Astrolux FT03 New Color – 4300 Lumens – Range 735 Meters – Best Value 2019

Hi, nice to meet you again. Today I’m sharing a new color version of Astrolux FT03. Many of you don’t know this great performance / price flashlight. So I made this clip Currently Astrolux FT03 has 2 versions using different LEDs. A version uses SST40 led, and a version uses XHP 50.2 led In my hand is a version using XHP50.2 led XHP50.2 core led will be divided into 4 There will be 2 new colors for the last upgrade, Green and Blue New colors, there are 2 versions. Use Stainless Steel Ring and Black Ring So there are many versions for you to choose. And the price of each version is also different. The new color is very beautiful So I made a clip to share new colors with you Like previous versions of FT03, the plating layer is very beautiful The new color version, Black Ring XHP50.2 4300 lumens + HLY 26650 battery, costs $ 39.56 The black version XHP50.2 4300 lumens + HLY 26650 battery, costs $ 37 I will put the link and discount code below the description for your choice. If you don’t want to spend too much money. And you like the black version of FT03 The $ 37 price with a 26650 battery is a great option Astrolux FT03 has no competitors with prices below $ 40 Extremely impressive specifications. Brightness up to 4300 lumens, up to 735m beam distance The grip of the FT03 is excellent You will not find a flashlight that has better performance and price than FT03 at the moment. The finishing of FT03 is very good, the paint is very smooth and glossy. Astrolux FT03 has a built-in Type C fast charging port The charging port cover is very thick Very tight bring good water resistance for FT03 Cheap but very high-end finishing Button with indicator light Very good click feeling The torch head is 69.5mm in size, Glass with anti-reflective coating Offering the highest lighting performance We will see inside Flashlight head, heaviest part of FT03 Astrlux FT03 uses dual springs because the lamp has a very high brightness of up to 4300 lumens Astrolux uses 2 springs to best conduct electricity. Make sure to provide enough power in Turbo mode Buttons and letters are printed on the same line. Astrolux has paid attention to every little detail on its products. The threaded pipes is made very beautiful This is the battery sold with FT03 HLY 26650 5000mAh 3C Power Battery This is a good battery, I had the opportunity to introduce it in the previous clip. The threaded pipes and Spare Waterproof O-rings Very beautiful Small edges make it easier to disassemble Be anot Flashlight body is quite thick Dual springs Few certifications, eyelet holes Box of new color Astrolux FT03, Green XHP50.2 5700K If you want to see the light test clip, you can scroll to the end of the clip Transfer tube for use with 18650 batteries User Manual FT03 use firware Narsil 2 versions of SST40 and XHP50.2 use the same User Manual. Don’t worry 2 x Spare Waterproof O-rings + 1 x Lanyard We will continue to talk about Astrolux FT03 Astrolux FT03 is designed for use with 26650 or 18650 batteries This is the picture when a 26650 battery is installed When installing the 18650 battery You can fully use Astrolux FT03 with 21700 battery Whether you can use a transfer tube or not. No matter what The 21700 battery is much longer You can still use it if you do not turn the flashlight too tight Now you can use it with 21700 battery If you turn the lights too tight you will not be able to use with 21700 battery Astrolux FT03 works normally If you screw it like this. You will no longer be able to use it. It is a technical error during production. In case of need with a small trick you can still use with 21700 battery The charging speed on FT03 reaches 2A depending on the battery capacity. Charging speed is quite good. Red light FT03 is being charged, when fully charged the light will turn green. Temperature test Now I will compare the size of FT03 with some 26650 flashlights for you to easily choose. vs Convoy L2 FT03 is shorter than Convoy L2. The width of FT03 and Convoy L2 is equivalent vs Brinyte WT01 Apollo Some flashlights that use 26650 batteries Astrolux FT03’s head is the biggest Therefore, Astrolux FT03 is very far away and the brightness is very high. Hope through this clip you will choose a flashlight that suits your needs. Thanks for watching. See you in the next clips. See you. Time to test

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  1. Thank you for visiting my YouTube channel. I wish you and your family good health and happiness. See you in the next clips.

  2. I have blue colour with stainless steel bazel and its beautiful..just want it notice if astrolux also made bit adjustment on tail cap spring ? ..did you notice it sir…they make it batteries easily can fit in..

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