77 thoughts on “Arri Alexa Mini LF | Why Hollywood LOVES This Cinema Camera

  1. lets co-sponsor this camera for him together … crowed funding … so he can buy it … thats 14 ct per subscriber … lets create it … he deserves it working so hard for all this content .

  2. Gene: Let's be honest, you're prob watching this video in 720p
    Me: HOW DARE YOU SIR. 4K IS ALL I WAT…..:::loses wifi:: video jumps to 480p ?

  3. Don’t want to troll and demolish the whole grate concept, but literary for me watching this clip on iPad this could be shot with Sony a7, Gh5, R, or any other HD/4K camera with good lenses. By, by… buy ?

  4. "You are probably watching this on 720p or sth like this"
    I feel triggered rn haha #4kSquad

  5. How about a new challenge? I love the cameras you review but I was recently watching behind the scenes for disneys pirates of the caribbean. Lets get your hands on some crazy expensive hollywood underwater video cameras to review them.

  6. Don't worry the day I discovered this channel I know Arri just like I know a Potato.. ?.
    And I've done my research and I know one thing it's good to know about it but Arri don't want me ?? (Price tag). I'm on 480p footage insane. ??

  7. Expensive for a DIGITAL camera. (Film stock was cinema). But anyway, whatever camera they’re using, these days, is only to shoot crappy superhero or car stuff, in a digital, cultureless, decadent world.

  8. Love the level of information and details that you are giving out. Love you man. It's been a few months and i Finally Suscribed and even hit the notification bell.

  9. who are those HOT babes !
    the asian SUPER HOT babe is amazing and obvious gorgeous !
    thank you for sharing their profiles !
    love the girls ! ALL of them are amazing !

  10. Arri has it right !
    Capture more information and work less on sharpness.
    92k resolution please with a super flat image please! Can you say digital cartoon look .
    Big ARRI fan also

  11. Awesome video. This was the best one that I've seen that really explains the differences between a professional cinema camera and a regular DSLR, about what you can do in post. So I shot an interview with a Panasonic G7 mirrorless, but everything ended up being blown out and trying to fix it didn't work. If I switched to full frame or a bigger sensor would I have been able more easily correct it in post?

  12. I know this is a bit out of the relem of possiblity but what if in 10 years phones have comparable Photo and Video quality to a Arri Alexa

  13. Watching your Instagram post on my phone I felt like the screen space I'm watching this on was smaller than the sensor it was recorded on … What?

  14. Why has super 35 been so popular in cinematography over something like full frame up until now? Was it simply a preferred look?

    Great video, Gene! One of your best!

  15. Lol he said you’re probably watching this on 720p I check my phone and it 360p switch to 1080p now phone frozen ! On the train

  16. It’s so crazy you don’t have over a million subs .
    You just keep grinding bro that house for Kari will be here in no time

  17. so the photo sites are calculated by the pixel output, and the sensor size. So for example, if you have the D700 (12.1 MP) and the sensor size is Full Frame (36×24) you get a micron site of 8.45 as well too. So with all these huge MP count cameras, we're loosing the photon site size, thus we're going backwards in a sense because more MP = better in today's world. But really bigger MP = bigger prints.

  18. Hey Mr Potato Jet do you think these type of cameras will become smaller and smaller over the next 20 years or will their capabilities likely always necessitate a larger form factor. And yes I know you will never answer this. Bye Bye

  19. Here again Gene, when you have a chance, try the signature prime lenses from Arri, also you can adapter a filter or anything at the back of the lens to make increíble effects, totally recommend

  20. Potato ? since you can’t stop blubbering about how much you love Arri, are you going to have a contest and give away your Red? I’ll take it. ?

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