tell me some of the other names that you may
hear people refer to these guys but that can go ahead and clear out some of the
misconceptions because they’ll know hey if someone’s talking about a modern
sport rifle then they can also be talking about Armalite rifle they can be
talking about ar all right so another name that these are
often referred to is as black rifles so you may hear someone talk about a black
rifle amount of sport rifle but they are rifles are now available in both pistol
and rifle variables so I want you guys to know that they can talk you may hear
people refer to a rifle but they may talk about they have air pistol and then
they can just say like a normal air rifle Tremayne said SBR yep
um so I’m going to show you guys some and then we’re going to talk about
different calibers and I want you to know that it so on this video I don’t
want anyone to think that I’m talking down to them but I want to talk to the
lowest level of someone who absolutely doesn’t know anything about a rifle so
if you know please feel free to chime in and help those that are on the live that
don’t know either because once I get into the flow of my conversation
sometimes it’s kind of hard for me to stop because I will have a complete
squirrel moment and forget exactly what I’m talking about I’m going to show you
some of the rifles that I have and just know that they all look different
there’s not a one size fits all and then there’s not even really like one color
so you can see them in various colors so just don’t think that if you have seen
one tonight I mean sorry not one tonight if you have seen one if you own one and
they may not all look the same they look different and just know that a rifle
yeah we’re not gonna say assault rifle at all tonight so let’s not say I saw
any more in the like jack-ay are Armalite rifle and I’m just going to
show you a few different ones that I have just so that you can see the
different cosmetics on so first things first this is my baby
and this is the one that I really really love can anyone tell me what this is
hopefully you watch my video on this can you guys see this well I hope those are you that are watching
tonight have actually seen my video on this so this is a PSA Palmetto State
Army air pistol and this was one that I received for review and I fell in love
and I couldn’t send it back absolutely couldn’t send it back so I had to
purchase it so this is air pistol I love it if you have not seen my video on this
make sure that you check out my video on this okay but this is considered an air
pistol here is you um that’s a hollow Sun sorry so this is
the first AR that air 15 at me and my husband built together I want to say it
was an anniversary thing that we did but this was like our first build together and then here is my most recent build
and I think I kind of showed this one to you guys last week and this is another era 15 all right so I wanted you guys to see
how a few different ones looked because now we’re going to talk about some of
the different features so that you guys will get educated on them these are
going to come in different calibers and I have a few different rounds here to
show you guys tonight all right so first I’m going to tell you them and
then I will be showing you them so we have some of the common error 15
calibers are 2 2 3 there’s 5 5 6 and these are going to be the ones that are
going to be most commonly used so when you’re thinking about what majority of
the people typically use when it comes to their rifles it’s going to be sorry
guys I’m trying to system them it’s going to be your two two three and your
five five six and these are going to be more readily available and when we talk
about calibers that we want cowbirds that we use we definitely want things
are going to be um readily available just in case we need to stock up on
ammunition alright thanks for tuning in gee webs um then there’s gonna be your
300 blackout and the difference with a 300 blackout is it’s gonna be neck down
but also in that five five six casing and let me show you guys some of these so if you don’t know what something is
when it comes to your your bullet your casing I want you to always take so this
is your projectile and the head stamp so this is going to be your head stamp this
part and I’m going to try to get this in focus so that you guys can see it but
this will tell you exactly what it is okay this will tell you the caliber and
you can always refer to this when in doubt I want you to just flip it over
look at it and see exactly what it is okay so this one is a gorilla and it’s
two to three rooming turn and let me see if you guys can see that I would pick the one night where like I
need a serious feel to show you guys I’m gonna pick a bigger one so that you guys
can see it alright so the next one that I’m gonna show you guys is 300 blackout
and this is Hornady 300 blackout let me see you guys see that so when it comes
to your 300 blackout like I said before it’s gonna be neck down your 5 5 6
casing with a 30 Cal projectile and some people use these for self and home
defense many people start out with 2 2 3 5 5 6 and then intermediate kind of
moved to the 300 blackout but the next one I want to show you is I don’t have a
all right so 6 5 Creedmoor this is what your cartridge looks like and on my bottom of it it’s going to tell you exactly what it is
SMB 6.5 Creedmoor hopefully you guys can see that so if I were to go to the range
and for some reason I’m not quite sure what I have all I have to do is flip
over the cartridge and look at the bottom all right so like I said this is
six-five Creedmoor this is what it looks like I’m gonna try to stay out so that
you can see how the camera so you guys can actually focus on the cartridges but
like art said six five cream or equals six five spam or now I want to show you
guys the differences in some of these okay so this is six five three more then
we’re going to take our 300 blackout and we’re going to compare these two that’s
not a good comparison and I’m not going to be able to do that either um it’s like make what do you like about
the 6’5 Grendel yes we can give me a few so that we can give you the average cost
per round because I thank you art for saying that because I think that’s very
important as well let me see so now we’re going to add arm and I also have a
um three 308 sorry getting tongue-tied here throughout women and I’m going to
add this so that you guys can see and compare it and then we have our two to
three round and we’re going to add so this is us comparing all four of
these in size and there’s quite a few differences there is you have your
actual projectile you have your casing so this I just wanted you guys to be
able to visually see and side by side alright so these are common
air 15 calibers I don’t have any to do for Valkyrie but thank you for reminding
me alright that was our 15 calibers and
then now we’re going to talk about a are 10 calibers when we talk about our air
10 calibers you have your seven six two in your 308 and I know someone in here
talked about I think someone said that they like 308 before and then there’s
six five Creedmoor and when it comes to your seven six to your 308 those are
gonna be the ones like I said before with your ar-15 we want something that’s
going to be really accessible just in case we need to stock up on something
which if you do half hour arms and you do need ammo for those right you’re
gonna want to have I’m not saying like a huge stockpile but you want to make sure
that you have a stockpile because when all of this panic by happens you never
know how they’re doing with all these laws then you don’t want to have to have
something that’s not excuse me really accessible and you’re
gonna have to go a bazillion pit places to try to find it I just had that
problem with I’m some 65 Grindle but when it comes to the 65 pre-board that’s
gonna be a longer range cartridge and it’s gonna have that higher muzzle
velocity and that’s going to be less effective by your win so if we have is
