Astronomical Unit (AU) (GA_JNS09A)

another very common unit used for- astronomical
distances- is astronomical unit and this unit is mainly used for solar system . and about
astronomical unit we can write – the average distance. between sun and earth . is called
. one astronomical unit. or- it is abbreviated as a-u .
if- this is the location of sun around which- if- earth is revolving , in an orbit, in this
orbit actually it is elliptical so the distance between earth and sun slightly varies as earth
revolves. but the average distance of earth from sun is written as 1 astronomical unit
. and numerical value of 1 astronomical unit is – 1.496 into 10 – to power – 11 meters
, or it is written as 1.5 into 10 to power 8 kilometer – in this way we can define
astronomical unit – as the distance measurement between celestial bodies.

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  1. The definition is that the end distance between the centre of sun to the centre of earth is called 1 astronomical unit.

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