25 thoughts on “Athlete With Cerebral Palsy Deadlifts 200 Pounds

  1. What happened to this show , like 4 months it was dope . What is this now ? Is it ever gonna go back Lmaoo ? Denise ,jr ? Where they at ?

  2. So nobody is concerned that the kid could easily injure himself lifting that way? Lets just post a video and never mind the fact that his lower back is in huge trouble, right? I wish the kid luck…unfortunately the dumbasses around him and others like the guy in this video with less than half a clue and a pair of pom poms in their hands will end up getting kids like this hurt. Way to go morons.

  3. As much as I am inspired by him, I am also concerned for him. That is the worst form for a deadlift I have seen in my life. Forget about cerebral palsy, if a regular person lifted like that, they have a high chance of dislocating a disk in their lower back. The wobbling clearly demostrates he doesn't have the strength in his stabilising muscles to do a clean deadlift. All politics aside guys, we shouldn't be encouraging him. Yes, he does have limitations i'm sorry but that's the truth. You shouldn't be deadlifting for the same reason I couldn't play any sports or run for 8 years during my growth due to a growth impediment in my toe. I had limitations and as much as it hurt, I learned to accept it and express my talents through other means like philosophy and art. Not everyone has to be Arnold Scwarzenegger and not everyone has to be Stephen Hawking. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and we should learn to come to peace with that and in fact celebrate the diversity in our world.

  4. "Persons with Disabilities are often viewed as the lessers of society" maybe because the disability comes before the name like this.
    Miles is the athlete not a "cerebral palsy athlete".
    I love the story but call him by his name not his disability.

  5. 'I have cerebral palsy, cerebral palsy doesn't have me' – line of the century right there. Miles Taylor is the most inspirational human being ever!

  6. Thank. Very motivational. I only deadlift 1.75x body weight, after 1 year of practicing, and a long way from 2x that he did. My main challenge was I got injured if my form is not perfect. Grateful to learn how he does it without hurting himself. Regardless, hats off and thank you for setting the example!

  7. So cool!

    But gotta call you on your mindless thought: ‘Persons with disabilities more times than not are viewed as the lesser citizen in society.’

    BS! That does not happen “more times than not”. Stop projecting your negative mindset and creating justice causes when you can’t find enough to reinforce your sense of superior moral character. People, MORE TIMES THAN NOT, love others and cheer for those with challenges of all sorts. That’s why his video is viral and we admire people with disabilities so much. Disabled means less able to do this or that, but very few people this day and age think of them as lesser citizens. At least I don’t know people who think that.

    So just stop with that. Otherwise, I agree with your concluding thoughts.

  8. Miles Taylor is an inspiration. He shows us some very good lessons that we often forget Like simply smiling and tackling adversity despite setbacks or obstacles People get into a fit over little things but Miles who could easily wallow in self-pity keeps smiling and living life to the fullest Keep doing your thing Miles. You rock!

  9. This is really cool. But what if he gets hurt from not being able to life with proper form? Hope he gets stronger though.

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