there anyone in the chat tonight first of all let me back up a little bit if
this is your first time tuning into the chat please let us know that it is your
first time so that we can give you the proper welcoming and if you are newer to
rifles please let us know that as well because if you have any questions please
post them down in the chat because we have a lot of people in here that are
very experienced and we can help each other when it comes to your air fifteens
we’re going to next talk about your um your barrel twist twist rate let me tell
you I’m getting so tongue-tied tonight but I think it’s because I’m excited
because I have some really nice things to show you guys um we’re gonna use this
as an example are we know we’re going to use the new one see yarn dragons we are here to get our
learn on alright so air 15 barrel twist rates one
two seven is going to be your most common and I want you guys sorry I want
you guys to focus on this because this is what we’re talking about um when I
talk about one to seven that means that your bullet will make one full rotation
revolution for every seven inches it travels down the barrel okay so
sometimes you hear people talk about the one to seven twist rate sometimes you
may not but I want you to know what that means
okay so one to seven again that means that your bullet will make one full
revolution every seven inches it travels down your barrel okay and that’s going
to be able to help with stabilizing the heavier grain rounds and you’re going to
want that 107 twist rate when you’re dealing with your 55 grain and up alright um I was gonna talk about muzzle devices
tonight but I’m not gonna talk about muzzle devices we’re gonna talk about
handguard snags all right so we’re gonna talk about your hand
guards can anyone tell me what your hands are to do and I think when you
talk about hand guards you’re gonna think about your hand guards in regards
to kind of like everything else like there isn’t a one style fits all there
isn’t one brand like different people like different things and that’s why
there’s so many different things out there okay so just because you see that
one person has a certain style some people may like em luck some people may
not like it so I’m gonna show you a couple of the different ones but I can
tell you when it comes to me there’s I’m not really set on any one thing per se
when it comes to me tryin y’all things I want to try them out and give them a
fair assessment and I think you should do the same if you know what you like
stick with what you like I typically stick with what I like too but I
definitely have to get educated on the different things that are out there and
help educate you guys as well all right so this is show you let’s see yes Antoine I think that is your name see I
love what you guys interact you guys make it so much easier when you’re
interacting alright so we’re gonna be talking about the standard and a free
float and tonight I’m showing you can you guys see them both we have keymod and then we have M log all right so this one is going to be
your keymod handguard and this is going to be your hemlock
handguard okay and these are just us like the styles the names of the hand
guards keymod and luck and I don’t know how its oriented with you guys so I
don’t want to say left or right because I’m not sure the way that you guys see
it sorry this is your hand guard sorry this is our hand guard I need like a whole band white in here
to help me guys this is the handguard on this one this is the handguard on this
one all right can you guys see them both and your keymod which like I said before
I’m not sure which side you guys see it on but it’s going to be on my right
right here so your key mod is a older design
sorry older design and some people feel like it’s ugly
all right okay so it’s your guys’s left don’t shoot the messenger
so this is an older design and keymod and thank you Antoine for saying that
when it comes to some of these things I have like my little ways that I try to
remember them and that definitely helps me to remember it so Antoine said when
it comes to key mod is gonna look like a key so if you guys look at it it looks
like keys so keymod handguard and my hand we’re gonna put this one down and
then we’re gonna look at the M lock okay mm lock one’s gonna be nice I don’t want
to confuse you guys and have them both up at the same time all right so now
we’re looking at a M lock handguard how many people think that the M lock
handguard looks better asset like aesthetically more pleasing than the
keymod this is newer is actually less expensive to produce and some people say
that it looks better so I don’t know which ones you I’m sorry
I don’t know which one you guys thinks looks better what I’m gonna put them
both side by side and I mean don’t feel like you have to choose one over the
other what I really like about this em lot is
I’m really able to man guys I’m really doing the most tonight
I like the slim design of it and I’m able to get a nice firm grip and get my
hand around it this is my most recent bill this is um an arrow Atlas s1 upper
on here but um I think Sabine traveler said keymod accessory rails are a lot
cheaper than the EM lock I love them both see just like you different strokes
for different folks I like them both but I mean sometimes if you’re like trying
to shoot a video or pictures you may want something that looks a certain type
of way so class we’re gonna have a quiz just kidding when it comes to our hand
guards we have what to Cummings we have our key mod which looks like a key these
cut outs in here look like a key and then we have our enemy lock I definitely like my slim handguard as
well something you didn’t study so you’re gonna have to say after class and
make up for it that was literally me all the time when I was in school oh my god
this kind of almost mean oh so like I said if you guys have any questions I
want to make sure that you guys get them answer so feel free to type them into
the live chat and if you don’t know where if you’re watching this video and
you don’t know where the live chat is that’s okay there’s like a little box
under the video and you should be able to live chat with this video okay it’s
right under I think it’s where the description is but you can live chat
with people that are in this video or people that are watching the video sorry
um next I’m gonna show you magazines hey Texas Allah how are you so Leah said
is one heavier than the other when it comes to your weight on your rifles you
also have to think about the different things that are on there because some
people at you’re gonna add different things but so this one has oh and this one is strike industries I don’t
know if anybody asked that I think we did this like this had to be like a
solid eight years ago and when it comes to your weight I mean that’s going to be
different for different people because what may be considered heavy for one may
not be heavy for the next but this slim is definitely not as heavy I just really
like the look of this all right off my soapbox I don’t know if
I said it cuz sorry I got kind of sidetracked but next we’re going to talk
about your magazines this is going to provide you your source of ammunition this is your standard aluminum magazine sometimes when you purchase you may have
a Lumina mag come with your firearm sorry with your rifle sometimes you may
not this is your standard aluminum magazine alright these are not really
popular nowadays what tends to be more popular is your P mag and this is a
polymer magazine these are called magazines some people
may refer to this what are some other names that you guys have heard I know
some people say um clips but what I want to tell you when people use incorrect
names please just educate them okay educate them do
not destroy them like sometimes people hear someone say something wrong and
they’re like finish them and they just like completely go off and make fun of
them but you don’t you really don’t know what you don’t know so if so much like
