Australian Monitor RMM51 audio impedance meter

G’day- Gary from simple audio tips I’d like to give you a closer look at the RMM51 Impedance meter made by Australian Monitor it’s a nice little unit. The build quality
of the case is very good. I’m just going to put this little handout that comes with it aside The reason why I say the build
quality is good, compared to others that I have
used, it’s quite a weighty little unit comes with a nice carry case as well.
The battery compartment lid is easy to remove and it even has a locking screw on
it. Let’s have a closer look. and as you can see it takes six AAA batteries. The length of time that you use it its certainly is not going to wear those out in a hurry. Very impressed by the build quality because it’s going to last well on the job Australian Monitor have supplied
some nice leads with it and they’ve got some
decent clips as well. Now the switching on the face of it is fairly flat. It has a momentary
switch it has a switch to actually completely
turn the device off or give you a battery check and then you
have the impedance function on that three way switch another three way switch on this side
it’s a multiplier for the meter the analog meter. It’s a times one, times ten, times 100 and that to makes the meter very versatile. You can do some very small impedances right up to large impedance’s, about 2000 ohms Now let’s put the meter to use.
remember we set it to the ohms setting, impedance Because I’m only testing a few
speakers on a test panel I’m going to have to put it onto the times 100 setting and I’m going to use the momentary switch So I connect up the leads to the feedline that’s running to the
test panel and on that test panel I’ve got two speakers set to 10 watts and two speakers set to 2.5 so it’s not drawing very much- give
it a test and the meter’s showing 450 So 450 or four and a half times 100, 450 that then can be transferred across a
little grid that they give you. So here is a little
table that the manufacturer has supplied and it’s a 100 volt system that I’m
connecting it to so 450 lies between the 400 and 500 part of the grid, bring it across
between twenty and twenty five watts is going to be drawn on that cable. So I
can quite easily connect up to 35 watt
amplifier and it’s not going to overload the amp. If
you want the tone to be continuous or a longer check you hold the momentary button down and
then you press the on switch Hold the on switch down now it will continue on and to terminate that press off. That’s a good function if you
want to do a test throughout an installation you might have to walk from one room to
another, you can just leave this connected up to the feed line go through and check all your speakers is to see
that they working. All in all, this meter that Australian Monitor have supplied is an excellent choice for
contractors that are out on the job and its going to last a long time

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