hey hand me the clip or what just educate them on what it’s the correct
nomenclature for it the right name and these are just gonna be magazines and
you put your bullets in here we’re not gonna um not gonna show you guys how to
load tonight but really funny thing about that my very first youtube video was me trying to show people how to load
a magazine it was horrible very horrible but let’s see have used a Magpul meg link debating on
buying wine but don’t want to waste the money over a 100 mile per hour tape I
have not loved creating hey anyone here in the chat use it before um Jurgen said
yep they make them feel small and the person does not want anything to do with
guns anymore you heard it here from yarn dragons love
kriti hate said I don’t know how to use my speed loader or whatever is included
with new guns um I don’t have one here with me now but um maybe I can do a
video on it when it comes to your aluminum AG they may not be as reliable
and these lips tend to been and what people start to do and I see it all the
time on the range they’re like constantly banging their magazines right
they’re like jamming them banging them and it’s only going to be able to take
so much and then it’s gonna give okay so make sure that you are handling with
care I really don’t know what to say just make sure that you’re not being
abusive towards them that you’re taking care of them as well but these are the
two options and someone just added something one set if you use polymer
mags which are these your rifle I’m sorry max with your rifle it will not
weigh as much as if you’re running steel mags here you go all right
and something else about this if you take a quick look in here it’s typically
going to show you first of all it’s gonna tell you the caliber that it takes
five five six and in here five five six you guys see that these are the calibers
that it takes and do not think just because a calibre doesn’t belong in a
magazine that it will not fit in there because I can promise you people will
make it fit in there okay well what I wanted to tell you about this really
quickly is if you look it is so it doesn’t look exactly like it but it kind
of takes the shape of a bullet the round sorry the cartridge in that if you don’t
know the correct way to load it if you were to look in here it’s going to show
you so you see how it’s wider down here and then it gets slimmer the back of
your cartridge which has so the name of this again is your head stamp no it’s
being difficult up look at that let’s see and that’s gorilla two two three oh my
god my fingers get them out I almost had an accident it almost felt alright so
this is going to be the back remember that this is your projectile this part
is going to leave out of your barrel and hit your target this part please do not
think and sorry I’m going like on like a completely different tangent then I was
meaning to but when it comes to your actual cartridge it’s very important to
know the way it needs to be oriented in your magazine okay so the back will go
towards the back and some quick education on your magazine does anybody
have questions on magazines or how to load them because if you guys know this
and I’m not gonna go over this but um if you look on the side over here it’s
gonna show you the correct way that it needs to go as well it’s on that side
and it’s on that side as well that’s showing you the proper way to orient
your cartridge so if I were to need to load this this
is exactly how this would look see if I can put my finger there sure let me move
it down some so you can see do you guys see how that pretty much shows you how
to do that or how it should look in there alright
because they will go in the wrong way and it’s just like this so the back this
is so it’s curved that this back part you can think about it as like your
spine right in the back of the cartridge should go towards the back of the
magazine alright just like that and if we were to compare these two
that’s the way it looks the next thing I want to talk to you about is just like
you maintenance your firearms I want you to may not I want you to you should also
maintenance your magazines okay it’s very very important that you maintenance
your magazines when it comes to your magazines there’s different things that
could cause them to start to not function properly if they have debris in
them and I’m not going to take this apart right now
but there is a spring down in here okay you want to keep them dry you want to
keep them free of debris so let’s say for instance I were to go to the range
and they get really dirty or say you go hunting or whatever and they get dirty
what I want you to do is take them apart and run a take them apart you’re going
to have a rag and you’re going to clean them okay so when it comes to taking
them apart you have to be very careful so I said there’s a spring in here when you take these apart to maintenance
them I want you to remember that there is a spring in there so if I were to
just remove this can anybody tell me what would happen yes why once that all
mics have Springs and you can clean the spring with a towel yes I want to see if
anyone was gonna answer yes love created hate you’re getting like a a plus today
um if I do not maintain positive control of this it will fly across the room I’m
pretty sure this has happened to everybody it may not be with a magazine
it could be with something else but if you don’t maintain positive control then
your spring will fly out okay let’s see it’s off I’m maintaining control and I’m
going to ease it out so if you do not know what the inside of your mag looks
like then you’re going to find out tonight and these are until you your spring and
your follower so this it basically spring and fall over and
your meg this is a Magpul and when I’m taking things apart I like to be very
very systematic about the way that I’m doing things and if I set this down I
would sit it down and the way that I took it apart so that whenever I put it
back together I can put it back together and reverse order because sometimes you
just forget but I’m not gonna waste your guys’s time tonight and put that back
together because I need to announce last week’s giveaway winner let me find out I
wrote it down guys I promise I did all right guys give me a second so that
I can oh there eco all right so I’m gonna announce last week’s giveaway
winner because I should’ve did that in the beginning um last week whoa
giveaway why’s the CMC swag which major shout-out to CMC I’m wearing a comfy CMC
shirt today and the winner from it is Shawn Brooks so let me educate you guys
a tad bit on this last week we had our CMC giveaway right and not a lot of
people entered and when I say not a lot I mean I think it was two so if you want
to win some swag make sure that you are entering into these giveaways because I
can tell you who does enter yarn dragons and she’s always win and stuff like she
just told me the other day like I said man you’re always winning and people’s
giveaways and she’s like because I’d be the only one putting in for stuff so
Shawn Brooks you are the winner of the CMC swag congratulations please make sure that
you excuse me guys please make sure that you reach out to me so that I can get
your item shipped out to you all right I’m gonna have to move these because I’m
about to knock them over um I hope that you guys learned something tonight when
it came to rifles Armalite rifles ARS and these are just a couple and you may
see other ones with different attachments different styles whatever it
may be okay so I want to talk to you about how to purchase a ours does any
but I’m I’m gonna talk about it anyways um both of these Oh actually I’m gonna
talk to you about it first so you can buy a complete gun okay you can go to
the store and let me show you a complete gun a complete rifle this was a complete
rifle they ship this out to me just like this – this optic just like this a
complete rifle so this is one way that you can get it you go to the store or
you purchase it online but you’re buying a complete gun if you’re newer you may
want to go this route because if you go this route then you don’t have to worry
about putting things incorrectly or all of that okay so you can buy a complete
gun you can also buy a complete upper and a complete lower and just put them
together so this is your lower and I would take it apart but you guys won’t
be able to see me do it this is your upper and here is where they attach so I
have these pins and if I were to push in from left to right and sometimes they
may be a tad bit harder I’ll push in here for this pin to come out on the
other side and it can fit like this okay so this is your upper let me see if I
can show you this is your lower this is your Lord actually I was just about to
do that we have our lower and we have our upper and you guys can buy these
complete like everything is in here that needs to be in here you have your lower
your upper and all you’re gonna do is put them together just like I took them
apart that’s another option for you to do okay and then your last option is
going to be for you to build it from scratch that is very pleasing I can tell
you that a lot of people get that satisfaction in knowing that they picked
everything out and they also have a cisapride in it they’re like yep I did
that that’s fine and when it comes to building you can
get you a stripper lower and you putting it all together so I want to show you
guys the difference actually I’ll just use this one as example this one’s
completely strict my hand is in the way and then this one has all the components
for them alright and when you’re building you’re putting everything in
there okay but those are just a few of the different options and I’m not gonna
get too much in this but we’ve talked about it on a video before you can
purchase online when you purchase online um so there’s some common misconceptions
when it comes to purchasing firearms like I was talking to someone about me
needing to go pick up some firearms that I’m about to show you here shortly I
said oh they ship these guns out to me and they’re like oh they’re shipping
them to your health but I thought you needed a background check and it’s like
no they’re not shipping them to my house they’re shipping them to an FFL and a
lot of times the FFL is gonna be like let’s say your gun store right there’s
ship you’re buying it online they’re shipping it to your store and then once
it gets to your sword the store’s gonna call you and say hey skip I got in let’s
say a rifle that you purchase and I’m gonna say okay I’m gonna go in to their
store and I’m going to fill out paperwork they’re gonna do my background
check and once everything is copasetic everything’s good then you can purchase
that okay that’s how that works it’s no buy it online and they just ship it to
your house they depend if it’s not I’m not even gonna go into that right now so
if you’re purchasing a firearm there going to have to ship it to an FFL and
when they ship it to the FFL you’re just going to go there and they’re gonna run
your background check and that’s how you’re gonna get it but do not think
that you can only purchase a firearm in a store because that is very incorrect
you can purchase them online you can buy them in a store but it’s whatever floats
your boat best side note if you’re buying online if you’re buying a Aero
precision or if you’re buying from Palmetto State armory I would love for
you to use my affiliate link I am an affiliate with Palmetto State armory and
I’m also an affiliate with um arrow and I would love for you guys to use my link
it will not cost you guys any money whatsoever it will be a very small
Commission like five to eight percent of your purchase will come and the company
will pay me for that so I really appreciate you guys sorry guys but I
want to show you really quick another option
okay so I’m gonna have to get up for this one because this one is a big boy
or a big girl so what I’m gonna show you now is an
ar-10 and this is palmettos a Palmetto state armory ar10 I just want to make
sure that you guys can see this and this one it’s very very nice as you
guys can see but this is another option and so like I said big gun big boy big girl
whatever you want to call it which is something else I really think this is a
good starter it is very lightweight and it just fits perfect it was like this
was made for me I think it was made for me
this is like my baby so we went over a RS which the name that is most commonly
used for those is an incorrect name people are spreading false information
they are not assault rifles Leah are you talking about the last one that I had because our last rifle that I had that
was my comatose state armory AR pistol the correct name for that is AR is I’m a
light rifle alright and if you see someone who is or if you hear someone
saying the incorrect name feel free to correct them alright I hope that you
guys learn something when it came to us talking about rifles I really really
appreciate each and every one of you interacting helping answering questions
posting questions because I can promise you if you didn’t have that question
someone else may have had that question and I do appreciate you for interacting
tonight you made my job so much more easier but the next thing that we’re
going to talk about is do you guys want to see
the swag from this weekend or do you want to see milk all gun swag for this
weekend or milk all guns whoever times first that’s what we’re
gonna look at next hurry hurry alright Wallace Mel Koch oh sorry I’m
all late Atlanta light was like milk all gun thanks guys so milk all done I don’t
know if you saw my post but we will have some pretty nice demo guns at the range
day this weekend so Palmetto state armory so graciously sent out some nice
guns for us to get our hands on this is the Palmetto State Armory akp and this
is ak-47 and I also have a PSA AKB this one is your ak-47 and it is 76 2 by 39 7
62 by 39 so you can go ahead and thank the AKP in the AKP for me being late
tonight because I had to go pick them up but I don’t know if you guys I think it
was worth it the first time I shot these was when I went up to Palmetto state
armory about a month ago and did their media day event and I really really
enjoyed it this is the AKP so the AKP is the ak-47 762
about 39 Palmetto state armory and then next I have the Palmetto State
armory akv and this is a nine-millimeter so I guys almost had like a complete
brain part just now and I’m going to compare the size so that you guys can
see it I found it easier um to shoot this one it was smaller so
like I said this one is 9 mil and I really liked it on what I do find
a little bit harder is I’m right-handed so for me to manipulate this is at a bit
different for me but it’s something that you can get used to but when I’m dealing
with new firearms that I’m not really used to I definitely have to take my
time and really well I’m always taking my time but I have to be very mindful of
what I’m doing okay so for me with this I would just have to
like leaning over but this is a Palmetto State armor and I have to say it slow
cuz then I just get all kind of tongue-tied this is a Palmetto state
armory 8kb and this is their 9 mil and then we’re gonna add the Palmetto state
armory akp so that akp is gonna be on your left this is the ak-47 and it is 76
2 by 39 on your left is the AKP and on your right is going to be the Palmetto
State Armory AKB 9 mil so this is 7 62 in this sorry sorry no on your right is
9 mil and on your left is 7 62 by 39 I was about to get in the zone and then I
was just gonna mess it up for like the rest of the video if you haven’t shot
these I really like shooting them it’s fun and I’m not sure if I posted the
video of me shooting the AKB but I really really liked it um elana light
I don’t quote me but I think that um a KB is 709 yeah I think the it came to
you 799 but we will look it up so we can let you know
when it comes to the AKB in the AKP so many people have been trying to get
their hands on these and they are like they’re only doing a certain amount of
production of them at a time and as soon as they come in the stock
they are literally selling out within like an hour so if these are something
that you want to get your hands on be very mindful of if you were to ever get
the notification that they’re in stock then you want to go ahead and purchase
it so it would be one of those types of things where you just put your money to
the side and then whenever you’re ready and whenever it’s in stock then you just
go ahead and get it alright we have our a K P in our a KP and someone asks about
the mags I can’t get to the max right now guys so those were the two um mail
call guns that I got and I’m so excited to have these at the range day so if you
haven’t heard about the range day we will be having our Skip’s tactical
solutions free firearm safety event in the Tampa Bay area on the 12th of
October from 12:00 no sorry 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and that’s gonna be this
Saturday okay and if you know anyone who would like to get educated please let
them know and this is not going to be it’s gonna be a free basic firearm
safety class okay and when it comes to this class let’s say for instance I went
to this range day right whatever that example and I didn’t have any
experience I’m gonna sit in a class I’m gonna learn and then once I leave out of
the classroom I can actually go to the range and apply everything that I just
learned for free yes you heard that for free depending on
the amount of people that come there were only being I’m gonna limit it to
ten nine mil rounds per person 10 because quick sidenote
I had to buy all this ammo okay so it’s gonna be ten rounds per person and if
they want to shoot a handgun a pistol for the first time they’re gonna be able
to shoot a pistol for the first time if they want to demo the a K be able to
demo the a KB if they wanna demo anything else that is not 9 mil they’re
gonna have to purchase ammo and well yeah they’re gonna have to purchase ammo
and they will be able to demo it all right so if you want to come out there
and you want to get your hands on that ak-47 you can do that everything will be
in a very controlled environment fits anything that we own or we’re allowing
you to demo it’s gonna be on a one-on-one so if you want to come out
come out if you plan on shooting anything that is your personal privately
owned anything you’re gonna have to pay a $20 range fee which this is an outdoor
range so it will be I’m not a goon I just not gonna like on come out have fun
fellowship with like-minded individuals and if someone wants to get their first
shots in we are there for you it will be on a one-on-one basis everything will be
controlled and I’m excited to introduce some new people to firearms and we’re
gonna have some sky pistols out there oh and guess what else is gonna be out
there I almost forgot I almost forgot the Springfield Armory Hellcat will be
there for you to demo as well yes it will be and a lot of people cannot get
their hands on one right now so you’ll be able to try it at the range day all right so we have the the mags this
is going to be your met your 7 62 by 39 mag and like we said before if you were
to look here it’s going to tell you your caliber so this is your 762 magazine and that’s
for your AKP when it comes to you’re a KB from um don’t worry about that a
little bit of dirt right there this is going to be your round for your akv and
if you look on here nine by nineteen millimeter this is smaller because the
round that’s going into this is going to be a 9-mil and it’s already posted these
are going to be compatible with your cz scorpion mags I’m gonna go in here look
how big that is a lot so on your on your a KB that’s it thirty-five I don’t know how you guys
see it I can turn at they’re loading like a ten
round magazine side no when we were at pas metal say armory
they loaded the mags for us it was like the best thing ever um but that is the Palmetto State Armory
AKB in akp I’m going to try to do a review on that on the akv in the AKP if
I can I have to get these shit back out very very quickly and it all depends on
how busy we are with the range day and then I have a class on Sunday as well so
if I can get it reviewed I’m definitely gonna try to get a review and get you
guys some info out about that alright um so we have so before I’ll talk about the
swag because I think everybody wants to do they want to see and hear about the
swag but I want to talk about something really important first if you don’t know
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month yes it is I totally just went
there I think it’s very very important that we talk about these things because
they’re happening it is real and we need to make sure we are educating those of
us around those individuals around us about domestic violence the stats I’m
not even gonna tell you them I will be posting them on social media they’re
very very upsetting alarming and it’s probably happening to someone or has
happened to someone very close to you and I didn’t know this until last year
but when it comes to domestic violence african-american women are the ones who
or victimized the mouse if you see something say something if you can help
in any way with someone please help them but domestic violence awareness month is
October I will be trying to do more education on it but I saw something that
kind of upset me when it came to and I’m not one to really debate with people
online but it talks about how guns need to be banned because there if there’s a
farm in the home then a woman is certain percentage more likely to be victimized
right I think this means more women need to be trained on how to protect
themselves because it is individuals who are the closest to us who are doing this
we need to make sure we are educating women on how to protect themselves
because if they don’t know how to protect themselves then they’re possibly
becoming victims right this is very very important and I felt like I would be
wrong if I didn’t bring it up I posted on social media yesterday I think about
the mystic Violence Awareness Month and on my Facebook page
I got make sure you guys can see that zero on that it wasn’t until like 24
hours later that one person liked the posts okay so I know these are things
that we don’t want to talk about but these are things that we need to talk
about because so many women and I’ll let me let me add this in here because it’s
not just women men are victims as well learn how to protect yourself and if
there’s a firearm in the home and if it needs to be removed from the home then
it needs to be removed from the home but ladies and gentlemen please learn how to
protect yourself domestic violence Awareness Month if you
can help someone even you can hear you can help people by sharing a post
just to get more education out there about it and if you have young children
educate them on it as well because if you were to see the stats on the ages
it’s happening at young ages with boyfriend/girlfriend and it’s happening
with kids that are like like age 15 so if you have not looked into it please
look into it please do your part don’t just be a bystander
so Ilana my said on a typical day there are more than 20,000 phone calls placed
to domestic violence hotlines nationwide the presence of a gun and a domestic
violence situation increases the risk of homicide by 500% F our african-american
women the new largest group of gun owners around the u.s. as I’ve read also
when viewing about national african-american gun Association thank
you so much for adding that I think those are very important sets for us to
know I have been very very passionate and this was like this has just been me
like throughout my years in volunteering with domestic violence shelters I’m
being advocates for them and just helping out in any way that I can so if
you can help help if you donate things instead of donating them to Goodwill
you can donate them to a local domestic violence shelter because a lot of these
women are having to leave their homes with nothing but the clothes on their
back and the same thing with their children and some are staying in these
situations because they feel like there’s nowhere to go and if there is
somewhere to go then they don’t want to have to struggle by themselves to
struggle with their children as well and then Allah no I said one in five women
and one in 71 men in the US have been raped in their lifetime thanks for
adding that um the next thing that I’m going to so I’m not going to beat a dead
horse on that I will be sharing some things on social media I think it’s very
important for us to talk about these things
but thank you guys so much for listening to that and in Atlanta light thanks for
posting those things – feel free to keep throwing those into the into the chat so
that people can get educated on this next thing is patreon I want first to
shut out all of my patreon supporters because they’re amazing we have people
who are in this live chat right now and they are donating to support me and
putting out my content and I am so appreciative um I’m not quite sure who
wants the live chat right now but being shut out to all my patreon supporters I
know that Marv is in here I know that young dragons is in here and if you have
not donated to my patreon I would really appreciate if you would donate to the
patreon sorry patreon the website is
patreon.com/scishow solutions every single month we have a giveaway in our
sorry every single month we have a giveaway within the patreon group and
this week’s giveaway was a cleaning product okay oh sorry
– then Kitty is a patreon supporter as well thank you
and if anyone else is in here that’s a patreon supporter I apologize but Matt
shoutouts to you can anyone tell me what I have here here
I have cleaning products oh I’ll analyte how do you like your
cleaning products all right so this is the wasn’t weekly
no this is our October patreon giveaway so I know you guys have heard me talk
about half your patreon supporter we’re gonna be doing a giveaway October this
is our giveaway you have your solvent and you also have your lubricant and
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clean technologies October patreon giveaway is to than Kitty so make sure
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single month we will be doing a giveaway for our patreon supporters because we
truly appreciate you and now let’s get to the giveaway for you guys tonight alright so since we talked about
Palmetto State Armory we talked about there a KB there a KP and then being so
amazing and shipping out some products for us to give away at this range day I
felt like we should do a giveaway for you guys ok all you have to do is actually I’m gonna
show you what it is first so this is only for those of you who are
in the live chat tonight you’re going to be able to win Palmetto State armory hat aim and I can’t look will be samesies a
poem I don’t say armor shirt and that is the back that’s not quite it yet and a patch to
match your shirt all right so put my dissent army hat
shirt and patch all you have to do is type in PSA in the comments below
all right PSA in the comments below I’m gonna give you guys a couple minutes to
do that if you want to win make sure that you enter I told you I always love
giving out goodies to you guys and then I like yeah I definitely like
what they have been putting out and if you guys did not listen to my podcast
this week which if you didn’t shame on you I talked about how I went to
Palmetto State and I was able to tour their manufacturing facility and it was
so nice to be able to talk to the people who work there but I found some video
but the problem with that video is we were in a manufacturing facility and it
was very loud so I didn’t put the video content out that I did because it was
loud and it was like shaky and we were doing like a lot of walking around so that’s why if you want to be entered to
win the pom Idol say an army swag way to make sure that you guys have in PSA in
the comments below this is the back of the shirt and then this is the front I
really like this shirt when I went up there and toured their facilities I
almost bought this shirt and then after this I’m going to show you guys some of
my other swag that we’re gonna be giving away um I did a post this week about
some things that we’re gonna be giving away a letter like that I wish shank a
man for the patch I want to get some patches made to my patches won’t look
this cold but I want to get some badges name alright guys let me give me one more
minute to enter the PSA giveaway but while you’re doing that I’m going to get
ready to show you mag then I got we have some swag from sky and this will be
available to win at the range day sky firearms donated some stuff so this is a
sticker we have a sky patch hat and I’m an
agreement what is so good about this is this is a
sky swag giveaway right the winner of this will be winning a sky pistol of
their choice as well all right so there will be a giveaway of a sky firearms
pistol and our range day on Saturday yes so you’ll be able to win the Hat the
cleaning mat the pistol sticker and patch alright so if you did not enter
for the PSA giveaway shame on you but that’s okay let’s see so the winner of
the Palmetto State Armory swag giveaway is Joe
Godwin Goodwin sorry if I’m not sure man your name up but congratulations you won
the Palmetto State Army swag giveaway please send me your address so that can
get this shipped out to you okay congratulations thank you to each and
every one of you who entered because you’re all so amazing and I’m gonna show
you guys a couple of other things that will be available at the range day I’m
thinking about doing a raffle and alight said no I have to shank Joe um we’re
gonna be doing a raffle and we have some other giveaway items too we have some CMC products we have a CMC hat look at this look at
what they said sorry you guys can see my ring link and we also have some CMC patches I don’t know about you but my
absolute favorite CMC patch is this run CMC my favourite so we’ll be having a
fancy trigger giveaway so we have some of their patches so we have this patch
we have this patch and we have a dispatch we have their patches we have
some stickers if you guys have ordered from me or even if you ordered a sticker
pack then you have definitely gotten a CMC sticker in there as well so let’s
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you guys haven’t gotten those and then this MC um flag so we have a lot of
different stickers what do you guys think about when I do this sticker pack
giveaways and this is a sky shirt that will be available on the rain today as
well those are just some of the things that
will be available we have some pot of it gun cleaning wipes that will be part of
the giveaway and then we also have um there’s something else that I’m
forgetting but it’s okay when it comes to our raffle oh thanks Mike
Mike’s a great job skip on the stickers oh we’re also going to be giving away a
set of excess sights at the range day and we’re gonna have a raffle raffle
raffle raffle what are you guys so I don’t know if you guys are interested
but I’m gonna open this up to you all as well and if you guys want to enter this
make sure that you reach out to let me know but we’re going to have a raffle
for a hollow son 500 3 and this is going to be the green dot sight the 503 gu gu
elite this is gonna be a raffle and a CMC Glock gin for flaps a claret trigger
sorry guys I kinda got like the hiccups it was like a hiccup in a burp at the
same time this will be a raffle at our range day if you would like to enter
this raffle you can enter this raffle too so the tickets will be ten dollars for one or three for 25
think about how awesome that is trigger got your little optic you good to go
and our friend Mike just said it he said he has that and it is yes this one and
it’s awesome alright so this will be a raffle at our range day one per 10 or 3
for 25 and then we will also have we’re going to have another raffle and I’m
gonna post that too so Missy we have our Oh actually you guys I’m sorry we’re going to I think this is gonna be
our giveaway no this is going to be our raffle and this is a giveaway sorry guys
so err 15 10 cm C flat trigger and then this Hollow Sun and this is going to be
a raffle at the range day but like I said if you would like to enter you can
enter to win and you will just be notified that you have won but if you’re
at the range day only the people who are at the range day will be able to win the
actual giveaways at the range we will have quite a few giveaway so please make
sure that you come I want you guys to have fun I know there are a couple of
people who are in here in their life that will be there um Wallace Tucker he
will be there I’m pretty sure that’s you Wallace Wallace will be there um he just
recently came into town and he’s gonna be at the range today and he made sky
axe holsters so I think he’s gonna have some of his codex holsters at the range
in educating people on Kydex holsters I think and if you’re able to join us
please join us if you’re not able to join us I will try to livestream it if
anyone wants to see the range day kind of on livestream then let me know and
I’ll do it but if no one wants to see the range day on livestream then I will
not live stream it okay um so raffle one for ten three for twenty five we have
our hollow sign hallo son 503 gue late and this is green and if you didn’t know
I’m a dealer for hollow sign as well and then we also have our CMC err 1510 flat
trigger okay raffle you would like to enter the
raffle please let me know 114 for 425 so we have lots of swag um we have lots of
Giveaways and if you would like to enter for the giveaways please enter last week
at the end of the video I told you guys about a way for you to win right but
only two people entered in the CMC swag so I would assume nobody wanted this MC
swag but if you did and you forgot to enter just make sure after the videos
that you’re just going in and you’re just typing in whatever I’ll take you
guys to type in so that you can be entered to win the giveaways because
yarn dragons is killing it when it comes to the giveaways because she is
consistently putting in as she should be because no one else is doing it okay and
I mean I won’t put in if I could so that I can
keep it because some of this stuff I really really like it alright guys and
now the other things I don’t want to let you know is there is a YouTube video
that I have up right now and it is a company based out of Georgia that makes
jewelry out of casings if you would like to be entered to win that I would like
for you to go to that video after you’re done here and enter to win and I think
it’s it’s a bracelet I can’t remember but just make sure that you enter to win
a piece of jewelry and I will be announcing the winner of that next week
I’ll be I’ll probably announce it on Monday or so but make sure that you
check in this weekend because we will be having lots of fun we’ll be at the range
if you’re bringing your products out there to shoot please know that you have
to pay up $20 range fee it is an outdoor range and I need you to make sure if
you’re bringing your your own supplies you need to make sure that you bring my
protection in ear protection we will have eye protection and ear protection
there for individuals who will be participating with us everything will be
on a one-on-one basis and if you would like to demo the AKP then you’re going
to have to purchase the ammo to demo it and if you would like to shoot anything
over the 10 rounds that we’re providing which if I were you I would buy a box of
ammo so that you can’t demo some of these things because it’s really nice to
shoot that a KB that 9 mil from Palmetto State armory and then I’ll have the
Hellcat out there as well and you’ll be able to get your hands on the hill cat
and make educated decision on if you like it or if you don’t like it and then
we’ll have some sky pistols out there and you’ll be able to shoot their
pistols I mean you’ll be able to demo their pistols and if you like it you may
be able to win your very own sky pistol and they have their CP x1 there’s CP x2
and they have their CP x3 there’s CP x4 will not be
to the public for another couple of weeks but if you are the individual that
wins that is you’re gonna win a certificate you’re not gonna actually
leave with a pistol that day if you’re the individual that wins that guess what
you are actually able to get the CP x score as well you just have to wait
until it is available to the public so thank you so much to sky for donating
the pistol for donating the swag thank you so much to CMC for donating the
triggers and the swag and also Palmetto st. our marine for being so amazing and
sending out a KP and an AKB and some swag for us to give you guys as well and
I just want to add that you will also be able to get your hands on don’t laugh
some skip swag if you are at the range day so make sure that you bring a little
bit of cash if you want to grab some things and we will be there bright-eyed
bushy-tailed bills on and I’m so excited to meet each and every one of you if you
have not subscribed to my youtube channel please make sure that you
subscribe to the YouTube channel if you’re not able to make the range day
you guys can support by viewing the live if you like to view the live and you can
just support just by sending low wishes so that the weather is good for us
because you know we’re in Tampa if people are I’m alive in their insureds
don’t be a hater guys just get in because it is still warm here but I also
want to let you guys know that we will be doing another giveaway soon this is a
a total skips tactical solutions giveaway it was initially gonna be an
Instagram giveaway you guys probably heard me talk about this for like three
months and I was talking about a 20k giveaway for Instagram and like a 4k
giveaway for Facebook well we just hate 22,000 on Instagram so if you’re
following on Instagram thank you so much for your support if you are following on
or like follow whatever on Facebook thank you so much for that as well we
are at a little over 4,000 on Facebook so if
you’re subscribed to the YouTube channel thank you for that I want you to know
that we really do appreciate you subscribing wherever you’re subscribing
supporting wherever you’re supporting and however you guys can do it so we
decided to have just a widespread giveaway so we will be announcing that
soon and you will be able to win some of the same things that are available at
this range day so don’t fret if you’re not able to make it because there will
be a sky pistol available to win for our upcoming giveaway you will have some CMC
swag to win you’ll also have some pot of itch wipes to win and some skip swag to
win so thanks for tuning in guys and if you see sorry let me say hey so a couple
people um John said hey skip hey John how are you John said I’m going to try
to make it there Saturday for the training thank you um Chris got his swag
pack on Monday and I don’t think he’s on right now but Patriot in the dark posted
a picture of his swag and tagged me in it and I appreciate that too so Chris
thank you for sending me a picture of your swag and Marv just ordered to skip
shirts to skip shirts he ordered like I’m just gonna call it like a retro
logos shirt that was our first logo and then he just ordered the newer logo
shirt as well so I do appreciate that and you are so welcome for your swag
that came with your order all of the orders come with swag let me give you
guys a couple shoutouts really quick so Ilana light said do live stream
targeted specifically at first-time shooter I love their before-and-after so
I’m not going to say the problem almost said that the thing that are running to
with a lot of first-time shooters is they really lack the confidence and when
people lack confidence like that they don’t want to be on camera they don’t
want to take pictures they don’t want to do the video they’re very intimidated at
times so a lot of people come to me and they want private lessons and some of
the stuff they they just don’t want online so I completely understand what
you’re saying when it comes to their before and afters I’m gonna try to get
more people to do video but as their instructor I kind of try not to push
them to do the before and afters because I don’t want them to think it’s
self-serving for me it’s definitely for the people who are out there who may not
think that they could do something and then they see someone else who did it or
they hear someone else’s story about how maybe they were intimidated by guns or
maybe they were they just had some misconceptions and they came to the
range shot and now they felt so much better so I’m gonna do some testimonials
on Saturday so if you’re coming to the range day remind me of that and maybe
you can help me with that to kind of ease people into that so that they can
be more willing to do those videos Tony said you’re a great instructor and
teacher thank you so much I appreciate that thank you for tuning in tonight
Marco sent love your channel Marco thank you so much and thank you for tuning in
tonight Lea said thank you so much for educating us thank you for supporting
and tuning in and you are definitely a regular here on the channel so I
appreciate it um who else Mike said I’m very happy for you you’re doing a great
job keep it up Mike thank you so much I appreciate your support and you are
killing it as well I wish I could put out as many videos as you but um
I took that pick on my gun table nice thank you
Marco said are you ever going to Chicago so I can come pretty much anywhere you
guys would like for me to come the thing to me going anywhere is everything just
all-expense it just has to be paid so if you want me to if someone wants me to
come say for instance Chicago to teach a class they would have to pay for the
class and then they would have to pay for me to get there as well so group
trainings that’s definitely a way to make that happen everybody kind of split
up the cost of the training and then all expenses that are involved um I always
mess up your name so I’m so sorry I’m just gonna call you
RP that’s what I’m gonna call you um so I said review some shotguns you’ll
review some shotguns but I can be honest and let you know I don’t have a lot of
experience with them so I can tell you from my level of experience but there’s
someone else out there that has more experience with them and I don’t have
like inventory of them either sleep it’s like Mike said we need to get her here
in Georgia so I actually have a student who is coming from Georgia on Sunday to
come training with me and she’s trying to get me get a group of individuals for
me to come up there so if you’re interested in me coming to wherever
you’re located please reach out and let me know so that I can put that on my
list of worst gift should go and if anyone else reaches out about it then I
can kind of connect you guys so that you can kind of work on getting me there and
then mark goes 300 blaka Ariane’s I don’t I do have some not a
lot but if you guys have questions about that reach out and I can help you I’m definitely here to be a resource for
you guys do I know everything absolutely not will I ever know everything
absolutely not but I can definitely point you if it’s something that I don’t
have a lot of experience in I will point you in another direction so that you
guys can the answers that you need but if you have reached out to me and I have
not responded to you please reach out again and I appreciate every single one
of you we have been doing this loop YouTube lives well not you two lives I’m
sorry talk to me Thursday so that’s what this
whole thing is called that we’re doing today let’s talk to me Thursday and
we’ve been doing and talk to me Thursday for a year now I’ve talked to me
Thursday’s and there have only been a handful of Thursday’s that we have
missed so I do appreciate you guys for here with me on Thursday every single
Thursday 8 p.m. Eastern I want to let you know Thursday may be slightly
different it may be a Wednesday instead of a Thursday because guess what guess
what guys I’m going on vacation so I might be Wednesday instead of Thursday
but we will definitely be having some sort of live chat next week because we
got to talk about the ranch day how it went who came out and I want you guys to
be able to see on videos and I can some video testimonials up and I didn’t even
really think about that so thank you all and I like for it to my attention
but getting some video of people talking about experience because we want too
many people into this self-protect lifestyle as we can because the more of
us that we have that are armed and able to defend ourselves than the less
victims alright so we’re going to end this live chat with a giveaway who wants
a sticker pack giveaway if anyone is interested in a sticker
pack giveaway let me know and that’s going to be for each one out so next
week but I like doing sticker pack giveaway – I like stickers I don’t know
about you guys but I typically the sticker packs I mean the stickers on
like my water bottles or whatever but all right so this week and this will be
for you – this will be for you to enter once this videos over but let me grab
your sticker pack really quick something I can you guys alright so sticker pack
that will be announced next week is Glock sticker CMC sticker surefire
sticker excuse me block sticker CMC sticker Glock sticker another Glock sticker tumbler um
Palmetto sticker and save the best for less a skip sticker will be included in
this giveaway as well alright so I’m going to tell you guys are just one
second what I need you to type in order to win that but I want to show you
really quick the if you guys have not gotten your tumbler yet make its you get
your tumbler there on my website skips tactical solutions calm it is a hot cold
tumbler awesome so make sure that you enter to win I’m sorry enter to win for
the stickers but go to the website to get a tumbler and the shirt if you like
a shirt too alright so those are the first and they’re on the website to be
purchased I think they’re $20 but as soon as this video is over what you can
do is you can go into the comment section of this video you’re going to
have to go to the comment section and type in sticker sticker so I gotta do
type in sticker in the comment section and I will announce the winner of this
next thing alright so make sure that you guys do that cuz like I said last week
only one person in our P said I’m tumbler thank you so much for purchasing
a black tumbler and if you take a photo send it to me I will definitely post it
on our pages so thank you much for tuning in tonight guys we have I don’t
know about you but I really have fun this night we I mean this night tonight
we were able to run some Palmetto State Army aks and we have fun so if you enjoy
tonight’s video sorry I mean if you enjoy tonight’s video please make sure
they you hit the thumbs up button on your way out and if you have not checked
out some of my other videos on the channel I would love for you to do that
as well I hope that you guys learn something tonight and I hope they’re
able to share this video with someone that you love someone that you care
about you know just tell them hey I want you to learn a little bit about AR but
we have the Palmetto State Army AKB we have a Palmetto state armory a KP and
they will be available at our range day this weekend we will have a free firearm
safety event in the Tampa Bay area this weekend
so the fliers are on our social media and us on the web site as well so if you
website you’ll be able to see it but thank you guys for tuning in if you have
any questions feel free to reach out or comment and I hope that you guys have a
and a happy weekend and I will see you guys next week same time right here for
skip tactical solutions talk to me Thursday have a good weekend guys

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